Friday, 30 December 2011


Well what a day yesterday turned out to be ,not only did i get to spend a gift voucher for one of my favourite wool shops in town but i also received a fab belated birthday present .My visit to the wool shop was the highlight of the morning ,just the hole experience was a delight.The colours, the textures even the smell but most of all it's the endless possibilities of things to create that really gets me buzzing .I always remember when i was studying textiles, a lecturer standing in front of our group holding and stroking a yarn sample card to which she descrided yarns as being "orgasmic", I remember laughing and thinking what an odd women, however i can totally relate to her and i am now that women .My fingers are tingling at the thought of starting these projects .

My second delight of the day was at my impromptu evening crochet session with the girls ( more wine, nibbles and giggles than crochet).One of my generous friends brought a belated birthday present and oh my god it was two vintage embroidered tablecloths.What a wonderful present , we all stood around ooooing and awwwing at them. I am going to take my time in deciding what they might be turned into but i think they may have to be introduced to some off my Liberty lawns. ( another weakness of mine !!)

Well I'm off now to get in some knitting time , as I seriously want to finish my scarf and I'm sure there will be a ta da moment very soon .

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Time to get my hook back out

When I woke this morning I made the decision it was going to be a day to sorting things out . Besides the mundane housework type of sorting out , there were projects old and new to sort in order of priority. Firstly  my Granny Square blanket is at the top of the list, I started this blanket at the beginning of the year with every intention of my eldest  having it for Christmas , who was i kidding ! But i intend to keep hooking away patiently and i will get there eventually .Starting  this evening with an impromptu hooky evening with my hooky friends.There also my be wine and nibbles consumed as well , happy times !!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yarn therapy!

Well after the big build up to Christmas and the many things that had to be made, it is nice to find time to do what I've been planning since last Christmas. I am finally here sorting out my blog . I think it may be a big learning curve as me and technology are not good bed fellows. In fact when I'm let loose with technology it spells trouble. D often says "you were born in the wrong century" .  Although saying that, me and my sewing machine do tend to have a very good relationship ! Remarkably I  have also  found time to work on a scarf  I've adapted from a scroll lace shawl pattern by Ysolda Teague.Hopefully it will be finished very soon , as i have quite a few small knitting projects i wish to complete before the holidays end. I will have to see how much yarn time i can claim.