Thursday, 29 December 2011

Time to get my hook back out

When I woke this morning I made the decision it was going to be a day to sorting things out . Besides the mundane housework type of sorting out , there were projects old and new to sort in order of priority. Firstly  my Granny Square blanket is at the top of the list, I started this blanket at the beginning of the year with every intention of my eldest  having it for Christmas , who was i kidding ! But i intend to keep hooking away patiently and i will get there eventually .Starting  this evening with an impromptu hooky evening with my hooky friends.There also my be wine and nibbles consumed as well , happy times !!


  1. Yay happy times indeed, I very much enjoyed the consumption of wine and nibbles!!!
    Am so happy to see you tiptoe into Blogland with your gorgeous projects, looking forward to more already.
    Lots of love

  2. It's such a lovely blanket Tracy!
    Hooray for having a blog, you're going to love it. Looking forward to Monday at the pub!
    Heather xxxx