Monday, 31 December 2012

Home is where the heart is !!

Well we are on  the cusp of a New year,  we say good bye to the year just gone reflecting on the highs and lows we have experienced . The one thing that has remained a constant in my life is the life that unfolds daily in our little Victorian Terrace house in the Yorkshire Dales . We are all home birds and always will be , I like the home that I have helped to create especially when it just wrap it's arms around me with it's familiar cosiness whenever you step through the door.The last couple of days have been no exception on the creating a lovely home front . I am yearning  for springtime and an improvement in the light levels ( at the moment around here we have the house lights on all day , it's that dingy). So to give myself a hit of Springtime colour I decided to make a Rag garland to hang above my much loved cake stand table . So gathering some supplies I raided my scrap bag for fabric .

I bet their are a few of you with one of these , a big bag of scraps you cant bare to throw away !

I had a right good rummage and selected scraps that screamed springtime to me. I then collected some appropriately coloured buttons.

The only thing I had to really put any great effort into was knitting some co ordinating flowers .

So with a ball of string in hand I started knotting and stitching the scraps of fabric and pieces of ribbons  on to the string  , then I embellished the garland with buttons and Knitted flowers .

Hey presto !! one hit of springtime colour  and best of all it didn't cost me a penny !! In fact it makes my heart sing and  cheers me up no end when I walk in the kitchen and catch site of it .

The other good thing about this moment in time is we are now half way through winter , things are only going to get better . I have had my fill of deep colours ( which normally are my kind of thing !) and no longer want the heavy spicy scents of this season filling my nose. I am craving light , fresh colours and sweet delicate scents. To help with this transition period I have introduced some beautiful winter plants to give he a hit of things to come !

mini Roses , soooo sweet !

..............and delicate!

Wow what a  intense little hit of yellow form this Narcissus , which opened this afternoon .

I can't wait for the blue Hyacinths to bloom and hit me with their heady scent .

As I glance back over the last year I have realised I have been blogging for a full years now . I started a year ago on boxing day and what year !

I wait in eager anticipation for the year ahead but I will refrain from making New Year resolutions or predictions , what will be will be !!

In fact the only things I wish for  is that we remain in good health in both body and mind and that we can show kindness to others .

May I wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year  

I hope to see you more frequently in the year ahead as I have lots of new ideas I would like to share with you . I have thoroughly enjoyed bogging this last year and it's great when people pop by .

So ta ta for now . xx 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!

 I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas !!

    May all your dreams come true !

Our two Boys are tucked up in bed , eager to wake on Christmas day morning .

The mince pie , glass of Sherry  and carrot are left on the Hearth waiting for a visit from the big guy in red !!

The Yule log is made .

The mince pies are made.

My cake table has yummy treats!

......and our table is set waiting for tomorrows celebrations and guests!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day with whoever you are spending it with!
and enjoy Christmas  however you decide to celebrate it !!

                                                 Ho Ho Ho ...and a Merry Christmas to you !!! xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Happily reflecting !! part 2

Well as promised I came back and I think to be away for only 4 ish hours is not bad going!! In fact by my usual standards that is almost as fast as the speed of light .

Before I was so rudely interrupted by the clock telling me my time was up I was Happily reminiscing about my 40th Birthday  and how generously people had treated me to fabulous gifts . Two of my friends who know what makes me tick got me vouchers for my favourite local wool shop , Purl and Jane . The shop is run by the very talented Knitting Designer Jane Ellison , the shop is quite bijou but she has packed it with the most delightful range of natural yarns . Jane stocks all her own patterns and Hand knit kits  , books , knitting and crochet accessories as well as Hand knitted garments. If you ever come to Skipton you must give her a visit you can find the shop details here As you can imaging I had to have a hard think about what I might buy from Purl and Jane then it came to me .

Do you remember those crochet circle centres I started making from a big stash of Tapestry wool I was given some month back ?  I thought it was about time to turn them into squares and make a blanket .So off I went with my circles to make a choice on the colour of yarn .I had always had the idea of Grey for the main body of the blanket , so I had a play in the shop laying the circles onto different shades of Grey . The final decision was to go for a very dark Grey , a Rico Merino D.K.
Decision made I was eager to get home and work out the square after a couple of goes this is what I came up with.
 I think the Dark Grey works really well and am pleased with what I have come up with . Now I would like to share this pattern with you and I have had a go at writing out the circle part for you . This was no mean feat on my part as I don't read crochet patterns , I can read and fully understand knitting patterns but crochet is a different matter.

So here goes !
Yarn :you will need any skeins of unwanted Tapestry Wool ( charity shops are always a good place to pick up and build a stash up of this ).
Hook: 4 mm
Pattern for coloured centres :
Foundation Ring : Using chosen colour work 5 ch and join with ss to form a ring .
Round1 :Chain 3 ( counts as 1 tr) , 15 tr into ring, join with ss into 3 rd of 3 ch (16 tr) . If you wish to change colour for next round break off yarn .
Round 2 : If changing colour for this round join yarn to tr of previous round where you just broke the yarn off .
Chain 3 ( counts as 1 tr) 1 tr into first tr( you now have 2 tr in your first tr),  1 tr into your next tr, you are now going to work in alternatives of two tr then 1 tr into each next tr until you have 24 tr. you should end with 1 tr into last tr. Join with ss into 3 rd of 3 ch.

treble=tr ,slip stitch =ss , chain =ch.
I hope this makes sense!!!!!
I apologise now if it doesn't .

The next part of this pattern will follow as soon as I have got my head around writing it  and got my crochet friend to check it !!

So I had a fab 40th and am looking forward to the projects I am embarking on , I'm also on with the Granny Square jumpers for my next batch of hares and am looking forward to starting these!!! As well as finishing some Tree cushions .

Also the last of my Christmas stock is now in my shop on etsy .

Phew I'm ready to sit down with some crochet now !! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for popping by xx

Happily Reflecting !! part 1

Well I'm snuggled up by the fire under my favourite quilt with my jobs beside me enjoying the pleasure of time to blog!! The mad pace of things around here has subsided a little .Which means I can take time to reflect over the last couple of weeks . A  major focus of our energise  around here happened a week last Thursday , I turned 40 . Yes I am  no longer a thirty something  I waved goodbye with fondness to last decade and open up my arms to embrace the next!!
So the morning of my birthday my husband and I did the school run then went to Harrogate for the Country Living Christmas Fair , I was just a little excited as I'd never been to one before . I had a fabulous time looking at a lot of talented peoples work but I do think it could have done with a bit more of the wow factor on the whole appearance of the show . I don't know, I think it was missing a bit of Christmas Magic !!
Any way that didn't stop me enjoying myself and making a few Birthday purchases. The first of which was a Scandinavian Reindeer head , I just knew where it would go . I'm going to be a tease and share my other purchase at a later date , one involves a make and a ta da moment !
Saturday evening was when my main 40th celebrations were happening  It was a busy day, as I was at my school fair with a stall and helping as well (chopping veg for soup in school kitchens at 9am that morning ). The fair was a little disappointing in terms of the number of sales I made, so I have finally decided that I am no longer doing craft fairs and am just going to concentrate on my etsy shop and sending everything I make their and devoting more time to  blogging . But the evenings celebrations were fabulous lots of good food, drink , friendship and laughter , my sister made me a button themed cake which was great . Every one was so generous with beautiful gifts but my sister knows how to make me smile .
Blue and white pottery and even a blue and white cake plate stand !!!!! How lucky am I
New sugar bowl and milk jug ! beautiful . The cake stand My sister and her family bought me now sits perfectly on my cake table . Yes... It had to happen , I now have quite a collection of cake stands I've given them their own table ! OOOh.... looking at this picture reminded me my mum bought me an early birthday present some weeks ago , she saw it in a shop and insisted on buying it for me and after some resistance I gave in and let her !  HA , If you believe that you'll believe anything , I did not put up much resistance . It is the stand with the cake cloche and a bird perched on it , it is soooooo sweet.

So my love of Blue and white continues with a small purchase made  today with some of my birthday money , I could not resist. A large Spode cup from my favourite Antique and Collectables shop in Skipton

This really  is a den of treasures and I very rarely leave without making a purchase but I must add that I only go when I'm on a mission and I have something in  mind . There are things in their to suit all pockets from just a few pounds upwards . My main reason for looking  today was for a gift for someone ( I can say no more ). Hey presto!! I found something a pewter Tea strainer which looks very Art's and Crafts and was within my budget .
I hope you don't think I'm sounding very spoilt .? I have been a little spoilt but it was a very special birthday !!

I've just looked at the clock and my afternoon is up! I have to pick my youngest up from school , But I still  want to  share a lovely birthday present which very importantly is Crochet related ... here's a peek and I will be back soon !!!!
I promise I will be back soon  !!xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

and the name out of th hat was .............?

Well who's got a bag of Liberty scraps on their way to them ?? Let's take a look.
At 6.00pm I got myself comfy and wrote every ones name out and then informed my youngest he had to go choose one of his hats for us to put the names in . He came back with his favourite Spiderman hat .
We loaded the hat with all the names and he gave it a rather vigorous shake !!

and the winner is ??????

'SOOZ'     please get in touch with your details so I can send you your Liberty and get you on your way to starting your tiny patchwork project!!

Anyway have to dash this evening , my dinning table is a heap of productivity . I came up with another idea for my up and coming stall on the 1st December ( @ St, Stephens School 11 am -2 pm ), some of you may remember at Easter I made Bunnie pockets . Well I'm now making a few Robin pockets and Reindeer Pockets . Would you believe I came up with the idea whilst walking down my local high street which then meant I had to go buy the fabric to make them !! I got a beautiful weight of felted pure wool suiting ( it was a tad expensive but I only needed 1/2 mt ) . Here's a peek of the first two I made .
So Well done Sooz I will wait to her from you . 
Thanks for popping by and ta ta for now .x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

What would you do with a bag of Liberty scraps ?????

Well hello , I've had a couple of weeks with my head in a very strange bubble so  I would like to start  this post with a bit of fun!!  OOOOwww look whats up for grabs ! a bag full of Liberty Lawn scraps , now they are scraps but fantastic Liberty scraps!! ( which are too small for my makes ) , but I know there are some seriously creative crafter's out there in blog land.  If you think you would like this bag of possibilities I will send it anywhere free of charge . All you have to do is leave a comment and maybe tell me what you might do with these lovely bits . I will close entries for the Liberty scraps at 6.00pm on Thursday the 22nd November and will get one of my children to pull the name out of a hat . Here have another peek in the bag.
Oh how the last couple of weeks have flown by ,one big blur of making and selling ( which I have really enjoyed ) and then the serious stuff of Tax , accounting and book keeping and banking ( lots of forms, paperwork and signature signing and not enough sewing!!!) I know everyone has to go through this when they set up a business but I have felt quite overwhelmed some days . Trying to do this and be mum and wife and work as well has felt quite unbelievably difficult at times . But my Mr P. does keep reminding me it won't be like this for long and I will find a rhythm to my work soon.

 Don't get me wrong I am excited at Starting 'Handmade Over Yonder' and the response has been fantastic and I had a fab time a my Christmas stall last Saturday . New and old friends came to buy and I met a lot of wonderful people. Roll on my next stall @ St. Stephens school , Skipton on the 1st December 12-4pm .  I really do like meeting and talking to people at these events !! ( Oh boy do I have a lot to make in the next 2 weeks!!) .

But with husband at home today he took me out for a bit of retail therapy . We had a trip out in the car ( over the boarder into Lancashire as we Yorkshire folk like to joke !!) First we went to a little patchwork Fabric shop I like in a place called Barrowford. I do like the shops name too !
The shop does have a lovely web page the shop is only small but the owner really knows how to work the space it's a pleasure to browse and shop in . I went with a specific list of requirements today . Spots and stripes to go with Liberty fabrics for my next batch of Hares ( I can't wait to start theses) . My head is in springtime colour mode , I'm having fun planning working with these fresh crisp colours !! Here have a sneaky peak .

......and here it is my tub of supplies ready for the Christmas making time to be over !!! Can't wait to start delving in here .
After my shopping splurge at ' Patchwork Chicks ' we headed over to Clitheroe we had a bit of a trip through Witch country and wound around the base of Pendle Hill.
Not a Witch in site !!
It was very atmospheric over the Forest of Bowland though !!

 When got to Clitheroe we did something we've wanted to do for ages and because we tend to have the children with us we always never do . We visited the little Art Gallery called the 'Platform Gallery' oh what a beautifully indulgent moment we had , we were able to take our time and look and talk and be amazed by the myriad of artwork created in different media by fabulously talented people . Well worth a visit another bijou gem in Lancashire!!

Now I'm back home and setting up for the next batch of Christmas Mice !! I also have to try and remember not to get so hung up about the paper work !

But just a little note : 2 Christmas mice are heading to my shop tomorrow evening and 3 Christmas stockings and a Chicken cushion . But I am not putting everything on in one go I will be staggering it through the evening . You can now find a link to at the top right hand side of the page.

So thanks for popping by and Ta Ta for now .xx