Sunday, 22 January 2012

Can I start out by apologising for not posting in the last 11 days , my laptop that has worked without a hitch for the last 4 years has decided not to play ball . It died on me whilst I was posting last Wednesday  , I've been assured it will be ready on the 1st February . My husband who's birthday it is tomorrow went into Leeds today to buy a note book style p.c for his birthday  . He set it up  when he got back this afternoon so I could blog ,  what a star .Unfortunatley a lot of pictures I took are on my lap top . I will post these at a later date.

The sweet little table above is a little project I did a few days ago to cheer myself up , the table was langwishing in our cellar in need of revamping . So I set too with a small tin of Farrow & Ball  , col White Tie . I am really pleased with the result it really brightens up the bay especially with a jug of springtime colour.

I may have mentioned before that the bay is one of  my favourite places to sit and sew as the light is just so good.I am still working on a piece for a friend and have been sat in my favourite chair doing my thing ! here's a sneaky peak.
Stitch details.

After nearly 200 French knots(yes I have counted them , I was just curious) I can start working on the leaves.
The sewing however was cut short with the Sunday routine of preparing for Monday , I did manage a quick bake after tea for the boys pack up's tomorrow . It's is my husbands Grandma T's recipe , it's a oatie flapjack type recipe that I add extra ingredients to depending on mood or cupboard contents .
I'm so glad to be back !!


  1. I hope your laptop makes a full recovery!! The table looks really good and I love the tree. Hope you have a good week.


    1. Hi Colete,
      Thanks for your kind comments and it's lovely that you popped by.
      Have a good week. Tracy xx

  2. Hyperventilating over the tree surrounded by 200 French Knots. Oh My. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, you have no idea!!
    It's looking absolutely beautiful beyond words.
    Lovely to have you back, I missed your bloggy voice..see you tonight xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Now Lucy deep breath and breathe!it will soon b in your hands.I'm actually looking forward to seing it on your sofa.
      See you soon XX