Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An evening of hooky happiness !!

Well Monday really didn't seem a promising start to the week!! My youngest took ill late Sunday night which resulted in a rather panicked call to emergency doctor.The result was an under the weather little guy and a visit to docs and the day off school for him and me (he is back in fine fettle now and at school today ).But every cloud has a silver lining ,  it ment a day at home with the little guy and a relaxed day of sewing, ahhh bliss!!

Monday is always a particular favourite day of mine as Monday evening is CROCHET!!  at our favourite  real ale establishment , there's folk music going on upstairs and we gather to crochet in the main part of the pub . We do get a few funny looks and the odd comment , but do we care ?  NO we don't . There are a few locals that rib us sometimes but it's all in good fun , I do like it though when the closet knitters and crocheters shimmy on over to see what were doing and con fess they like to knit or crochet . Here is a sneaky peak of us guy's.

So in the end Monday ended on a high note , a bit of hooky friendship to make it a good start to the week!!


  1. Tuesday night is our 'Yarn' night at the local pub, I really look forward to it too. Hope your little guy is feeling 100% now. I am having a relaxed day sewing for my daughters 18th Birthday sewing box. A quick blog look whilst I google ideas for hand made scissor cases. All very topical. Will post them on my blog after the weekend.

    Have a good week.


    1. Hi Colette,What a perfect way to spend a day,sewing and putting a sewing box together for your daughter and oooww hand made scissor cases, I like the sound of that I will have to pop by and take a peak.
      Enjoy the rest of your week Tracy.

  2. The time on your blog post says 02:19, please tell me this is not accurate!!!!!!
    I love Mondays too, don't we have a lovely group going?
    I see leafy stitching up above there, it's looking very scrummy :o)
    Oh, and yes I can definitely forsee some mini bunting in your future!

  3. Hi Lucy, I know you think me mad enough to question wether I am blogging at 2:19am as it is quite possible.But no I was soundly tucked up in bed I didn't realise I had the time set as if I was living in the Pacific.This is now corrected thanks for pointing it out .
    See you soon Tracy XX

  4. i b'lieve i recognize the wavy gravy 2-3-1 pattern in the second from the bottom pic, as i am sitting here in new mexico CROCHETING THE SAME THING from a photo i ganked off lucy's site. small world! this is for my little great nephew, benjamin rain (surname). yes, way out here, they have a name, for rain and wind and fire....