Sunday, 8 January 2012

Getting organised !!

Getting organised , as my husband is always telling me, is one of my favourite things to do . I'm always organising something or someone .So with two cushion orders in and  fabrics to organise, I was in my element on Saturday. One of the ladies in question popped in for a cuppa and to choose her fabrics which are to be used in her cushion.

My friend left refreshed by tea and happy with her choice of fabrics and she left me to do my thing !! I was happy to have the ground work for one cushion done . Then there was more fabricieeeeee fun, as I worked on putting together fabrics for what is going to be a fabric container/ basket , with my chicken design running on the outside and patchwork on the inside.

Saturday turned out to be very productive day , sewing wise . Today has been another day of organising , I have been preparing our household for the return to work and school . As well as the usual ironing of uniforms  , prepping swimming kits, p.e kits , footie kits ,karate kits school bags. There has been an extensive effort made in the kitchen so there are nice home made things in the boy's pack ups ( I do include my husband in this ).This included a big favourite of the boys, carrot cake.As  well as some cheese scones , for a bit of savoury.

I thought this was going to be it for the baking ,but when I was sorting lunch boxes I just check the bread bin and there it was, half a wholemeal loaf which was past it's best . Well me being me and not wanting to throw food away got out a tried and tested recipe for such an occassion. A recipe for bread and butter slices (which my hubby loves ).

That's everyone's tastes cattered for and I am sort of looking forward to rhythme of a normal week with everyone back to school . Me going back to work is bitter sweet, I now my little job helps us financially but it seriously interrupts my sewing day ,as it's right in the middle of it , well never mind . Bring it on !!


  1. Nice fabrics and lovely designs.

  2. Hi Pattygloria , thank you for your kind comments.
    Tracy x.

  3. Hi Tracy, I've just started reading back through your blog, I love the range of projects you cover! I was just wondering if you might be able to share the recipe for the bread and butter slices? I've never heard of them before and they sound like a great way to use up leftovers. Lydia

  4. Hi Tracy, I too have just been popping by to read through your older blog posts and would also like to try the bread and butter slices, have heard of the pudding but those look fab! Pretty please can we have the recipe xxxxxx