Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's all in the detail !

I am determined this year to keep a visual record of my work for me to look back at whenever I need to check a previous design out. I'm starting with the Chicken design, as I will be working on more additions to this range over the coming months .

 Today has been a positive start to the year in sewing terms.I have sat in the comfort of my chair in the bay window (it's  my favorite place to sit and do hand sewing as the light is so good ).I was able to make a start on a cushion for a friend , while the boy's played and the wind and rain battered our house .I'm always at my most content sat with a project on my lap and a needle and thread in hand !

More sewing tomorrow , happy times !


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo cushiony goodness!!!!!!It's looking so lovely!

    Yes, wasn't it a day for cosying up in a comfy chair and doing a little bit of creative stuff, I've been sat by the fire to do my rippling and have loved hearing the weather do it's thing outside...been wild hasn't it?
    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Lucy, you may have noticed a certain cushion I am working on wink ,wink !.I'm going to be posting sneaky peaks as I progress with It .Oh and yes it is so the weather for cosying up .Hope those two excited boys have a good time, speak soon . Love Tracy xx

  3. Can I ask about your applique?...I've never done it before. Do you just cut your tree a little larger than you want and roll a little edge under as you go, or is there a bigger seam allowance that gets ironed under before you start (can't even begin to work out how you would do that...it'd be sooooooo fiddly...but that doesn't mean it isn't possible ;-). Again...this cushion is so beautiful.