Sunday, 1 January 2012

A new year full of possibilities!!

       That's It for  another year !   
 Well hello 2012, the first day of a new year a bit like the first page of a new sketch book . I think that's how  I'm going to approach my blog . A place to keep my creative ideas , a visual record of the things that inspire me and the things I've created. Particularly because i am sooooo bad at visually recording the things  I've made . When i get subsequent request for another item I  sometimes have to go  and pester the poor person who received the first one, so I can remember how it was made and what it exactly looked like and  what fabric and colours i used.

My under the stairs work area is tidied and organized and I am itching to get started .  So I have made a visual list of projects  I need to work on this month .

I must make at least 10 Linen mice a month for Christmas 2012.

Sew some Log Cabin squares for the quilt that is for the sofa .
                                                          Work on finishing commission's

                                                    Work on producing more Tree cushions.

              Note to self , also work on Linen Rabbits with Liberty tunics for Easter. (Pictures to follow )

                                          Lets see how it goes this month , I feel very motivated !!

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