Sunday, 29 January 2012


This morning I was sat in my favourite chair in the bay having a coffee observing all the little buds starting to form on the rose bushes and plants in the front garden ,the Rhubarb is just starting to peek through the soil. Then I spotted something I just had to share with you, my alpine strawberry plant is fruiting. This then gave me the thought to get my planting and seed purchases started.

So we had a trip to our local garden centre this morning and I've made a start on purchasing the seeds for this years growing . I'm quite excited at the prospect of getting my hand dirty!!

Gardening aside, it's been a busy week , there have been a lot of demands on my time as chief cook and bottle washer!! here are just a few things I've made over the last few days.
Thia pumpkin and chickpea curry , this had mixed reviews between the boys ! 

My eldest son ( 10 years old ) made this with a bit of direction from me, for his home work . It was rather tastey!!

Cappucino cake a big hit with my youngest !!

Lemon drizzle bars , yum yum !!

So in between the cooking , childcare and housekeeping I have managed a bit of sewing and knitting time (not as much a I  would like though). I am still working on a friends cushion , it should be finished very soon .I have also managed to start on one of my Christmas wool purchases .A lovely Lacey scarf  that only takes a 50g ball of wool and I'm 2/3 of the way through it .

I just hope this week I get more time to sew and knit. Monday is always a good start to the week with an evening of hooky happiness with friends ( my monday evening crochet group ).

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