Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dinosaurs and Crochet (sneaky peak ).

Here is a sneaky peak of my next blanket , my youngest son is feeling a bit  left out with big brothers blanket well under way . So the little guy has requested a blanket with the colours of his dinosaurs in it . The little guy is dino mad !!. For a five year old his knowledge of dinosaurs is quite outstanding . So who am I to argue with his request . In fact it's quite fun playing with the colours and they are much more my sort of colours , unlike the colours chosen by my eldest for his blanket . But hey ho , I aim to please and don't kids have some of the most creative ideas . I am also loving doing one big giant Granny Square.!! Plus my other blanket has got a bit big now for taking to the pub , ermm I mean crochet on a Monday evening .
I will also let you have a sneaky peak at my progress with the Easter Hare's I'm busy creating....... I'm soooo loving making the little granny square jumpers !!

In fact at the moment I'm in Granny Square heaven !!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Easter Hare !

Well I've finally decided my Easter Bunny is a  Hare . I was rather disgruntled with my first Hare as it's head had to be made twice , the first head I made was the wrong shape . So after a lot of unpicking , Tweaking of the pattern and re-making , the second attempt  was nearly finished .  But I still wasn't in love , so I took it to Crochet on Monday night to get my Crochet buddies opinion . I know they will always be honest with me and will come up with interesting ideas . They didn't fail , we debated whether it was a bunny or a hare and a few people agreed with me that it did look more like a hare . We bounced ideas about and played with it's clothing . In the end it's long trousers were made into shorts and we got rid of the tunic I had made , then I had a moment of inspiration . I thought what about a crochet top and due to my limited skills in crochet it had to be made out of granny squares. I could see it in my head , so I set to work on some 4ply ( I just happened to have with me ) on a 2.5mm hook.
By the next morning I had come up with a rather simplistic but effective Granny Square jumper .
I had to have a Quick look to see how to properly sew it up as a garment , as I had not done this with crochet before .

Job done , I was really happy with the result , I am now on my third jumper and should have it finished this evening . Tomorrow I am going to start putting more Hares together . I'm so excited about this project now and have finally fallen in love with my Easter Hare.
The only other thing I may add to the design is  a bobbly edge to the jumper , but I need to consult my crochet guru on Monday night first . I will keep you up to date with the expansion of the Easter Hare Family !!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

In my favourite Chair !!

What a wonderful surprise yesterday evening to come home late and find this lovely bunch of tulips on my door step and a card through my door . This was a very big thank you from a very generous friend , you know who you are and I'd just like to say your a very generous kind hearted person and I'm glad to call you a friend .
Moving on ..... these flowers are now right next to my favourite chair where today after all my housework and organising was done I manage to grab an hour of sock time !!
But as the light was fading I noticed a mistake , when the light is back tomorrow I'm going to have to take it back by about 5 rows , there's a stitch wrong and now I've spotted it I have to correct it . No wonder it takes me so long to finish my knitting projects !!!!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bunnies !!

Over the past couple of days I've been playing , It's time to start making the Easter bunnies / hare's ( it's just I think  my bunnies look more like hares ......  but call them bunnies anyway ). I've got lots of ideas and the first one's always a bit of an experiment as I like to change things .I wanted small skinny rabbits this year , not sure why , I just have an image in my head how I want them to look .

The  skinny rabbit is coming on well but I haven't fallen in love with it yet ! Not like the one I made for my youngest two years ago , It's clothes were made out of my old maternity  clothes. Actually I think he looks more like a hare too !!

I may have to do some more of these , but I need to crack on with the little ones first .  I will post more pictures when I can take pictures in good light . I had  finished the first one when the light had faded and am  just sat looking at it now still trying  to decide if  I like it or not !!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Socks !!

Well last nights crochet group at our favourite real ale establishment turned out to be knit and natter for two, unfortunately the crochet crew all had different sorts of lurggies and they were sorely missed . Rachel and I ended up having a sock themed evening , Rachel was finishing her second pair of socks and me starting my first ever pair .
Rachel was full of handy tips and we both did a lot of concentrating as Rachel commented it's wasn't much of a knit and natter but a knit and concentrate. Rachels socks are exquisite , she is finishing them off and she doesn't mind me sharing them with you .
Rachel busy away !!

You can just make out the detail at the top of the sock , a smoking type pattern with beads , well I hope I'm this good by the time I get onto my second pair ( best crack on with the first pair ! ) .Even though we were small in number it was a good evening ! Also sorry about the quality of these pics it was a very dingy pub.
Today I've had my second  Ta da moment of the week. I've finished my Sammy Scarf pattern today , not sure if I'm going to keep it or give it to one of my nieces.

While I'm on the subject of finishing jobs ,  yesterday I finished my candied peel experiment from a few days ago . What a result one big jar of beautifully candied peel which i can't stop nibbling at .

Any way I can hear my sock yarn calling me , I'm really enjoying the little needles and fine yarn !! Ta ta for now .

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ta da !!!

Well I've finally finished my friends cushion and I delivered it in person today , that was a lovely moment ! . It is so nice to see some ones face and their reaction when they get something that has been much anticipated . If I do say so my self it looks perfect in here wonderfully crafty (and crafted ) home. It has been a joy to work on !!
Here is a visual journey of the cushion being created . Unfortunately some of the early images are on my laptop which is away to be mended .

I have been in such a happy place creating this cushion , Although I am always at my most content when making something!! 

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Well today my house has been filled with the tangy aroma of cooking oranges and lemons . Last night whilst checking out recipes for my bread maker I discovered I could make marmalade in it .That was it , I thought  I have to give that a try .So this morning after the school drop I set off  to buy some jam sugar , under very icy conditions. Sooooo  icy in fact that on my return journey home my husband had to come to my aid . I made a frantic call to him (thank god it was his day off ) to meet me with my wellies , as the boots I had on could not cope with all the ice that had formed under foot .When I got home ,  in my very reliable wellies  I prepared the oranges for the marmalade. But  it was then  time to go to work , so  I couldn't  start the cooking  and it wasn't something I wanted to leave my husband in charge of .

When I returned from work I cracked on with my cooking ,  once the marmalade was under way I realised I had an awful lot of peel left over. Not being someone who likes waste I trawled my recipe books and found the ideal recipe " candied peel " . Result ! so I set too , although you cook it over three days I was up for the culinary challenge.Stage one today simmer the peel for up to 2 hours and add sugar and bring to boil then take off the heat untill tomorrow.

 I made the marmalade , this will  mainly be consumed by my husband , I do like to spoil him , especially when he comes to my rescue when it's icy.

While I was in full culinary swing I decided to make lemon curd tarts and jam tarts and one of my boys favourites lemon curd Victoria sponge cake.

Have you noticed the zesty theme amongst my makes today ? I would also like to share the bargain of the morning with you . I'm a thrifty person and whenever I go to the supermarket I will have a quick look at the reductions section , this morning there were two bags of nectarines  ,75p each bag , not a thing wrong with them. So I got 16 nectarines for 1.50 and they are delicious .

Because I had been on such a role today I decided to start a sourdough starter .I discussed making one of these with a friend a couple of weeks ago but never got around to it . Inspiration came in March's edition of Country Living with step by step instructions ,  so I thought I might as well give it a go.

What a productive day it's been and we've broken up from school today so an easy day at home tomorrow with the boys.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Finally a bit of sewing time !!

Well I can't believe where the last week has gone ,there have been so many demands on my time that I've been meeting myself coming backwards ! But today I have managed to claim a bit of time to do some sewing and work on the tree cushion cover for a very patient and understanding friend .

The fronts now finished I just need to decide on how I want the back to look. After a bit of playing about I decided that self cover buttons would be a good way of subtly reflecting the fabrics and colours used on the front design.

I then decided i wanted to go for a  subtle injections of colour on the back of the cushion with  quite a tailored look and to let the linen be the dominant fabric.

So tomorrow I need to buy more cover buttons as I think I'm going to use 10 and i may even get to finish this job in the next couple of days. It's always exciting when a project gets close to completion and you can see what was an idea become reality , something tangible to hold and admire!!