Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dinosaurs and Crochet (sneaky peak ).

Here is a sneaky peak of my next blanket , my youngest son is feeling a bit  left out with big brothers blanket well under way . So the little guy has requested a blanket with the colours of his dinosaurs in it . The little guy is dino mad !!. For a five year old his knowledge of dinosaurs is quite outstanding . So who am I to argue with his request . In fact it's quite fun playing with the colours and they are much more my sort of colours , unlike the colours chosen by my eldest for his blanket . But hey ho , I aim to please and don't kids have some of the most creative ideas . I am also loving doing one big giant Granny Square.!! Plus my other blanket has got a bit big now for taking to the pub , ermm I mean crochet on a Monday evening .
I will also let you have a sneaky peak at my progress with the Easter Hare's I'm busy creating....... I'm soooo loving making the little granny square jumpers !!

In fact at the moment I'm in Granny Square heaven !!

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