Friday, 24 February 2012

Easter Hare !

Well I've finally decided my Easter Bunny is a  Hare . I was rather disgruntled with my first Hare as it's head had to be made twice , the first head I made was the wrong shape . So after a lot of unpicking , Tweaking of the pattern and re-making , the second attempt  was nearly finished .  But I still wasn't in love , so I took it to Crochet on Monday night to get my Crochet buddies opinion . I know they will always be honest with me and will come up with interesting ideas . They didn't fail , we debated whether it was a bunny or a hare and a few people agreed with me that it did look more like a hare . We bounced ideas about and played with it's clothing . In the end it's long trousers were made into shorts and we got rid of the tunic I had made , then I had a moment of inspiration . I thought what about a crochet top and due to my limited skills in crochet it had to be made out of granny squares. I could see it in my head , so I set to work on some 4ply ( I just happened to have with me ) on a 2.5mm hook.
By the next morning I had come up with a rather simplistic but effective Granny Square jumper .
I had to have a Quick look to see how to properly sew it up as a garment , as I had not done this with crochet before .

Job done , I was really happy with the result , I am now on my third jumper and should have it finished this evening . Tomorrow I am going to start putting more Hares together . I'm so excited about this project now and have finally fallen in love with my Easter Hare.
The only other thing I may add to the design is  a bobbly edge to the jumper , but I need to consult my crochet guru on Monday night first . I will keep you up to date with the expansion of the Easter Hare Family !!

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