Saturday, 18 February 2012

In my favourite Chair !!

What a wonderful surprise yesterday evening to come home late and find this lovely bunch of tulips on my door step and a card through my door . This was a very big thank you from a very generous friend , you know who you are and I'd just like to say your a very generous kind hearted person and I'm glad to call you a friend .
Moving on ..... these flowers are now right next to my favourite chair where today after all my housework and organising was done I manage to grab an hour of sock time !!
But as the light was fading I noticed a mistake , when the light is back tomorrow I'm going to have to take it back by about 5 rows , there's a stitch wrong and now I've spotted it I have to correct it . No wonder it takes me so long to finish my knitting projects !!!!!


  1. Popped on over from Heather at Little Tin Bird to say Hi! I've just finished my first pair of socks and it wasn't as scary as I first thought it would be. Good Luck with yours ~ look forward to seeing them finished :O)x

    1. Hi Jackie , Thanks for popping by , I'm finding my sock knitting a bit of a learning curve with having to correct mistake , but it's all good. I will post when I finish them but I wouldn't hold your breath. I fit my knitting in when I can but It often takes me a while to finish a knitting project .
      Have a nice weekend Tracy x

  2. Awwwwww!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ you are a sweetheart! ♥♥
    Tulips look fab in your big white jug, they are very you!

    Just bobbing by to pass you a link to the Mollie Makes mice, you must check them out! I'd love to make the one with the sweet little dress and knitted cardie, do you think you could help me with the knitty bit if I get stuck?
    see you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    oh, the link......

  3. Hello Lovely lady ,Just checked the Mollie Makes mice out ,they are soooooooo cute. Yes , you know I more than happy to help with the Knitted bits. Have a nice weekend and I will see you Monday .xx