Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Socks !!

Well last nights crochet group at our favourite real ale establishment turned out to be knit and natter for two, unfortunately the crochet crew all had different sorts of lurggies and they were sorely missed . Rachel and I ended up having a sock themed evening , Rachel was finishing her second pair of socks and me starting my first ever pair .
Rachel was full of handy tips and we both did a lot of concentrating as Rachel commented it's wasn't much of a knit and natter but a knit and concentrate. Rachels socks are exquisite , she is finishing them off and she doesn't mind me sharing them with you .
Rachel busy away !!

You can just make out the detail at the top of the sock , a smoking type pattern with beads , well I hope I'm this good by the time I get onto my second pair ( best crack on with the first pair ! ) .Even though we were small in number it was a good evening ! Also sorry about the quality of these pics it was a very dingy pub.
Today I've had my second  Ta da moment of the week. I've finished my Sammy Scarf pattern today , not sure if I'm going to keep it or give it to one of my nieces.

While I'm on the subject of finishing jobs ,  yesterday I finished my candied peel experiment from a few days ago . What a result one big jar of beautifully candied peel which i can't stop nibbling at .

Any way I can hear my sock yarn calling me , I'm really enjoying the little needles and fine yarn !! Ta ta for now .


  1. I sorely missed being there! I appreciated the early night though (in addition to the er, whole morning I spent asleep ...).

    I will be there next week though! I just finished my little granny stripe blanket, all ends sewn in thanks to your needle :-) I'm starting my ripple for my cousin tomorrow.

    See you soon, Heather x x x

    1. Hi Heather,I'm glad the rest has made you feel better ,it's amazing what a bit of extra sleep can do !!
      You surprise me no end with your speed and creative zest for crochet.
      See you next Monday , take care Tracy x

  2. I have my first pair of socks on the go, have just turned the heel and working on the fool. Just wish I could knit faster and remember where I put the bag with them in!!!

    I really should be more tidy!!