Thursday, 9 February 2012


Well today my house has been filled with the tangy aroma of cooking oranges and lemons . Last night whilst checking out recipes for my bread maker I discovered I could make marmalade in it .That was it , I thought  I have to give that a try .So this morning after the school drop I set off  to buy some jam sugar , under very icy conditions. Sooooo  icy in fact that on my return journey home my husband had to come to my aid . I made a frantic call to him (thank god it was his day off ) to meet me with my wellies , as the boots I had on could not cope with all the ice that had formed under foot .When I got home ,  in my very reliable wellies  I prepared the oranges for the marmalade. But  it was then  time to go to work , so  I couldn't  start the cooking  and it wasn't something I wanted to leave my husband in charge of .

When I returned from work I cracked on with my cooking ,  once the marmalade was under way I realised I had an awful lot of peel left over. Not being someone who likes waste I trawled my recipe books and found the ideal recipe " candied peel " . Result ! so I set too , although you cook it over three days I was up for the culinary challenge.Stage one today simmer the peel for up to 2 hours and add sugar and bring to boil then take off the heat untill tomorrow.

 I made the marmalade , this will  mainly be consumed by my husband , I do like to spoil him , especially when he comes to my rescue when it's icy.

While I was in full culinary swing I decided to make lemon curd tarts and jam tarts and one of my boys favourites lemon curd Victoria sponge cake.

Have you noticed the zesty theme amongst my makes today ? I would also like to share the bargain of the morning with you . I'm a thrifty person and whenever I go to the supermarket I will have a quick look at the reductions section , this morning there were two bags of nectarines  ,75p each bag , not a thing wrong with them. So I got 16 nectarines for 1.50 and they are delicious .

Because I had been on such a role today I decided to start a sourdough starter .I discussed making one of these with a friend a couple of weeks ago but never got around to it . Inspiration came in March's edition of Country Living with step by step instructions ,  so I thought I might as well give it a go.

What a productive day it's been and we've broken up from school today so an easy day at home tomorrow with the boys.

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