Saturday, 31 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy !!!

Well it's been a while, In fact I've been meeting my self coming backwards some days . I've been getting all my sewing done ready for Easter , as well as working and dealing with poorly children ( my youngest is on his second bout of illness in a week and a half ). Oh and a craft stall , at a school event today .  Goodness me I'm quite worn out , I'm just so thankful that we break up for Easter on Wednesday . But I would like to share with you my Easter makes .

Busy Busy Busy !!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bunny Pocket for Easter treats

Well I am being a good girl , yesterday I made a pattern for an idea I had on Wednesday evening  . I set my self the goal of having my first prototype made by the end of  Thursday . Yes , I did it !!!! and I'm rather pleased with finished item . I'm thinking of calling it a Bunny pocket for Easter treats .
I've used suit weight felted pure wool for the main part with a rather lovely lawn for the front of the ears and the lining .

I'm  just so happy my rather basic pattern worked out first time , I've shown it to a few people today and their response was both positive and encouraging . But I will have to see if I get time to do another one this weekend as my youngest has become quite ill today ,so I'm making no plans and going with the flow .  I think it may be a weekend of someone needing lots of cuddles , so crochet Easter Hare jumpers might be an ideal make ( compact and on the knee ) . So ta ta for now. xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Keeping positive !!

Well goodness me it's been a while since I last blogged !! In fact every thing In general seems to be taking more time than anticipated , especially my sewing  aaaaarrrggghhhh !!! . I'm finding it hard at the moment to stay focussed and positive where my sewing is concerned as I haven't had the time I need to devote to it . I am in general a glass half full type of person and not a glass half empty .But I seem to have turned a corner today , Actually It happened last night when I went to bed , I had given yesterday up as a bad job and gone to bed early in a fowl mood ( after having a sewing disaster and had to bin one of my linen hares !!). I was laid in bed when lots of Ideas came flooding into my mind , so out came my ideas book and  I made a few pen sketches . I woke refreshed and got up and before I took the boys to school this morning worked out a pattern for a Easter treat holder.Which I can hopefully make a prototype of today when I get back from work .
On another positive note the Easter Hare family is Growing steadily , here is a sneaky peak of progress so far !

I'm happy that I've even managed to use a bit of my Liberty Lawn fabric on some of the trousers, I soooo love Tana Lawn , I also had a bit of retail therapy yesterday and stocked up on some more lawn yesterday  , some of which will hopefully end up in my Easter creations .

So I think to keep the positive productive vibe going I just need to keep saying to myself   " crack on lass " .
Ta ta for now . X

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ideas for Spring time makes !

Well Today I've been looking through old photos of previous makes to find ideas for this Spring . I had totally forgot all about this mini bunting I sold on e-bay about 20 months ago . I made it from my exstensive stash of Liberty Lawns , as a bit of an experiment to see if it would sell . It did sell and I remember enjoying making it , it had three different Liberty fabrics with co-ordinating cottons and was adorned with vintage and new buttons as well as knitted flowers . I think I'm going to have to do this make again this spring . It's just so jolly !!

Also about 18months ago I was making these Lacey  hand / wrist warmers , I'm thinking  these would also be nice for Spring too as they are quite light weight to wear . Fab for those cool Spring mornings and evenings .

Now my creative juices are flowing  I had better get off and do some making !!