Friday, 16 March 2012

Bunny Pocket for Easter treats

Well I am being a good girl , yesterday I made a pattern for an idea I had on Wednesday evening  . I set my self the goal of having my first prototype made by the end of  Thursday . Yes , I did it !!!! and I'm rather pleased with finished item . I'm thinking of calling it a Bunny pocket for Easter treats .
I've used suit weight felted pure wool for the main part with a rather lovely lawn for the front of the ears and the lining .

I'm  just so happy my rather basic pattern worked out first time , I've shown it to a few people today and their response was both positive and encouraging . But I will have to see if I get time to do another one this weekend as my youngest has become quite ill today ,so I'm making no plans and going with the flow .  I think it may be a weekend of someone needing lots of cuddles , so crochet Easter Hare jumpers might be an ideal make ( compact and on the knee ) . So ta ta for now. xx

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  1. They are so sweet. You have given her such a lovely face, a real character.
    Carol xx