Thursday, 15 March 2012

Keeping positive !!

Well goodness me it's been a while since I last blogged !! In fact every thing In general seems to be taking more time than anticipated , especially my sewing  aaaaarrrggghhhh !!! . I'm finding it hard at the moment to stay focussed and positive where my sewing is concerned as I haven't had the time I need to devote to it . I am in general a glass half full type of person and not a glass half empty .But I seem to have turned a corner today , Actually It happened last night when I went to bed , I had given yesterday up as a bad job and gone to bed early in a fowl mood ( after having a sewing disaster and had to bin one of my linen hares !!). I was laid in bed when lots of Ideas came flooding into my mind , so out came my ideas book and  I made a few pen sketches . I woke refreshed and got up and before I took the boys to school this morning worked out a pattern for a Easter treat holder.Which I can hopefully make a prototype of today when I get back from work .
On another positive note the Easter Hare family is Growing steadily , here is a sneaky peak of progress so far !

I'm happy that I've even managed to use a bit of my Liberty Lawn fabric on some of the trousers, I soooo love Tana Lawn , I also had a bit of retail therapy yesterday and stocked up on some more lawn yesterday  , some of which will hopefully end up in my Easter creations .

So I think to keep the positive productive vibe going I just need to keep saying to myself   " crack on lass " .
Ta ta for now . X


  1. Right...the last picture, the hare with the pink jumper and the delightful floral britches? PLease can I nab her?? I'm sure you made her just for me anyways, she has my name written all over.
    Hoping things are perking up, I've missed yo of late. Is your wee man better? Hope to catch you Monday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Lucy , Your Hares all finished and ready for you to have a look at tomorrow night : ) , I may have to make it a little bag though for Easter treats. Anyway we can discuss it at crochet . See you then ta ta for now Tracy xx

  3. I'm glad that someone else other than me gets in a bad mood when their makes go wrong...I often go to bed all strung up as I've had a design disaster in the evening. Hope the hares go okay in the end they look very beautiful and I love how you've made their jumpers out of granny squares...very clever.

    Happy Crafting
    Fleur x

  4. Thanks for popping by Fleur, The hares are coming on nicely thank you , I will post some pictures very soon as I have a stall on Saturday that they will be for sale on .I have really enjoyed making the little Granny sqaure jumpers.
    Enjoy the rest of your week Tracy : )

  5. you are very clever i love all that you make. i'm a real novice at all this sewing and crochet but i love to see what other people do. i have just discovered your blog via lucy at the attic that i have been following for about eight months now . theres a lot of creativity going on up in yorkshire!!actually down here to in norfolk. I'm going to go to a patchwork class to learn more about techniques etc. I'm self taught at crochet and knitting and i sew a lot too all the time. i love making animals and childrens toys. My kids call them scary!! they are not at all professional but i guess there has too be some of us that aren't that talented we come in all shapes and sizes us crafters. Nice to pop by your site and i will visit back now often keep the makes coming and you could easily sell them . I bet you sell all of those hares at the easter sale good luck

  6. These are gorgeous! I love the crocheted sweaters, the handbags, and the Liberty Lawn trousers! too cute!