Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A need for some colour !!!

Well It's been a bit  of a dreary  week around here ,  ( by which I mean colour wise in blog land ) . I even had a dream the other night that someone left a comment on my blog complaining about the lack of colour . However my blog has not reflected the amount of colour I have enjoyed  in this last week. So let me address the issue Of colour by giving a much need injection of  it , here's a little over view of what I've been up to. The image  above is the first jar of lemon curd I've made since I was about 10 yrs old , I made it Saturday evening for breakfast on Sunday as special treat for my eldest . He has gone away on a school trip for 5 days ,the house is just not the same without him , roll on Friday .
A thank you gift of hand painted dolly pegs for a very lovely friend . I loved the name of the paint ' Warlock purple ' It's a paint my son uses to paint War Hammer figures , they  have some ace names Like ' bleached bone ' and ' Snot green ' and ' Enchanted Blue' we have truly entered the geeky  world of hormonally charged  adolescent (even though he is only 10 ).

I also some weeks back promised to keep you up to date on the progress of a quilt I'm making with my sons class ( Reception children aged 4 to 5 years old ). So here's a peek at where were up to !!!

Another hare is sat waiting for her new owner to pick her up tomorrow !!

 I am still in Hare mode and whenever I get the chance I am adding to another batch of the granny square jumpers . So I sat this evening playing with my Liberty Lawns to try and come up with fabric and colour combo's .

As well as the on going production of Hares I am also on with two cushions for friends , so as and when time permits I'm making very steady progress with these too !!

Bye ! ek  ( Yorkshire for' goodness me ! ' ) I am busy at the moment . But It makes life interesting  , thanks for popping by and ta ta for now !!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

and the winner is ..............?

Well here we are day number 7 of the name and win the Hare competition . I have so enjoyed reading your comments this week and all the wonderful names every one has come up with . Although I said one of my boys would pick the name out of a hat , to avoid an arrgument we had a special guest  visit and pick the name from the hat . Can you guess who ??  It was the lovely Lucy from Attic24 , I thaught it rather fitting that Lucy select the name from the hat as she has braught so many of you lovely people to my blog . So here she is the lady her self picking the winner .

So Sam (on 11.4.12 @ 1.44pm comment number 8 ) named the Hare Hannabelle Cordelia and she is coming to live with you very soon . Please message me your details !!  I would also like to thank everyone who took part it's been fun and a very big thankyou to Lucy for picking the winner !! Oh I've so enjoyed this weeks blog !!!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Hare up for grabs !!!

Well I've been so overwhelmed here in blog land after Lucy @ attic 24 posted about one of my Hares she had in her Easter display. I have decided  that because of this and all the wonderful comments left  I would give my last Hare away in a little competition. All you have to do is leave a comment in which you give this lovely Hare a name . I will put all the names in a hat and one of my boys will get to pick the winner !! I will let this run for a week to give anyone who's interested chance to enter. She can be seen here in this line up and is the first on the left .
Now Easter has come and gone , it's back to happily stitching and getting back into the swing of making .So here's a peek at what stitchery has been going on !!!

The last two shots are of me this evening making the most of the light coming through the velux windows in our bedroom as the light lower down the house had faded fast . OOhhh how I long for the long light summer evenings , when I can sew until I'm ready to fall asleep !! But at the moment when the light has gone I always have my crochet and knitting to fall back on .

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter !!

Well over the last few days I have been making ready for Easter !!. I have been decorating the dresser and spent yesterday baking . The baking was in preparation for a family get together ,with a  visit from my mum my sister and her husband to be and their four children .I love baking for my family and they soooo love eating it !!!! So i made chocolate cup cakes , which the kids always love and a Simnel cake ( the first time I've made this traditional cake ).

I even got  my Great grandmas 1940s /1950s Tea service out , these cups, saucers and plates don't often see the light of day .But I thought it might be nice for my mum to see it in use as it was always brought out when she was a child on  visits to her grandma .I just adore the colours they just say springtime !!!

Preparations made , my family visited us . I really enjoy listening to the children playing ( but may have to apologise to the neighbours for the noise !) they do get  bit raucous . Six children running around our Victorian terraced house dressed up with swords , shield s and lightsabers is always full on . While our children played my sister my mum and I sat and talked weddings,  as my sister booked her venue last week and we have 15 months to the big day . I am now in charge of making the cake , invites , ring cushion, table decorations and any thing else that can be hand made , So no pressure then sis !!!!! . But it's been nice sifting through magazines and searching the net . The general theme we have come up with is butterflies and doilys  in paper or antique ones that could be dyed , I've manage to negotiate a bit of bunting in on the decorations  . The genral colour theme is white and teal but we may be able to bring in a bit of extra colour in on a sweetie table she's having ( this is instead of favours ). My sis braught me some image to look at,  which she knew i would love !!

So it was a  delieght to spend the day with my family today .  Tomorrow is a quite Easter Sunday at home  chillin out with the boys . Some time to re charge the batteries  and do some crochet . So I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter .