Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A need for some colour !!!

Well It's been a bit  of a dreary  week around here ,  ( by which I mean colour wise in blog land ) . I even had a dream the other night that someone left a comment on my blog complaining about the lack of colour . However my blog has not reflected the amount of colour I have enjoyed  in this last week. So let me address the issue Of colour by giving a much need injection of  it , here's a little over view of what I've been up to. The image  above is the first jar of lemon curd I've made since I was about 10 yrs old , I made it Saturday evening for breakfast on Sunday as special treat for my eldest . He has gone away on a school trip for 5 days ,the house is just not the same without him , roll on Friday .
A thank you gift of hand painted dolly pegs for a very lovely friend . I loved the name of the paint ' Warlock purple ' It's a paint my son uses to paint War Hammer figures , they  have some ace names Like ' bleached bone ' and ' Snot green ' and ' Enchanted Blue' we have truly entered the geeky  world of hormonally charged  adolescent (even though he is only 10 ).

I also some weeks back promised to keep you up to date on the progress of a quilt I'm making with my sons class ( Reception children aged 4 to 5 years old ). So here's a peek at where were up to !!!

Another hare is sat waiting for her new owner to pick her up tomorrow !!

 I am still in Hare mode and whenever I get the chance I am adding to another batch of the granny square jumpers . So I sat this evening playing with my Liberty Lawns to try and come up with fabric and colour combo's .

As well as the on going production of Hares I am also on with two cushions for friends , so as and when time permits I'm making very steady progress with these too !!

Bye ! ek  ( Yorkshire for' goodness me ! ' ) I am busy at the moment . But It makes life interesting  , thanks for popping by and ta ta for now !!


  1. I love the colour combinations you have chosen - look forward to seeing the finished projects! Take care xx

  2. Wonderful - I really admire your lovely projects xx

  3. So you have been pretty busy, I should say!;-) Wow!

    Do you realise that between us we are seriously contributing to a growth spurt in the rabbit/hare population? It's splendid really. I'm curious to know how long it takes you to make each hare? You don't have to answer, of course! I've worked out it takes me around 11 hours from start to finish... with quite a bit of daydreaming about characters and colour combinations before starting each one.

    Enjoy the rest of your colourful week.


    1. Hi Stephanie ,well as the old saying goes "their breading like rabbits" ,as to your question about the time it takes to make a hare , I really don't know. I do tend to work in a production line method once my first prototype is made .With the Hares I do the jumpers first ,then it put the fabrics together for each jumper. Then the production line and assemblage process begins .But if I was to guesstimate I would say about 6 to 7 hours full steam ahead with no interruptions. But in reality that would never happen.
      Anyway enjoy the rest of your week .
      Kind regards Tracy xx

  4. Everything you make is beautiful - I enjoy looking at your blog immensely.

    Alex x

  5. By gum, you have been busy! Love the colour matching, beautiful! xx

  6. You look like you have been very busy. The lemon curd looks so yum, makes me think of lemon meringue pie (sadly I'm on a diet!) and the Liberty fabrics are lovely too. X

  7. Can't wait to see those girls in their new finery. I just know they will be beautiful and I still would like one.

  8. Some great colour palettes there...

    Oh I just love the quilt you are making with the school children, how lucky they are to have that opportunity.

    Happy crafting....
    Fleur xx

  9. The weather is so dreary isn't it and the rain very spectacular. Lovely to see all your colour here and see your work in progress. The paints colour names made me smile... As a lad my son would have loved to have painted with snot green-LOL! Keep dry and carry on crafting,
    Jane x

  10. I love your hares! I was directed here from Jozart's blog and I'm glad I came for a look.
    Helen S

  11. I like your blog and your works .I 'll follow you.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Kiss from Italy

  12. Being a big fan of long ears and big feet I am so in love with your hare, she is gorgeous!!!
    Vivienne x

  13. Hello Tracy,

    I love your work and am wondering if you are taking orders for the hares you make? If so, please could you get in touch with me, for I would love to buy one! My email is

    Thank you, Ali.

    1. Hi Ali, I am desperately trying to make a batch of Hares so I can open a shop on etsy , but at the moment I'm working extra hours at work to cover a bit of a collegues maternity leave . So please bare with me as it's taking a bit longer than I had anticipated .I will message you when there are some to buy .
      Have a lovely weekend Tracy. x

  14. Those hares are really lovely, I shall watch out for your Etsy shop opening.
    Carol xx