Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy under the eve's!!

Well at 8.15 this mornng whilst still n my P.j's I went under the eve's to my newly created work area .The early morning light was fantastic!! I opened the velux window and could hear the birds heartily chirping . I settled into my chair and began to sew , I was quite at peace sat there bathed in sunlight with a slight breeze on my back , listening to our neighbourhood coming to life . I could smell a neighbour cooking bacon for breakfast , I could hear the chink of crockery and the clatter of cutlery and the gentle murmur of conversation's going on  in kitchens  . At that mment I was truly blissful and so glad I moved my studio under the eve's!
The view from my work area .

Being bathed in sunlight whilst sewing , delightful!!

I have had a really productive day ,made real progress with my tree cushion , I wish I'd have thought of moving sooner !! Tomorrow  I'm back to work but I might manage a bit of sewing in the morning before I go .

This evening is my Monday Crochet group , it's at a freinds house tonight  I' m taking this little lady with me as I want to come up with an idea for a crocheted dress . This is the basic body of my Christmas Angel I make , It's wings are needle felted and this one has Liberty Lawn legs and is not destind for Chritmas but an all year round Angel . She is a bit of a work i progress ( gosh I have so many of those at the moment !!).
So thanks for popping by and ta ta for now !!.


  1. What a beautiful view you have! Can't wait to see your finished angel.
    Victoria xx

  2. All bank holiday's have to come to an end don't they...looks like you have been very busy,love the angel and look forward to seeing the little outfit you crochet.
    Jane x

  3. What a gorgeous angel - I can't wait to see what dress you make her! x

  4. What a lovely view from you workroom, a special place.
    Look forward to seeing your sweet angel in her new dress. Yes, Angels are for every day.
    Carol xx

    1. Hi Carol, and yes Angels are for every day . We all need an Angel to watch over us !!
      Have a lovely week and thanks for popping by . With kind regards Tracy x

  5. You have painted a truly perfect moment of joy there. Thank you for sharing. Your angel sits so beautifully, don't you think? How lovely it must be to be able to bounce ideas off your crochet clan!

    See you soon,


    ps I am in the middle of making ten new rabbits. Phew! I love it but they are delightfully time consuming, wouldn't you agree?


  6. Hi Stephanie ,Oh my crochet clan were good tonight , I think I've decided a Fabric tunic with crochet trim (due to the time it would take to make ). On the topic of our floppy eared friend's I'm on with another batch too !! and yes they do take a while to do !
    But it's all fun ,so enjoy your week and keep crafting .
    Kind regards Tracy xx

  7. What a special place you have there! And I love your work, you will be even more creative/productive in your new home. Can we expect regular 'attic views' from you, like Lucy's?

    Good luck to you, the angels are very sweet.

  8. Love your new work area! I wish I had an eves area. All my things are hidden away in little corners.

    Your new angel is beautiful. Can't wait to see her with her tunic!


  9. I love your new workspace!
    And that view....

  10. What a lovely place to sew and create.

  11. That angel is just gorgeous - as is all the things you make. Look forward to seeing what you dress her in. Glad you are enjoying your new work area. Kind regards from New Zealand, Julie :-)

  12. You have such a gorgeous view! Absolutely stunning, especially on such a sunny day. Your morning sounded perfect! xxx

  13. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now, and just wanted to tell you how happy it makes me to see someone doing what they love to do. I adore the little WIP angel, and I think you will work out just the right outfit for her. Very pretty colors and print for her legs. Just right. I can see why you love your new, light sewing area. You made a good decision to move up there. I pray for your blessing and health this year as you create.