Friday, 8 June 2012

Tree Cushion , Ta da !!!

Well I had so many plans for this week off with the children and hubby , I did not envisage I would be spending  most of it in bed with a virus !! . The Jubilee celebrations passed me by and today is the first day I've been up and about and not had to go to bed ( paracetamol and Ibuprofen are just about keeping me going ) . To add insult to injury I managed to get myself up on Wednesday for a Dental appointment , which was supposed to be a filling on a wisdom tooth . OOhhh no , the dentist had other ideas " I've decided your tooth needs extracting , how do you feel about having it taken out ? " As you can imagine I wasn't over the moon about the idea , I wasn't mentally prepaired to have a tooth pulled out . Especially when I had a sore throat and ears ,as well as pounding head . But I went ahead with his advice and 5 minutes later I was missing one wisdom tooth and £78 out of pocket . I don't know which hurt most the tooth extraction or the bill !!!     I'm  sooooooo sorry to have a big old whinge I just needed to get it out my system .

There have been some positives to this week , in the moments I have managed to rise from my slumber I have soldiered on with a friends cushion and completed it . Wahay !! I've finished a task I had set my self for the holidays . I hope she likes it , I know it is destined for a farm house in Wales and it's rustic charm will I hope make it look right at home .

Another rather thrifty task I have finished today was making a new batch of candied orange peel . I can't believe how quickly I got through the first batch I made , so some weeks ago I had decided I was going to save a freeze any orange peel rather than throw it away . This would mean once I had a sufficiently big enough batch of peel I could Candie another batch .

I've managed to get 1 and half jars of candied peel ready to brighten up a fruit  cake or a pudding in the future . All from what at one time I would have put straight in the bin !! . If you fancy having a go It works the same for Lemons too . You need to use 50g (2oz) of sugar to each quantity of peel from either a whole orange or Lemon . So If your freezing as you go, so you can do a big batch then maybe keep a note somewhere of the number of whole peels you have so you can calculate sugar quantity . Scrape off any pulp , then put the peel in a pan cover with water and simmer gently for 1to2 hours . The peel should feel soft and squashy but still hold it's shape and not break . The water may need topping up during process . When tender add the correct quantity of sugar to the pan , stir until dissolved and bring to the boil . Remove from heat and allow pan and contents to cool . Next day , bring the contents of the pan to the boil again and simmer for 4 to 5 minutes . Remove from heat and allow to cool again , uncovered . On the 3rd day simmer until most of syrup has been absorbed . Drain the peel and put on trays to dry . Now my book recommends drying in an airing cupboard , but many modern homes don't have these (we had one when I was a child ) . So what I do is place the fan in the oven on  , with the door slightly ajar at the lowest temperature setting possible. So just warm air is circulating to dry the peel  . This can be done in fits and starts over a couple of days . Then chop in small pieces like little jewels ( I find scissors the best tool for the job !) Store in airtight containers for up to 6 months . A friend came to visit while I was doing the chopping part today and she kept nibbling at the pieces ( I think she was the unofficial quality control ) . We both agreed they would be fab cut into strips and dipped in good quality dark chocolate as after dinner treats . I may have to try this next .

While I'm on being thrifty I just wanted to share my bargain of the day ...... whilst taking a gentle stroll around town this morning and having an impromptu visit to my local discount book shop which has started selling wool . What a lovely combination books and wool !!! . I spied theses bargains which had just been reduced , At a £1 a ball I just could not resist . That little purchased really did cheer me up ! so I consider the purchase as has having a very much needed medicinal purpose .
 Anyway I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'm off to Crochet little Hare jumpers so ta ta for now . xx


  1. Ouch, to the price and the extraction. Still it won't cause you/cost you any more pain in the future. That is a really lovely cushion, perfect for a farmhouse (or any house!).
    What a great idea for peel.
    Well done on finding the bargain wool, yes, excellent combination - books and wool.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend too.
    Carol xx

  2. Oh your tree cushion is absolutely beautiful and what a bargain on the yarn front!
    Victoria xx

  3. The cushion is beautiful. I'm sure your friend will love it.

    Have fun with your bargain yarn :-)

  4. Hope by now that you feel so much better. I am sure your friend will be thrilled with her cushion, it looks great. Winnie The Pooh could be cheered with a balloon, yours is obviously wool and mine is a nice pink lipstick. (as well as patchwork fabric and wool - any combination works).

  5. A beautiful and lovely cushion with the applique,embroderies and your choise of fabrics.
    Your yarn look very inspirering to make something nice from.
    Greetings Gudrun

  6. I love your cushion. And your blog. It is full of good things (to eat and otherwise)

  7. That is a gorgeous cushion! It would look great in a rustic setting, with those fabrics.
    I love the sound of a bookshop that sells wool. Good thing there isn't one of those round here - I'd never leave it!
    I hope your tooth is feeling better, or should I say your jaw, since the tooth's gone. It won't cause you any more problems, at least. I had one out last autumn, and it was a relief, after the random pain and difficulty in eating.

    Ali x

  8. I have been trying to leave a comment but find it impossible. However, I think your blog inspiring and your work beautiful.

  9. Hi Sonya , thank you for hanging on in there and leaving a message , I will check my settings to make sure there's no problems . I'm always very humbled when people praise my work ,your kind comments mean a lot to me , thank you. I'm glad some of the edibles appeal to you as well !! .
    Have a lovely week and thanks for popping by with kind regards Tracy .

  10. Your cushion is wonderful! Lucky friend. Great bargain wool find too - I'd be jealous but I've nowhere to put more wool really.
    PS I found you via Attic24, as Im sure have many others.

  11. OOh sorry to hear about your tooth...ouch! At least you didn't have days of worrying about having it taken out before hand if that's some consolation.

    Just love your cushion and I think it will be perfect for a farmhouse, I think its new owner will be delighted with it.

    Hope you have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  12. Lovely cushion, Tracy, your stitching is immacualte! Ooooh, homemade candied peel; what can I say - only that I don't make it any more as it doesn't last long enough to use!

  13. Wonderful cushion,, i just love love love it..Pixie

  14. bellissimo il tuo cuscino!mi piace molto, brava!!!
    un caro saluto

  15. Hello everyone and thank you for popping by and leaving such wonderful comments about the Tree cushion . I am unfortunately still not well but am slowly getting better so I do apologize for not replying to you all individually .
    I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will try and post very soon .
    With lots of love Tracy xx

  16. I love your cushion. The amount of work and love that must have gone into that is amazing. I am sure that the new owner will adore it. I will be saving your candypeel recipe to give it a go next time we have oranges or lemons in the house. I hadn't thought of using the peel before...great idea Keri

  17. Our beautiful tree cushion looks perfect in our lounge! Thankyou so much, we can see many hours must have been spent on it. Fiona couldn't have given us a more perfect present! Clare and Mick x

    1. Hello Clare and Mick , How wonderful of you to pop by . I'm sooooo happy you like the cushion , I love making that design I would like to do two for my sofa one day !!! I will let Fiona know you popped by and Thankyou for your kind comments .
      Enjoy the rest of your week over in Wales with kind regards Tracy .x

  18. Tracy!
    I am completely and utterly in love with THIS cushion! I see that will be leaving your job and wanting to make your own destiny! Props to you!!! I would love to support you on your new adventure. I would love love love to be the proud owner of one of these cushions if you would please!
    Please think about it and let me know what you think?