Monday, 6 August 2012

I love ...........!

Well It's been a couple of weeks ( again !!) since I last blogged due to the demands of life . But I have been holding back on blogging for  the last two days until the my new adaptation of last years Christmas mouse was finished .I really struggled last year to do a Lady mouse , every thing I  tried didn't work . However I had a spark of an idea when I saw some fabric in my stash next to a trim . I stole a bit of time yesterday evening to finish her and I'm really pleased with the results , I will be starting production of these a.s.a.p.
                                            I love it when an idea works out and comes into  being !!!

Well what other things have I loved over the last two week .... oohh there's been so many things , starting with my eldest sons 11th birthay.

I love preparing for celebrations and welcoming family and friends.  

    I love making my children feel special and loved !!!!

My youngest son  has also had a mile stone to get very excited about , he's lost his first two baby teeth , aawwww !!

 I don't usually show pictures of my children but I could not resist in sharing this image it you .

Children have there own unique take on the world and when I  explained we would have to put his teeth under his pillow so the tooth fairy could take them away and would leave some money in exchange . He replied ' mummy don't put my teeth under my pillow I have plenty of money , can you save my teeth for when I've run out of money and put mt teeth under my pillow then '. I think we may have a sh rued businessman in our midst !!

  I also love a bargain and I also have a thing for little step ladders at the moment !!

Another set of steps spotted in a local collect ables shop , at a fraction of the cost of my last ones ...even better !!!

                                                                Also " love thy neighbour "

Ohh boy do I love mine when she brings me a glut of gooseberries she cannot use .In fact she often deposits veg and fruit on my doorstep when she is over run with her husbands allotment produce ( in fact there not just neighbours but she is an old friend and her and her husband are my children's god parents ).

                                 I love being in the kitchen producing things for people to eat and enjoy .

I also love to share and continue the cycle of generosity by passing on a portion of what I make to friends and family . I also love shopping at my local market and buying direct from farmers and produces .

My whole family love this lemon cheese , I buy it from the egg stall on the market . The eggs are outstanding they are jumbo jumbo size and I'm always getting double yolkers . When I buy this combination of goods it normally means one thing !!!

  Lemon curd Victoria Sponge Cake , a big favourite in our house !

Last of all is my constant love of Blue and White .... bowl , jugs , plates in fact any crockery , enamel ware and any Kitchenalia . So whilst in Leeds yesterday I had a little splurge when I saw these cups the Rob Ryan cup is for me ( and fulfils two criteria , blue and white and enamel ware . Result !  )  and I love paper cut pieces , the Keep Calm cup is for my husband as he is a devourer of books .

There have been too many things to share with you so I must make  try to steel more little pieces of time to share with you . The hares are well under way and as soon as I've sorted labels and packaging as well I will be ready to be up and running, very soon!! , but I will be starting production of Christmas things very soon as well . So watch this space !!

Anyway thanks for popping by and enjoy the week ahead , so ta ta for now love Tracy x


  1. What a wonderful post - thanks for sharing all the news! Congrats to both boys on their milestones.
    Ooooo...I don't know which I love more, your new step stool or the enamel mug. And congrats to you on a job well done with Miss Mouse - she's perfect!
    Smiles, DianeM

  2. Your blog is always a pleasure to look at......xx

  3. O what a delicious post! That cake looks so delicious..that has made me feel very hungry :0)
    I did smile Tracy when I saw your dear son's gappy smile...bless. Like you I do not usually put personal photos on my blog but I too made an exception with my most recent post as it is the story of my daughter's wedding.A fab day! That dear Christmas mouse is wonderful and great to see more bunnies on the steps too! Have a lovely week,
    Jane x

  4. Always such lovely posts to read. The mouse is wonderful.

    I have just sat down to a dinner mainly of veg from my garden, not bad for a veg patch suffering serious neglect. Should really have slept after night shift but have been polishing buttons and covering folders for the wool shop. Another day of babysitting tomorrow!!

  5. Wow, what a nice post. I love your cakestand, always when we are in Britain I think I must buy one.Lemoncurd is very good for baking and for desserts. Your christmas mouse is faboulus.


  6. What a lovely read!

    I also love those little step ladders! what do you think you will do with them.

    The tooth fairy story made me chuckle as well. Did you let me keep it?

    Kate x

  7. Hi Tracey, as always you seem to be busy busy busy doing lots of wonderful things!. Miss mouse is fantastic and soooo cute, the lemon curd sponge looks amazing and I really want a slice and I simply adore the step ladders they are fab. Good luck for the next week and I look forward to hearing what you have been up to x

  8. Wow, what a spread! My mouth is watering! You're a fabulous hostess.

    And Miss Mouse is beautiful. A real success! How about some more mice to fill up those lovely new steps? You're inspiring me to ransack the local second-hand shops.

    Better start saving up now for that tooth fairy money. Your little one might decide to save all his teeth to cash in all at once!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Ali x

  9. Oh I do love that gappy stage! My youngest is nine so no more gap tooth smiles now :( Your son has such a cute face too :-)

  10. mmmmmmmmmmm Yummy!!!!!!!!!
    All seems delicious!
    Clever Guy!!
    Maybe you know that in Spain the little mouse "Ratón Pérez" is who comes to collect the childhood teeth.
    He usually brings some money, but not ever. Sometimes he brings littles toys, necklaces, ....or toothbrush if the owner is a bit lazy with cleaning up.

  11. Lovely to hear your comings and goings. Your son is quite a character!! Such a cute rabbit in her wings and spotted-ness. Nice Rob Ryan cup : -)

  12. Congratulations on your success with your Christmas girl mouse. She is adorable!
    Happy birthday to your son, and wow!..what a smart little cookie your young one is. Very wise to want to have money coming in when he is out.
    Mmmm. I want some of that lemon filling in your cake. It looks so yummy!
    Isn't it nice to be so loved?

  13. I love your Lady Mouse!! It´s sweet! (and your little son is cute!! :))

  14. Hello Folks , thanks for popping by and leaving your very complimentary comments . I've enjoyed reading them all and I'm pleased that your liking Angel Mouse, this is encouraging for me to hear and spurs me on with producing more for Christmas !!anyway off I go to carry on with the linen Hares there will be 12 for sale very soon .
    So ta ta for now Tracy xx