Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nearly there !!!

Well , what has It been ? ... 3 weeks me thinks !! Three weeks of utter euphoria and serious self doubting lows . My mind has been in a whirl , full of  ideas , designs and  plans with a big dose of worry . This was not helped by the fact that two weeks into my notice my employer requested  to see me and urged by my colleges asking if there was anything they could do to keep me ? Instantly I was thrown into a dilemma , but I threw in a proposal I had requested about 4 months ago and at the time it was rejected . Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I thought I would give it a go . I'm still not sure I've done the right thing but I'm going to  work at school on a Monday , Tuesday  and a Wednesday for only 1 and 1/2 hours a day with no extra hours , no covering for absent staff . So with just 4 and 1/2 hours to work the rest of my time I can devoted to creating !! It also means I have a small wage at the end of the month to fall back on . I had sort of felt like I'd wimped out but I now view this arrangement at work as a happy compromise , but only time will tell !!

I have been steadily working away and I'm nearly there with the Hares , 9 are finished and bagged up just waiting for labels and three are just waiting to be embellished with buttons and faces . Here's a sneaky peak.

The one thing that has not failed me over the last three weeks has been my need to create . You may remember from a few months ago me showing you an angel I was developing and had in mind to create it a crocheted dress or tunic , well I have now scraped that idea  and am in the process of designing a Cardigan .

She still needs a muslin smock , hair and a face and generally finishing but I would like the cardigan worked out by the end of this week as then I can mock up a Christmas Angel . OOOww Christmas I'm so eager to get started on my Christmas creations !!

But as Autumn is now here I'm trying to also get some of my tree cushions on the go with it's autumnal colours. I have three backs underway  with one ready for leaves , I've been sat working on  these quite late at night when it's too late to have my sewing machine pounding away !!

I've also had the sketch book out working on new design ideas for cushions. So I've started collecting fabrics I would like to use on this owl idea  . But I'm in no rush to get one of these made I think it may sit on the back burners for a bit . I have Christmas things to make as soon as the Hares are finished.

One other delightful distraction from sewing over the last couple of days has been my youngests 6th birthday . Of course that did mean a batch of birthday buns and it was stipulated by said child that they had to be Star Wars buns . Cripes !! no pressure then and I hold my hands up I cheated by sticking Star Wars toys on for decorations . However the plus side for him was he got new toys to keep .

I do think my mojo has come back and am looking forward to the week ahead and it is my last week of my old 5day contract. Onwards and upwards and I must remain focused and positive .I suppose life would get seriously boring if everything was always straight forward !!
So ta ta for now Tracy XX.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I've done it ...!!!!

Well , it's been a while (again ) but I have some exciting news to share with you ! This is a picture I took this morning whilst working under the eves , although it does not reflect the news I have to share it does show how I have felt these last few months . I've felt like there has been a dark cloud hanging over me and my indecision on how to move my creative life forward . I've known for some time now my creative life and all  that encompasses  has not been compatible with the hours my job takes up . After returning to work last week and having my creative time nibbled away at by staff training and staff meetings I came to the conclusion nothing was going to change unless I made it change .  So I've done it !!! I handed my notice in yesterday and have 3 and a half weeks left to work !!! Whilst I am quite scared at the loss of a regular income , I find my self feeling quite liberated . I am the master of my own destiny !!!
The view from the eves this afternoon suitably reflects how I feel about my future now , everything looks bright !!  I know it won't be easy and it is going to take a lot of hard work and working  long hours to achieve my ultimate goal of having my own business making and designing but it is in sight !! To be quite honest I am absolutely buzzing with creative ideas and I like it ! So I'm busy away under the eves getting on with things at every opportunity.

Another little project in my life which has been getting some attention recently is the improvement of my cake/ bun decorating skills for my sisters wedding next July . She came to visit a week last Friday and took me on a shopping spree to buy moulds and decorations to play with . Before we hit the cake decorating shops we decided on a theme loosely based on   Vintage buttons and broaches , lace and doilies with white and teal as the colour scheme (  us bridesmaids are wearing teal coloured dresses).

Just a few things I've been collecting with our theme in mind , so far I've got vintage laces , textiles ,crochet doilies and buttons . These will hopefully made into either bunting or a string of hearts for the wedding table .

Lovely moulds for making  vintage broaches and buttons to decorate our cupcakes ( buns ) , they were just what we had in mind !! Then we had a play and I think we had quite a productive afternoon trying out lots of ideas .

I got slightly carried away that weekend with baking and created some more cakes the next day , however a friend/ neighbour was more than happy to receive some of my bakes as my husband was complaining he was going to get fat with all the cake . Tosh ! we've been together since we were 17 and hes never ever had a weight problem and he has a perfect colestral level !! ( lucky man ).

Other lovely things we got to look at when thinking of wedding cupcakes were cupcake wraps , I was sent samples from a friend of a friend who produces high quality double sided cupcake wraps .  My oh my , they are on my list of wanties , she has also just set up a blog  called I have my eye on some large spots and polka dot ones as well as some Cath Kidston Esq ones too . She also joined our Monday evening crochet group and I think we may have a potencial hooky addict in the making !!

Just to finish off today's blog , I've had a couple of enquiries about where I got my chocolate button mould from that I posted about a couple of weeks ago , here are the details
So thanks for popping by and ta ta for now .xx