Friday, 7 December 2012

Happily Reflecting !! part 1

Well I'm snuggled up by the fire under my favourite quilt with my jobs beside me enjoying the pleasure of time to blog!! The mad pace of things around here has subsided a little .Which means I can take time to reflect over the last couple of weeks . A  major focus of our energise  around here happened a week last Thursday , I turned 40 . Yes I am  no longer a thirty something  I waved goodbye with fondness to last decade and open up my arms to embrace the next!!
So the morning of my birthday my husband and I did the school run then went to Harrogate for the Country Living Christmas Fair , I was just a little excited as I'd never been to one before . I had a fabulous time looking at a lot of talented peoples work but I do think it could have done with a bit more of the wow factor on the whole appearance of the show . I don't know, I think it was missing a bit of Christmas Magic !!
Any way that didn't stop me enjoying myself and making a few Birthday purchases. The first of which was a Scandinavian Reindeer head , I just knew where it would go . I'm going to be a tease and share my other purchase at a later date , one involves a make and a ta da moment !
Saturday evening was when my main 40th celebrations were happening  It was a busy day, as I was at my school fair with a stall and helping as well (chopping veg for soup in school kitchens at 9am that morning ). The fair was a little disappointing in terms of the number of sales I made, so I have finally decided that I am no longer doing craft fairs and am just going to concentrate on my etsy shop and sending everything I make their and devoting more time to  blogging . But the evenings celebrations were fabulous lots of good food, drink , friendship and laughter , my sister made me a button themed cake which was great . Every one was so generous with beautiful gifts but my sister knows how to make me smile .
Blue and white pottery and even a blue and white cake plate stand !!!!! How lucky am I
New sugar bowl and milk jug ! beautiful . The cake stand My sister and her family bought me now sits perfectly on my cake table . Yes... It had to happen , I now have quite a collection of cake stands I've given them their own table ! OOOh.... looking at this picture reminded me my mum bought me an early birthday present some weeks ago , she saw it in a shop and insisted on buying it for me and after some resistance I gave in and let her !  HA , If you believe that you'll believe anything , I did not put up much resistance . It is the stand with the cake cloche and a bird perched on it , it is soooooo sweet.

So my love of Blue and white continues with a small purchase made  today with some of my birthday money , I could not resist. A large Spode cup from my favourite Antique and Collectables shop in Skipton

This really  is a den of treasures and I very rarely leave without making a purchase but I must add that I only go when I'm on a mission and I have something in  mind . There are things in their to suit all pockets from just a few pounds upwards . My main reason for looking  today was for a gift for someone ( I can say no more ). Hey presto!! I found something a pewter Tea strainer which looks very Art's and Crafts and was within my budget .
I hope you don't think I'm sounding very spoilt .? I have been a little spoilt but it was a very special birthday !!

I've just looked at the clock and my afternoon is up! I have to pick my youngest up from school , But I still  want to  share a lovely birthday present which very importantly is Crochet related ... here's a peek and I will be back soon !!!!
I promise I will be back soon  !!xx


  1. Welcome to the 40's!!!! I too am embracing everything that this decade has to offer. Sounds like younhad a wonderful evening.

    Jose and I went to the Christmas Fayre in Londone but I agree although it had some really lovely things I didn't end up feeling very festive. It lacked Christmas cheer, carols, something. I also found it very squished. Like they had tried to fit in too many stalls.

    I did have to laugh at the number of 'yummy Mummies' and ladies wot lunch wearing the same Cath Kidtson dresses.

    Have a wonderful weekend Fellow 40 year old.

    1. Morning,
      Wasn't the Christmas fair a bit strange ,it needed a bit more Christmas spirit!! The squish factor wasn't too bad in Harrogate . I know what you mean about the 'yummy mummy' syndrome!! Lol . You looked like you had fantastic celebrations too and I'm so glad you are back to blogging !!
      Have lovely weekend Tracy x.

  2. Dear Tracy
    Congratulations on what looks to have been a fabulous birthday. I particularly like your blue and white collection and love Spode Blue Italian especially.
    Best wishes

    1. Morning Ellie,
      Thanks Ellie my 40th was a very special time which was fabulous.
      Great another lover of Spode and blue and white China !I would eventually love a kitchen themed around Blue and White , We all need dreams !
      Thanks for popping by
      Have a lovely weekend Tracyx

  3. It sounds like you have had a perfect birthday week of celebrations - Happy belated birthday to you :0)x

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes ,I had a brilliant time with the people I love and cherish.
      Thanks for popping by and have a fab weekend
      With kind regards Tracy.x

  4. Happy Birthday! very jealous of your Spode cup and of your gorgeous cake table...oooh so pretty!

    1. Hi Nelly ,
      Thank you for the birthday wishes ,I am very much in love with my new table for my cake stands. Over Christmas I will be able to treat Family and Friends to yummy homemade treats from my beautiful table .This is just my way of making the people around me feel special !!
      I hope you have a lovely weekend
      with kind regards Tracy x

  5. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a special birthday! Spoilt is good for times like these. I too have a love of blue & white china, and see a few familiar patterns in your photos. I want to just transport that whole collection to my house!! Wendy

    1. Good morning Wendy,
      You too have a soft spot for Blue and White China , Fab !
      I have been collecting since my early 20's , my husband and I bought our first home when we were young , I was still a student. As I was studying Surface Pattern and Textiles I was drawn to the Beautiful patterns and the simplicity of the Blue on a White surface . I started collecting the 'Blue Room Collection' of Herb and Spice pots and as money was tight I had to save up for a few weeks just to buy one pot . I managed to buy 11 pots before they changed the design and gave all the pots a plain blue lid , I didn't much care for the new design so my collection ended there .I have a lot of family inherited pieces from both sides of the family which is nice and there are a lot of memories attached to many pieces. I will always love my Blue and White China .

      Hope you have a lovely weekend Tracy x

  6. Replies
    1. Morning Swallow Barn,
      Thank you ,I had a fab one !
      Have a lovely weekend Tracy.

  7. Everything is so awesome in this post. How lucky you are to sit by a roaring fire and craft. The blue and white dishes are so pretty. That cake was awesome.
    I'm sorry sales wasn't to your expectations at the fair. I think at fairs, most ppl expect bang for their buck when in reality, they don't realize how much time and work + love is put into handmade items.

  8. Hi Kepanie, I was very lucky yesterday to be able to sit by the fire doing my thing a very rare treat of late !!
    The whole starting a small business is having it's ups and it's downs but I think I need that to develop and move forward stronger than before ,but it's all good !!
    I'm just sat at my table having my morning coffee looking at my blue and white crockery , I think it is pretty too , thank you. I have a lot of memories attached to many pieces and that I think is where the love of it comes from as well as it being beautifully patterned.
    Thanks for popping by Kepanie and I hope you have a wonderful weekend .x

  9. Happy 40th Birthday Tracy!! Sounds like you've had an absolute ball of a time. How lovely!! Love all your blue and white china (I have a similar collection!!)