Friday, 7 December 2012

Happily reflecting !! part 2

Well as promised I came back and I think to be away for only 4 ish hours is not bad going!! In fact by my usual standards that is almost as fast as the speed of light .

Before I was so rudely interrupted by the clock telling me my time was up I was Happily reminiscing about my 40th Birthday  and how generously people had treated me to fabulous gifts . Two of my friends who know what makes me tick got me vouchers for my favourite local wool shop , Purl and Jane . The shop is run by the very talented Knitting Designer Jane Ellison , the shop is quite bijou but she has packed it with the most delightful range of natural yarns . Jane stocks all her own patterns and Hand knit kits  , books , knitting and crochet accessories as well as Hand knitted garments. If you ever come to Skipton you must give her a visit you can find the shop details here As you can imaging I had to have a hard think about what I might buy from Purl and Jane then it came to me .

Do you remember those crochet circle centres I started making from a big stash of Tapestry wool I was given some month back ?  I thought it was about time to turn them into squares and make a blanket .So off I went with my circles to make a choice on the colour of yarn .I had always had the idea of Grey for the main body of the blanket , so I had a play in the shop laying the circles onto different shades of Grey . The final decision was to go for a very dark Grey , a Rico Merino D.K.
Decision made I was eager to get home and work out the square after a couple of goes this is what I came up with.
 I think the Dark Grey works really well and am pleased with what I have come up with . Now I would like to share this pattern with you and I have had a go at writing out the circle part for you . This was no mean feat on my part as I don't read crochet patterns , I can read and fully understand knitting patterns but crochet is a different matter.

So here goes !
Yarn :you will need any skeins of unwanted Tapestry Wool ( charity shops are always a good place to pick up and build a stash up of this ).
Hook: 4 mm
Pattern for coloured centres :
Foundation Ring : Using chosen colour work 5 ch and join with ss to form a ring .
Round1 :Chain 3 ( counts as 1 tr) , 15 tr into ring, join with ss into 3 rd of 3 ch (16 tr) . If you wish to change colour for next round break off yarn .
Round 2 : If changing colour for this round join yarn to tr of previous round where you just broke the yarn off .
Chain 3 ( counts as 1 tr) 1 tr into first tr( you now have 2 tr in your first tr),  1 tr into your next tr, you are now going to work in alternatives of two tr then 1 tr into each next tr until you have 24 tr. you should end with 1 tr into last tr. Join with ss into 3 rd of 3 ch.

treble=tr ,slip stitch =ss , chain =ch.
I hope this makes sense!!!!!
I apologise now if it doesn't .

The next part of this pattern will follow as soon as I have got my head around writing it  and got my crochet friend to check it !!

So I had a fab 40th and am looking forward to the projects I am embarking on , I'm also on with the Granny Square jumpers for my next batch of hares and am looking forward to starting these!!! As well as finishing some Tree cushions .

Also the last of my Christmas stock is now in my shop on etsy .

Phew I'm ready to sit down with some crochet now !! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for popping by xx


  1. I love the look of all those little circles laying about.

  2. Looks a great project. I'd never thought of using tapestry wool - what a great idea! x

    I think it's fabulous that you have dear ones in your life that cherish you and can celebrate your birthday with you. I love all your beautiful gifts, love the dishes and your cake! I was so tickled with happiness to see that you blogged twice in one day. Have a wonderful weekend. Liz B.

    1. Hi Liz,
      I actually supprised myself blogging in one day , it was great fun !!
      It's lovely to hear from you I hope all your preparations are going well.
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes I had a fab time !
      Thanks for popping by and have a lovely weekend .
      Tracy x

  4. They really do look lovely all strung up together. The dark grey seems to make the centres 'pop' out

    C x

  5. What a pretty snake of crochet circles! I saw a rabbit made with arms and legs of circles like this. Must give it a go...

    Your blanket looks gorgeous - just what we need at this time of year. Happy birthday!

    Ali x

  6. Your blanket is going to look stunning. Nice choice of grey wool : -)

  7. Oi amiga
    Eu adoro vir no seu blog pois encontro cores lindas e uma combinação de bom gosto muito grande Bjs Heloisa

  8. Love your blanket!! The colours are great. Just one question I see you could very easily do them in the join-as-you-go method and am wondering why you haven't??? I have moved over to this method and am so happy to no longer be sewing them all together at the end.

    Best wishes,