Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Taking stock of things !!

 I looked up the other day and thought where has Autumn gone ??  Where have the last few weeks gone ??
It's like I have been living with blinkers on , well actually my head has just constantly been bent down over  my work and I've forgot to look up !!!

 My life has turned into something I really don't  recognise !! In the pursuit of trying to create a successful creative business and live a dream that I have had for a very long time  , I have neglected some of the most important parts of my life . I have had to take stock recently as the realisation hit me that I feel I've lost myself , I think the thing that really got to me the other day was when my 12 year old told me that I don't smile anymore and he was worried about me . My children shouldn't be worrying about me I should be worrying about them . I don't think it helps that I've not had a break in a very long time ( or a family Holiday in 5 years )  and money is very very tight , as it is for soooo many families  not only in this country but abroad too . But after my next couple of events I am having a couple of weeks off to recharge my batteries and touch base with everyone and everything in my life which I feel I have neglected . Hopefully I will start smiling again and look up and notice the world around me . I need to live my life and not just exist !! I have given a lot of thought about my work life balance and getting this right is going to be my main priority in  future . I also need to learn to cut myself some slack as I do push myself very very hard .

It feels good to be blogging tonight I do so miss it when I don't get time to pop by ( this is one of the things I will be changing ) .
I'm very busy and excited at the moment as we build up to our Christmas Open Studio which takes place  this  Sunday ( 8th December) & Sunday 15th December , then that is  it I'm having a much needed break .
But if your in the Skipton area why not pop in and see us , I promise I will be smiling !! ( upstairs in Coopers cafe-bar , 6-8 Belmont st , Skipton , North Yorkshire, BD23 1QQ )  I will have my Felt Christmas Decoration kits for sale as well as other lovely handmade goodies .

Here's a peek of some of the things on offer ! 

It feels good to have popped by and now I'm off to bed for some much needed sleep as I've been working until midnight for the last couple of weeks and working weekends too ( not good I know !).

Thanks for popping by and I hope I have not depressed  you and you will pop by again .
ta ta Tracy xx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Having a prodding good time !!

 Well hello and I'm so sorry it's been a while since I last popped by but life is pretty full on at the moment .

Yesterday was a big day for The Studio , it was our first workshop .We've been building up for this for a while now and I have been busy liaising with Coopers Cafe-bar and  Rachel from Bewitched by Stitch as well as corresponding with people attending the workshop. Making sure everything was organised and in place for our Rag Rug Wreath workshop . It was so exciting on Friday , Rachel  myself and Lucy started getting the space ready for Saturday . Lucy and I wanted people to feel relaxed and comfy in the space as if they were sat at home creating . As you can see The Studio has started to take on a festive feel about it .

                                                                          Comfy corner
 Rachel and I arrived early Saturday morning to get the two rooms ready ( as we were using the room next door as a cutting and sorting room ).
 Rachel made a display of here own work to help inspire people in there Rag Rug journey .
 When your get up close to the Rag Rug pieces they have such a tactile textural quality to them and it just makes you want to run your hands over and through the pieces .

 Rachel was very organised and experienced at setting up and Teaching this course and we were ready in no time . Myself , Lucy  and Rachel met everyone down stairs and what a lovely group of ladies they were too . Then Rachel took them off to start their creative day ..

 After Rachel had done her first demonstration and took everyone through to start choosing and cutting their colour palates of fabrics I had a sneaky peek in the studio to take some pictures of their work so far which were practice sample pieces .

 Here are some of the rag rugger's in full swing choosing and cutting fabrics , it was a hive of activity and everyone was on a mission , there was areal buzz about the room .

 Everyone was getting ready to start prodding those rags ( actually beautiful little strips of colour and texture ) .

 Even the back of the wreaths are beautiful !

Every so often I would just pop in to see how the wreaths were coming on . It was really interesting to see how different the colour palates were and there were some yummy combinations of colours .
 The back of this one was a particular favourite of mine as it reminded me of pebbles on a beach . Now I look at it in this picture it also reminds me of our little cobbled streets we have here in our Yorkshire town .
 I really fell in love with Rachel's wooden prodders and hooks she had for sale , they were a delight to hold .

I was amazed how quickly the wreaths started to take shape , it was getting very exciting at this stage . People were eager to see other peoples but also to see their own near completion . There was quite a spur of activity as one lady got to the stage for attaching the rag rugged piece to the wire frame and then back it . 

As you can see different people got to different stages by the end of the day with amazingly different looks to their individual pieces . I would love to see them all when they are all completed . I know one of the wreaths is going to have a velvet orange carrot hanging in the middle , some are going to put hearts in the centre and others are going to do flowers . Everyone said they had enjoyed this creative experience , they thought Rachel was an excellent tutor ,  the food was fantastic ( thank you Suzanne and so sorry that there are no pictures of the food as I was really busy serving everyone and forgot ) it was said that the venue was wonderful and it was a lovely day .

I would like to thank all of the ladies who attended our first workshop as you  made it a very special day , there was such creativity going on in out little studio and it  was fantastic to see . This is a bit of a dream of Lucy's and mine to offer creative days /workshops/experiences to those who would like to give it a try , we really want to develop this part of The Studio ( our heads are buzzing with ideas ) and it is a very exciting first step into creating our dream . Also a big thank you to the very talented and creative Rachel from Bewitched by Stitch who is running our next date for this workshop on the 30th of November ( only 2 places left ) . But there will me more dates coming in the new year with Rachel as well as ourselves . Also a big thank you to Suzanne who supplied outstanding coffee and excellent tea and nourished everyone with warm crumpets on arrival and homemade soup and panini's and salad at lunchtime . Then mid afternoon supplied an extra treat with a two of plates of tempting sweet goodies with our afternoon  beverages , Suzanne you did spoil us .

Wow what a day to end the working week on and I'm looking forward to more .

Dates for your diaries : Lucy and I are planning two Open Studios before Christmas to coincide with Skipton's Medieval  Christmas markets , these will be on Sunday 8th December & Sunday 15th December 12pm-4pm . More information to follow soon .

If anyone would like to send me an image of their finished wreath that would be great as I would like to start a  photo board of peoples makes that could be displayed to inspire others .

Anyway it's been a busy week and the next one is just as busy so ta ta for now and thanks for popping by.
Tracy xx