Sunday, 27 January 2013

Making !!

'Making'  is a word I often use , in fact I bet I use it endlessly throughout the day in my vocabulary .Often to describe what  I am about to do or planning on doing or what I have done . It's such a useful word and for this reason I'm going to approach this post around this verb .

Making cake !! One very important make this week was my husbands 40th birthday cake , as he is a bit of a Tolkien geek I decided I would make him a Hobbit cake . I wanted to feature Bilbo and Smaug so this is the creation  I came up with , it took me two days and was a labour of love . My husband absolutely loved it and said it was a shame to eat it !! The boys enjoyed helping them selves to Smaugs treasure and my youngest requested Smaugs head to eat . The cake was enjoyed by family and friends , they enjoyed eating it and I  enjoyed making it !!

Making myself cosy and warm on cold snowy days ...... Hot water to drink ( hot water ?? ..detox ! ) in my new Cornish Ware Teapot and a hot water bottle for my feet . So a warm me = a productive me !

OOoooo making a crochet nest in my favourite chair to make Granny Square jumpers for my next batch of Linen Hare's .

In my efforts to continue living frugally and simply  I got a bit more organised in the kitchen and knitted myself a new dishcloth from some leftover craft cotton that was languishing at the bottom of my wool basket. Such a quick and easy but very useful make!!

Making progress with sewing projects !!

Making daily bread ( well actually it is often every other day bread ) .

Making wholesome nutritious meals from scratch , this is Pan Top Moussaka

I've been making oven baked beef Chilli with re-fried beans as the kids love this !!

Making a journey by foot on a beautiful day to bring my eldest son home from school after he had fallen down some external stairs at school and sprained his ankle . It was a long slow hobble home but we enjoyed the slow pace by admiring the beauty of our local park covered in snow and bathed in the afternoon sunshine !! I am glad to report he was only out of action for a couple of days and he is back his normal self now .

Me making an early morning trip to the train station to collect  my mum who was staying for a spot of child care so me and hubby could go out and celebrate his 40th birthday. I love walking through freshly fallen snow it is up there with kicking big heaps of Autumn leaves !!

So there we have it ' Making 'in all it's different forms . I have lots of makes planned for the next week but I think that is for another post !

Thanks for popping by and I hope you have a lot of makes in your week ahead ( whatever form they take ).
So ta ta for now x.


  1. Oh my what a fabulous post. The Hobbit cake is truly stunning, you should be proud. I may and try and copy that later in the year for a Tolkein obsessed daughter! no way could I design one. It's good to make :) Fiona x

  2. hi Fiona , thankyou I really enjoyed making the cake .If you decide to make this cake and want a few pointers get in touch and I will try to help .
    Enjoy the rest of your week with kind regards Tracy .xx

    Please can I thank all the people who have left comments that have not appeared on this post . You have all taken a great deal of time to write them and I loved reading them .But I cannot find where they have gone , I'm going to get my technical man (hubby ) on the cases to see if he can retrieve them from where they are ?? I hope I can Find them as I would love for other people to be able to read them too !!
    One person asked me to get in touch and all I can remember is it wolfy (sallywolf or sallywolfy) . If you read this please could you forward me your email address again , thank you .

    I sooo do not like my tempremental on it's last legs computer this morning !!!

    Soooooo sorry to those people whos messages have not appeared , in fact I could cry right now .I hope I can find them .
    Kind regards and hope you have a better day than mine has started off !!
    love Tracy x

  4. Well done on all your 'making' this week - you've certainly been productive!I love your crochet nest - I have one just like it but I'm afraid my pot is usually full of tea (and where there's tea there's biscuits ......) x

  5. What an amazing cake! I am in awe.

  6. What a lovely post. I shall no doubt be pinching your idea for the treasure if I ever make a dragon cake. Did you use Debbie Brown's book for inspiration? I like the sound of the moussaka and chilli too and oh, I couldn't agree more about walking through fresh snow.

  7. Dear Tracy,

    I really enjoy your posts. I made a hobbit cake for my son at christmas (his birthday is Dec 16th) oh i wish it had looked like your cake. My effort was interesting to say the least.
    I like the look of your bread could you share the recipe or let us know the recipe you use?
    Love Susanx

  8. I love how your making runs all across the board.

  9. What a fabulous cake!! And such a lovely post of all your *makings*.

  10. Just come across your blog from Jozart and was enthralled with your recent blogs re home-made/handmade and saving pennies. We moved from West Yorkshire in October and our new home has seen me want to be more homely, creative and frugal. Just love your posts so have added you to my list of blogs to follow, x