Saturday, 16 February 2013

Creativity !

Well I've been away from blogland for longer than I would have liked , but I'm here now and goodness me it's been pretty full on around here !!
Creatively I've been busy busy busy , I've got 20  Linen Hare Granny square jumpers made , they are all matched up with co ordinating fabric ready to be made into Hares . For a change I have decided to do a mixture of the normal coloured Hares  and some white Hares . I just could not resist using a lovely off white linen I found in my stash . I am quite pleased with how it looks and the people I've shown it to have all said they like it .

Another make I have come up with over the last couple of weeks is my Yorkshire mill mouse .
I'm sooooo smitten with her , the idea came to me at Christmas whilst making the Angel mice . I wanted to come up with an all year mouse or a Spring\ summertime mouse . When I started to consider how she would look I knew I wanted her to have a little shawl and a Liberty skirt and some flowers . This was the perfect opportunity to use knitting in one of my makes ( I've been missing my Knitting !!) and I had a urge to use  moss stitch on the shawl , with an image in my head I set to work .
So I'm hoping from this Sunday there will be steady trickle of Linen Hares and Yorkshire Mill Mice heading to my shop , starting with these two . 

OOOOoo where is this ??

This is going to be my Studio , yes a studio !!! I'm  so very excited over the last few weeks I have been negotiating for this room with another designer so we can have a large studio to work in . The room is above a local independent Coffee bar in which I have started a Friday morning creative group in the where people can come and Knit , crochet or sew and have great coffee and locally sourced food . There are lots of plans afoot for the studio, but until we are in full swing we will be spreading the love of craft through the Friday morning sessions which are totally free and I have already helped some local ladies on there journey with knitting and crochet and here's a sneaky  peek of a couple of the ladies at play.
In fact I now have two knit and crochet groups I go to with wonderfully talented ladies ( unfortunately we've not attracted any creative men yet !) we really are spreading the love for craft in our little town . Our Monday evening crochet group  is one of the highlights of my week and we helped one of our group celebrate her birthday this Monday, my little treat for her were some coffee flavoured cup cakes( buns) with a crafty theme. She loved them ! and I loved playing and making them .

Today has been particularly nice as it has started to feel like spring is nearly here , the sun was out and this morning I was able to peg out for the first time this year . Which was wonderful as my washing machine had been broken for two weeks until it was fixed on Thursday . Wahayy no more hand washing !!! 
I just love the smell of line dried washing , you can't beat it !!

So life is busy and full of creativity and the seasons are moving on and so is my creative life. I just hope I can manage to keep up with the pace of things !!

If anyone is interested I do have a Face book page for     Handmade Over Yonder   where I do regular updates and shop announcements , pop by and see what I'm up to . But I still love to blog as it is so therapeutic and I love popping by and be amazed by what all the creative and talented bloggers have been up to . 

So thanks  for popping by and ta ta for now .Tracy  x