Sunday, 28 April 2013

Like treading Treacle

Well life is hard sometimes and the week before last felt like I was treading treacle and going no where fast!

But things seemed to turn a corner last weekend when I went to spend the weekend at my mums to use her oven and bakes my sisters wedding cakes , me and the boys went to stay so they could see Granny P. and Auntie M. and I could bake (and I wanted to see them too ! ) . I am seriously missing not having an oven , sob sob sob !!

 Boy that was a serious bake off  , the bottom tier only just fit in my mums oven and took five and a half hours to cook . Top tier and bottom tier done , only middle cake left to make and a good friend has offered me the use of her oven for that job . It was lovely spending time with my sister we planned and we ordered ( arggghh brides maid dress , I sooooo need to drop a few pounds !!). But something shifted in my head that weekend and everything didn't seem so overwhelming and I was able to focus better , it's amazing how being with people that have been their all or most of your life help you feel at ease and able to focus .

I got very excited this week when I took my newly bought and painted table/ trolley down to the studio . Oh I do love it and it's cheery colour makes me smile when I open the studio door , as its the first thing I see .It was Lucy's keen eye that spotted it languishing outside of a local secondhand shop and text me to go  take a look . The kind lady said if I took it there and then I could have it for £20, a deal was struck and I carried it home . Yes that's right carried it !! I don't drive so I am used to lugging things about the place and I am not easily embarrassed so it didn't bother me carrying it across town and home . Thankfully it has casters so the last stretch I did wheel it up the road to my house . I'm surprised there aren't any youtube films of a mad women with table in a busy market town .

So the studio is coming along nicely and we are really enjoying finding old and unusual pieces to clean up or revamp to make a creative and inspirational place to work/ design , as well as an interesting backdrop for our makes . We hope to be able to open this pace up to you for you to come and experience in the not too distant future.
We are also keeping an eye out for nice little chairs to put all the crafty bottoms on that we anticipate visiting us and I found this little beauty in my local antiques and collectors centre the other week . I think it is a Victorian bedroom chair and was in need of rescuing . I gave the lovely lady her £9 and whisked it off home and started stripping off the paint .
I was amazed by the pattern that unveiled it's self and was utterly in love with the old vintage yellow and blue colour that made up the different layers on the chair . It has been the most exciting £9 I've ever spent .
I am still in the process of painting the main part of the chair , but I don't have it in me to paint  over the back panel . I adore the texture and pattern too much and want to see some of the history of this sweet little chair when I look at it . I just love old things !!

Today I have been working on the final stage of a textile piece which I am going to frame and it will be for sale in the studio .  I am really wanting to branch out and do some textile pictures and I have so may ideas and really want to get stuck in to developing them .I am quite pleased with how this piece is turning out .

But one thing that really  lifted my spirits yesterday was when the letterbox went , I opened a large white envelope not sure what was inside??  But as I pulled out the magazine I got slightly giddy !!
It was something I and Lucy had been expecting . Some weeks back this lovely magazine Handmade Living got in touch wanting to do a little article on introducing us to their readers and talking about our Studio venture. We gave them the thumbs up and did a little interview and took some pictures and hey presto Saturday morning I'm opening up the pages and seeing the article for the first time .

 Wow I was sooooo pleased with the way they had presented the article . I've never really looked at this magazine before but after sitting with a coffee and taking my time to look through and read the articles I like it ! it is a fab crafty mag covering lots of different crafts and beautifully photographed and there is a bit of something for every one . The issue that our little piece is in  is the June Issue which I believe is out at the end of this month . I know I will be definitely be having a flick through the pages of this magazine in future .

But it did feel a bit strange seeing my things in a magazine almost a bit dream like , I'm not used to this sort of thing but this is my life now , well the one I'm working very hard to create . I love to sew , stitch , knit and crochet and if I can eventually make a living out of it then that will be just grand . But if I can share my love for creating with others too then that would be the icing on the cake .

So thanks for popping by and enjoy the week ahead of you , ta ta for now . Tracy xx


  1. Ooh! Wat does the cake look like? Was this a practice run?
    How lovely to have one's own space for crafting. That's impossible here.

  2. Wow, wow, que bien me alegro por ti, todo luce hermoso!!!!!!

  3. Hi Tracy, nice to meet you, directly from Guarulhos, Brazil!
    I am Lucia, I live with my parents and work as librarian in this city.
    I love books and reading, so I think I am in a very nice job, he he!! And I love bookbinding and patchwork too, and I loved your blog when I saw it last week.
    I like your chronicles of life. They are very lovely. Your pictures are astounding too.
    Best regards!!


  4. So excited for you, Tracey! Blessings to you and yours on your creative venture!

  5. Way to go Tracey....everything is coming along so well for you. You deserve your success as you put a labour of love into everything you do. I love that little table you found and what a bargain! x

  6. Hi There, Congrats to both you and Lucy!!!Hope this adventure will be all you're wanting it to be!!!Sounds like you can add wedding cakes to your list as well!!!Have a fabulous crafty week!!!

  7. How exciting!,, that is wonderful and I do hope that your creating take you to an adventure of a life time. I love your blog and your crafts and hope that all your dreams really come true :)

  8. Ooh Tracy, I've loved this post! Lots of loveliness ... I love the fact that you've made your sister's wedding cake, how special is that and a real labour of love. The sideboard with the white knobs is absolutely gorgeous, I could do with something like that in my little workroom! Congratulations on the article ... you and Lucy must be so proud ... just off to the newsagents now ...

    Have a wonderful week!

    Love Claire xxx

  9. So exciting, well done! I love the chair my grandma had one just like it and I remember tracing the pattern with my finger when I was small :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  10. Congratulations!!! how wonderful for you both, I'll have to get the magazine out here in OZ. Just love what your doing with your finds. The studio's looking great.
    I do hope your Sisters wedding goes well You're one very busy lady Cheers :)

  11. I absolutely love the chair, you got a steal there. Its lush. Well done on the article, you must be very proud. I have never bought the magazine before, might have to give it a go. Hannapat

  12. It's so lovely to follow the progress and to see how it's all coming together. It's great to share your enthusiasm too and I'll certainly be one othe blog followers who will be first through the door when you open to the public. I think it may have to be tickets only as there could be quite a rush!
    Good luck,

  13. I feel so very chirpy and inspired after reading this post! I'm thrilled about your crafty ventures and look forward to reading about them here.

    Warmest wishes (from a fellow mouse and hare stitcher),


  14. wow the studio looks fabulous and being from the same town as you I do hope one day to visit the studio to create with you and Lucy. Good luck with the cakes xx

  15. Congratulations on your magazine piece. From what you have said it sounds like things are turning a corner for you now and the future is looking lovely and bright x Jane (P.S. that chair could probably tell a tale or two!)

  16. how wonderful to be in a magazine - you both deserve it! love your table and I couldn't have painted over that chair back either!!!

    Nikki x

  17. How exciting for you to be featured in the magazine!! So perfect for you to be 'out there' even more since this is the road you've chosen. Good for you ;) Love the blue tea trolley, and the refinished chair looks great with the pattern peeking through once again. I'm happy for you to have gotten many of the cakes baked for your sister's wedding ... that must be one huge chore to check of your list. Have another great week! Wendy ;)

  18. Oh congratualtions, Tracy, you and Lucy have worked so hard to get the studio up and running - we have loved reading about it on both your blogs. Well done to get some nice publicity!

  19. Woop Woop - what a lovely article and so well deserved. Can't wait for the open days and to come and have a look at you x So wish I could have my own little wool shop but maybe one day!

  20. Wow, you have been busy. What bargains you are finding. I love old things too. Am currently trying to rescue an old trunk I found at my parent's house. It's not grand but it has a link to my past. Hope the wedding goes well, and that you get a gold star for the cake.

    J xx

  21. I'm so happy for you and Lucy that everything is coming together so well after all your planning, preparation, and sheer hard work! You deserve success! Magazine articles really encourage visitors to come knocking at your door and HL have done a nice little piece there.
    That chair IS so lovely Tracy - what a great find!
    Well done and all the best to you both.
    Joy x

  22. What exciting times! I bet it was a thrill to see yourself in print...the space is going to be fabulous and be full of activity!

  23. Oh I love the chair :)
    I really hope that your dream will come true one day and you will be able to make a living out of what you love most

  24. What a beautiful table!
    Very exciting for you and Lucy that you are in the magazine!


  25. Wow, I love the table/ cart in blue, and what a lovely find the chair was! Congrats on the article. I've just had one too. You're right , it is kind of dream like.
    I wish you every success!

  26. Well done! I'll be looking out for the mag at the end of the month.

  27. I recently found your blog, and I just love it!!! Congrats on the article!!!
    Your studio is a place to be's darling, and I LOVE the blue table. I've been inspired to use that color in my new laundry/sewing I just need to find the perfect piece to showcase that lovely color.

  28. I recently found your blog, and I LOVE it!!! Your studio is to be's darling! I adore the blue table; in fact, I've been inspired to use that color in my new laundry/sewing room. Now I just need to find the perfect piece to showcase that lovely color.

    Congrats on the article!