Sunday, 26 May 2013

Is that sunshine ?

Wow , we have sunshine !! what a fabulous start to the spring bank holidays . We definitely made the most of it today !!.

 Last night while catching up  with The Chelsea Flower show on T.V. ( one year I will get to go !! ) I had a spark of inspiration for today's trip out . We go to Harrogate on a regular basis and have often commented  when we've  seen the sign for R.H.S Harlow Carr  that we must have a visit  . After some Serious horticultural inspiration last night the idea popped into my head again about visiting , once we'd checked it out on line and it had got the green light from Mr P the trip was planned . Oh boy was I excited about this trip ,  we just had to sell it to the boys when they got up this morning .
The boys were happy with the suggestion , so I made a picnic and we set off . When we arrived the sun was out and so were the blooms . Tulips were everywhere in splendid arrangements.

Auriculars are a particular favourite of mine , some years ago I spent a chunk  of money trying to build up a collection but I'm not sure what I did wrong but they all died .  They are a flower I always admire whenever I see them . So I was in very happy place when I saw theses .

Oh how I would love a miniature one of these with my very own collection , I can but dream !

There was a little Victorian potting shed all set out as I would have been in times gone by and I just fell in love with its  soft muted and worn  colour palette , these are sooooo my colours .

We strolled in the warmth of the sun soaking up the visual feast and found inspiration in every turn we  took .
As well as taking in the heady scents of the Rhododendrons .

This was a particular favourite with the boys  , there was a Tree house and log maze to explores and lots of piles of logs to climb. In fact just before we got to this area for the boys to explore my youngest uttered the words any parent dreads hearing on an outing  " I'm bored , I wish I'd brought my D.S " oh Sigh went I  ( and not flamin  likely with the D.S scenario !) But that was it , once there was something to climb and explore the boredom was forgotten . 

This was a spot where I wandered and daydreamed about one day owning a veg plot and raised beds .
Ooooooo Alpines ,  Mr P. and I do like alpines and the Alpine house was full of miniature inspiration .

And these little Cacti reminded me of needle felted balls and I adore the colours .I think this colour palette would look good in a blanket .

 We spent a good part of the day at Harlow Carr  where we had relaxed and re-charged our batteries . When we left we bought a little piece of Harlow Carr to have on our door step . I couldn't resist an Auricular and a tiny Alpine for our garden .

They look so sweet potted up on our doorstep . Oh it makes me happy looking at my little pots of plants .

Well I  what hope that what ever you've been up to you've have a lovely weekend too !!
Thanks for popping by and ta ta for now . Tracy xx


  1. Beautiful story .... we are off to Osborne House tomorrow with our two grandsons and hope we don't get the bored phrase .... picnic and lovely grounds and gardens to stroll in .... can't wait!! xx

  2. Hi There, What a lovely place to visit and the absolutely perfect place to have a picnic!!!With sunshine!!!!Never seen a Alpine but they are gorgeous!!!Have a great week!!!

  3. Thank you for the impressions. Wonderful! Ive never been there. I don't know too, whats with your Auriculas, but I'm no specialist, I have only three pices.
    Which you a sunny day again.


  4. Looks like you had a wonderful day out. Love the veg patch and all the alpines. Xo

  5. Pretty! I just added Auriculars in my favorite plant list. Love to have one. Got my eye on your next posts.

  6. I did enjoy that little adventure thank you Tracy! Beautiful blooms and settings. Joy x

  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day out, and the boys found something to entertain them. It looks like a delightful place to visit; I'll have to put it on my list. Liz K&N

  8. LOVE the boxing hares!

  9. OOOh love love love the tiny little flowers - never heard of those before. Some good inspiration as well for the vegetable patch. We are wanting to convert some of the garden into a bit of an allotment style so that was really nice to see x

  10. I love what is done with the wood. How interesting they're trained to twist into such amazing shapes. The shot of the potted plants on tiers was a great one.