Sunday, 19 May 2013

Well , hello !!

Well hello , I do seem to be a stranger to these parts of late . Be assured I have given myself a right  good talking to and am living in hope that I can manage to pop by a lot more often . I must admit though I have been seriously juggling my time and working myself  hard . Unfortunately I must sleep and this always wins out at the end of the day !! literally .

What have I been up to over the last few weeks ? eerrrmm well , making stock ! Lucy and I have decided the date for our first open studio event , unfortunately am going to keep you in suspense for a little longer with regards to the date as we want to do a big announcement very very soon . As you can imagine there is smoke coming of my fingers , I want there to be lots of handmade goodies that are made with love for people to look at and hopefully buy . However we are also still sorting fixtures and fittings and I have bought some much needed equipment that is essential for the production of my creations . This week my budget has allowed me to buy a much needed iron and ironing board , so with my studio Buddie in mind ( as she would have to spend a lot of time looking at it up) I bought this and it met with approval !! Very Lucy colours don't you think !
I wouldn't usually get so excited about an ironing board and iron but the difference it has made to my creative week is unbelievable . I have been at my most productive ever over the last week and I am going to the studio  every day , straight from school drop off and don't return home until I have done the school pick up or on the days I'm able to I stay until 4 pm . I do have to nip out on a Monday , Tuesday and a Wednesday for my other job but that won't be for too much longer  . The studio is starting to feel like a creative place of work and I can't wait to open the doors to the public !! Until then I am making making making !

I have had lots of fun playing with colour this week and I have had a thing for spotty and stripey legs which are soooo sweet .......
....but I have (unusually for me ) enjoyed playing with soft pink tones as well .

Friday evening I sat planning a new make which I plan to start this week and so I started putting little fabric collections together .
I am really looking forward to staring this make  and sharing it with you , then I can have a Ta da moment but for now all I can tell you is they are called ' home sweet home ' Angels .

On Thursday evening I had a bit of a spur of the moment make , crochet bunting . This is it blocked out ...
......and this is it in place ,  in 'Coopers cafe bar' where our studio is based .
But I was a little Hasty and didn't leave it blocked for long enough as I wanted it up before I left on Friday afternoon , It will be taken back down tomorrow and done properly and maybe helped with a little starch .
I made it with the intention of drawing customers attention to this sign and swelling our numbers to our ever growing group of yarn loving ladies . I think I need to make more bunting as it was fun but I do need to take more time over blocking , lesson learnt !! But it was fun .

Today I have had a little break from working as I am working 7 days a week at the moment . We had a little family jaunt out to Harrogate , we love Sunday shopping in Harrogate it's so relaxed and best of all it's got a new Wool shop . Leeds based 'baa ram ewe'  has opened a branch in Harrogate , yayyy !! This has hit my happy button big style . Very easy to find ( even though I went in the wrong direction ) it's only a stones throw away from Betty's Tea rooms . Check out their web page for directions
I could have spent a small fortune and will be going back to do that when my funds allow , I also saw quite a number of  knitting books I would like for the studio . But I rained myself in and remained focused and had a
little splurge on some 'Rowan fine tweed ' in a soft smokey blue that is destined to be a' Yorkshire mill Mouse' shawl . As well as this hand dyed 4ply yarn produced by 'Eden Cottage Yarns' in a soft hue of misty greens which  is going to become  'Linen Hare' jumpers .
I am looking forward to using these muted tones and matching them up with co ordinating fabrics .
So back too it in the morning and keeping those creative cogs turning .  I hope you have some creativity in your week ahead and thank you for popping by and ta ta for now . Tracy x


  1. Lovely Tracy ... have missed you and look forward to you being around more often once you have stocked up. Good luck with the Studio and I hope one day to be able to visit ... Joy x

    1. Hi Joy , I really miss it when I don't blog and I'm soooo behind catching up with all the blogs I like to read as well !! but it's the school holidays at the end of the week so maybe a bit of catch up time then .
      thanks for popping by with kind regards Tracy xx

  2. Lovely post tracy...did you have a good look at the yarn shelving in BRE? That's what I want our walls to look like!! Your new yarn is very very pretty, I can imagine you hyperventilating in that shop lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Lucy , yes I had a good look at the shelving ;) very nice !!
    I did have a rather high pitched excited moment and the lovely shop assistant coped with my exuberance beautifully !! I bet she was thinking o.m.g. we've got one here !!
    I can't wait to start using the yarn , it was expensive but it yummy . xx

  4. Glad to see you back, kept checking the blog to check you were still ok. Love reading all about your studio - would love to be in the same position one day!

  5. Well Tracy, this post was well worth waiting for, full of exciting and beautiful things, like a breath of fresh air - over and over again! Thank you for sharing all your inspiring happenings! I love that ironing board cover - who couldn't enjoy ironing whilst taking in those gorgeous colours! And of course your fabrics and yarns and soooo sweet mice - everything - thank you!
    I'm in Australia and missing the old country so blogs such as yours mean such a lot to me. Do feel welcome to take a peek at my little place - if you ever have a spare moment in your busy busy schedule. Joy x

  6. What an exciting time you are having - looking forward to hearing more about your open studio - sadly I'm just a little too far away x Jane

  7. Hi Tracy, how busy you have been. Everything is looking just great. Wishing you every success in this new venture and enjoy the journey x

  8. Thanks for sharing your excitement and enthusiasm, Tracy! I am excited about the adventure you and Lucy are having!! I just made a rabbit from Alicia Paulson's Miss Maggie Rabbit pattern, and a bunny from Helen Philipp's Sugar Bunny pattern. I enjoy seeing your lovely hares...and can appreciate you creative hard work :-)

    Yarn shop cubes of yarn are both decorative and practical and I can imagine they would look wonderful in your shop space. I saw someone display their yarn at home on a pegboard and am trying to figure out how I can incorporate the idea into my crafting space at home.

    Blessings on you and yours and your new venture,
    Gracie xx

  9. Hi There, It's great to see how the studio is growing and getting busy!!!That wool store is amazing!!!The kind of shop you could visit everyday just for 'that feel good feeling'!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  10. It certainly seems like you've been busy. How important is an iron?! Just always amazes me how much I need it around and left out. Best of luck with it all.

  11. I stiffen my bunting with watered-down PVA glue. It works well...


  12. Oh my goodness, your creative energy makes me want to jump up and make something!!! Wish I could fly over for the studio opening as I'm sure it will be wonderful. I've been hinting that we need to be in Skipton in September for Yarndale but hubby is having none of it. I'll just have to dream and enjoy it all on my computer. Thanks for the update.

  13. You've done so much and still so much to do! I'm exhausted just reading what you are doing and those bunnies are soooo cute! Oh to have the time to create such beauties. If your studio was down here I would certainly be one of the Friday regulars, no matter what the bunting looked like. Take care, and have a rest!! Chel x

  14. that shop looks fab - I drive past the Headingley one twice every day but have never been in. Think I need to change that!

    Love the ironing board


  15. What an exciting adventure you are about to embark. I wish you well and hope it is a success....xx

  16. I'm sure all your hard work and exhaustion will pay off very quickly. Your handmade creations are always adorable ... love the sweet bunting! Wendy

  17. Your bunnies are so cute - I love them all.

  18. Lovely bunnies!
    Your ironing bord looks very colourful!
    Success with the studio.


  19. Wow... You are so very busy ! But I do believe all the work will pay off your hares are lovely and I'm excited for the opening of your studio with Lucy. So exciting !

  20. I would really love to make your bunnies! Can't find a pattern.

  21. I totally didn't know you were opening a studio with Lucy of Attic 24! How awesome! Love the name of that yarn store. What great yarn you bought.