Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Just a quick reminder

Well hello , sorry I've not popped by much recently but I have  been a bit like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand ( well actually a lot of sewing and making not sand !!) . Things are coming together nicely for Saturday  , I will be working until the 11th hour to make sure everything is just right for anyone who pops by . I'm really looking forward to meeting people , we are not sure how many people are planning on coming , it is very much an unknown quantity but were sure our bijou studio will have a real buzz about it ! The Coopers ladies have got the room upstairs next to ours ready too , Lucy and I just want to add our own twist on dressing the room to be an inspirational room for people to sit and chat and have coffee , cake and crochet and were hoping people can wonder between the two rooms and really feel relaxed and that there's no rush . Particularly if people have travelled some distance .

I was thinking earlier today that I ought to really post a picture of myself  as no one knows what I look like , but I absolutely hate my photo been taken . So for anyone coming to our little event I'm the one with Dark brown hair in a asymmetrical hair cut ( short on one side and Longer on the other ) . Sorry , that's not as good as a photo is it !! But I really do hate my photo being taken , in fact its not the process but the resulting photo !!
Anyway must go had a a poorly little man at home today so a little behind with today and need to catch up with myself now . For anyone who is coming on Saturday I look forward to meeting you and for those who are unable to join us there will be lots of pictures for you to enjoy very soon .

Ta ta for now Tracy xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The date is set !!

Well the date is set , It's soooooooooo exciting  our first Open studio event !!! Oh boy are Lucy and I busy .
But I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the two lovely ladies that own Coopers cafe-bar  and who were kind enough to agree to let us reside up-stairs.
This is Roz one half of the dynamic duo !!

........and this is the very camera shy Suzanne , she seriously didn't want her picture taken .

Coopers Cafe-bar

We are looking at this as an opportunity to say hi and welcome to those of you who live near enough to pop in and see us . Why not bring a small project and come and join us , have some outstanding coffee and very scrummy homemade cake and soak up the creative vibe . I have been working hard to produce an array of textile temptations for you to buy . Yarnaholics will be able to find crochet inspiration from the visual display of the very familiar items from Attic 24 .I have  some new makes not seen before and here's a look at one new make that I have had creative fun doing .

Some time ago I bought a batch of 53  vintage / very old  pie tins from a local Antique shop , I just fell in love with them and I knew they could be turned into something interesting . Here is what I literally dreamt up at 1.30am  Monday morning ,   'pincushions'  and I love  them and no two are exactly the same .

Faded Floral

Mini Patchwork 

We are very excited about this very informal event in our cosy studio and there is going to be lots of colourful Crochet inspiration from Lucy . So pop the 29th June in your diary if you think you would like to join us and please get in touch if you have any query's , you can also reach me over on my Face book page @ Handmade over Yonder ' .

Well , lot's to do and thanks for popping by and I hope to see some of you in a few weeks !
Enjoy the week ahead and I hope you manage to squeeze a bit of creativity in there somewhere ,  ta ta for now . Tracy x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lifes a beach !!

Well today I'm back to the usual catching up on house work and trying to sew and interact with the boys ( I won't say entertain the boys as they pretty much please themselves ). But I am in no way complaining as we had the most fabulous day yesterday as we enjoyed the delights of the East coast . We had saved up last month so we could afford at least on big day out to the coast during the school break . I've been working hard all week sewing making and preparations for the first studio event ( it's all been a bit hush hush but I will let you into a secret it's the  29th June , official details to follow ) . So we decided this Saturday was going to be our big day out , we packed a picnic and set off early , but we started to worry as we saw the weather changing the  nearer we got to our first port of call , Staithes . It was overcast , cold and damp and very misty !! Oh bother never listen to the weather men .

But we were going to enjoy ourselves what ever the weather , the boys were set on a bit of beach combing and there was a lot of drift wood about . With raincoats , hats and hiking boots on we hit the beach , only in England would you say and do that !!!
We explored the beautifully quaint streets and bay which was made up of  very higgledy piggledy narrow streets and paths but even on such a dull morning the unmistakable coastal colours were everywhere . 

I could sooooo easily live in this house , I went all day dreamy when I saw this house imagining myself living in this tiny fishing bay .

Having had a good morning exploring Staithes we had our picnic ( in the cars as the kids were cold ). Mr P got the map out and we decided if the weather wasn't going to improve we would go somewhere else for us to explore . We set off on our journey again , this time to Runswick Bay which is a few miles down the coast and part of ' The Heritage Coast ' .
What a stunning place and me and Mr P. fell in love with the thatched Fisherman's Cottage which was right at the sea wall . But the cloud started to break and the sky brightened up , so much so the youngest took of his shoes and sock and wanted to fully experience  being on the sand ( I thought he was slightly mad at this point but I wasn't going to stop his enjoyment of the beach ).
We were all in beach combing mode at his point , we knew it would be a good beach for Fossil hunting as it is part of the coast that is brilliant for fossils. Mr P. found this for me , wow ! blue and white pottery my favourite !

This was Mr P's favourite find , our youngest decided it was a Dragons egg . 

We could not believe how the day turned out , it was so warm and the blue of the sea and sky combined was so intense . We all had such fun at the beach and the boys were seriously impressed with their hunting skills just look at their haul.


2, A chunk of Fossilised sea bed .

3, Another chunk of Fossilised sea bed.

4, Beautiful sea glass .

5, Blue and white .
We were able to stay on the beach until late afternoon and we were so relaxed , oh how the day had turned out from disheartening dull sky's to uplifting bright blue sea and sky topped of with the relaxing  warmth of the sun . On a whim we decided to go to Whitby for extremely scrummy Fish and chips . You can't beat sitting on the sea front eating freshly made fish and chips ( especially when the fish is so fresh and local ). What a great end to a grand day out , it was just what our family needed.

Today whilst pootling about I've added our beach haul to our ever expanding collection of little gems collected at the beach , which lives on our upstairs landing windowsill . Here's a peek at what makes us tick .

We are definately going to go back to Staithes and Runswick Bay later in the summer , they are beautiful spots that are quite and unspoilt by tourism . But shhh don't tell everyone about these two little gems on the East coast we don't want everyone going ! ; )

I hope you've had a lovely weekend where ever you are and made the most of things no matter what the weather !!

Thanks for popping by and Ta ta for now . Tracy x