Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Just a quick reminder

Well hello , sorry I've not popped by much recently but I have  been a bit like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand ( well actually a lot of sewing and making not sand !!) . Things are coming together nicely for Saturday  , I will be working until the 11th hour to make sure everything is just right for anyone who pops by . I'm really looking forward to meeting people , we are not sure how many people are planning on coming , it is very much an unknown quantity but were sure our bijou studio will have a real buzz about it ! The Coopers ladies have got the room upstairs next to ours ready too , Lucy and I just want to add our own twist on dressing the room to be an inspirational room for people to sit and chat and have coffee , cake and crochet and were hoping people can wonder between the two rooms and really feel relaxed and that there's no rush . Particularly if people have travelled some distance .

I was thinking earlier today that I ought to really post a picture of myself  as no one knows what I look like , but I absolutely hate my photo been taken . So for anyone coming to our little event I'm the one with Dark brown hair in a asymmetrical hair cut ( short on one side and Longer on the other ) . Sorry , that's not as good as a photo is it !! But I really do hate my photo being taken , in fact its not the process but the resulting photo !!
Anyway must go had a a poorly little man at home today so a little behind with today and need to catch up with myself now . For anyone who is coming on Saturday I look forward to meeting you and for those who are unable to join us there will be lots of pictures for you to enjoy very soon .

Ta ta for now Tracy xx


  1. Tracy everything will be perfect and I think you under estimate how popular your day is going to be. You could always make a little badge with "Tracy" on it to wear ... I live on the Isle of Wight and very sadly won't be able to join you, but you can rest assured I will be with you in spirit and wishing you all the luck in the world and have an awesome day :-) Joy x

  2. What a fab idea , If I have time I will make myself a badge .Lucy and I will be taking lots of pictures to give everyone a visual taste of the day .

    Thanks for popping by Tracy x

  3. Sorry your little one is ill. A mum never likes to see her baby suffer. Hope he gets well soon.
    You are working so dang hard on the debut of yours and Lucy's studio. It will a success and so much fun. Take lots of pics pls! Break a leg and good luck!

  4. How exciting! I wish I could attend but I'm in the United States...California.
    Enjoy and I hope you're opening is a GREAT success!

  5. So wish I lived in England...


  6. Hi Tracy,SOOOOOOO wish I could be there on Saturday!!!!Look forward to the photos next week!!!!! Hope it will be everything you want it to be and much,MUCH more!!!!

  7. Hello Tracie.

    Hope everything goes really well on Saturday.

    Best wishes


  8. I wish I was close enough to drop in to say "Hi". Hope it goes well, though and looking forward to seeing some photos of the event.

  9. hope it goes really well Tracy - unfortunately I won't be able to come but will be wishing you good luck!

  10. Too far to travel this time but wishing you both all the luck in the world for a successful event x

  11. West Yorkshire is definitely close enough to say hi. I'll be there, plus a couple of others, I hope. Shame there's so much arts stuff going on in our patch this weekend, as there would have been more of us. Do you think you're going to be completely swamped?

    Really looking forward to it. Gail (fellow bed linen ironing enthusiast...)

  12. Oh I wish I could come but Denmark is a bit too far away. Hope for a lot of photos. Have fun

  13. I was going to be there, but am not - sadly. :-( Please have another open day soon! (Or an exclusive for me. I'm worth it tee hee.

    I'm with you all the way re: photos.

    Hope you had fun today and enjoyed all the visitors. I bet they'll be queuing round the block to meet you both.

  14. Great to meet you. Lovely, lovely workspace.

    Thanks for the chat and the advice.

    Nicky (Leeds)