Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Missing in action !! ( wedding action )

Well hello .

Where have the last few weeks gone ??

Sorry I've not popped by but  the last two weeks I've been missing in action !! Wedding action .

Before that I had a stall at my schools summer fair to prepare stock for . I have been on a continuous creating roller coaster ever since the Open studio event , boy does that seem along time ago !! In fact I did hit a mid week exhausted state the week after the Open Studio event , I do push myself hard and I know at some point it will hit me . So I don't fight it when it hits, I take a couple of days to catch up on sleep and then I'm good to go again at full belt for a while .

I enjoyed making things for the school summer fair I always try to do lots of very nicely made inexpensive items for people to buy and this year I decided to do some Lavender bags , but my first problem I had was to source bulk lavender . After pootling about on the net I discovered a company based in Yorkshire that grew and sold Lavender . Fantastic as I like to keep things locally sourced if I can . The company Yorkshire Lavender @ Terrington near York has a lovely web sight and it is easy to use and the service is fast and efficient and I've ordered twice now . When the delivery came I was hit by the heady scent of lavender and I hadn't even opened it . This filled me with confidence that it was good quality stuff in the box .

I was not disappointed !!!
So this really gave me the urge to make , make Lavender bags but I wanted to do nicely designed ones that would look pretty to have hung up around the home . I really had an anchoring  to use vintage textiles and linens . So I had a search of my stash and the local charity shops and collectors centre.
This is some of my Charity shop haul and then I got creative with Linen and vintage doilies and vintage textiles and trims .

The Summer Fair  with the calming sent of Lavender wafting over me .

The summer fair was a lovely event and I sold lots of Lavender bags , helped I think by the fact it was a hot day and my stall was in a domed gazebo that held the relaxing smell of the Lavender in and everyone loved it !!
Happy summer days .

Once this event was finished my next job was the very very important job of making things for my  little sisters wedding . I was chief  Wedding cake maker , bun and sweet table maker and organizer , in charge of alterting all the  Bridesmaid dresses  , Table seating board maker and chief beautifier . So as well as working my last couple of weeks at my school job my every waking moment was devoted to making my sisters wedding visually perfect . This had the knock on effect of not having any time for blogging , facebooking and Handmade Over Yonder making.

Job number one was to alter our rather swanky Bridesmaids dresses , this involved all the bridesmaids  in their dresses climbing onto my coffee table in their high heel wedding shoes and letting me  pin their dresses . Tick , job done .

Job number 2 , start making the decorations for the buns ( cupcakes ). Tick job done .

Job number 3 , Make the seating plan board . Tick job done .

Job number 4 , Ice and decorate the cakes so they can be constructed on site on the morning of the wedding . Well the first part of this cakes decoration went fine , Marzipan on fine ...Tick . Icing on fine ( I was fully instructed & supervised through this stage by a very skill full cake maker/ decorator friend , as I didn't want anything to go wrong at this stage as we were only 5 days away from wedding !!). Then came the decorating part , doesn't the cake look beautiful below . OH HOW WRONG CAN A CAKE GO !!! 
This was nervous breakdown time !!! Let me Set the picture ...Tuesday evening amidst an evening of extreme humidity and thunder storms , all  the windows are open  the doors are open I have an oscillation fan blowing directly over the cake and I notice at 11.30 pm there are clear runs of liquid coming from each Diamond .  Yes all three tiers .... I was on the verge of tears myself  , ARRRGGHHH , O.M.G. !!!!!!  Right I leap into action with a long dress makers pin and I remove each diamond and then with rolled up points of kitchen paper proceed to dry each damp dimple left on the cake . So midnight Tuesday (wedding on Saturday ) I am sat in my kitchen feeling sick with stress with a pin in hand and a piled of slightly dissolved gel diamonds , oh how stressed am !!!

DON'T use gel Diamonds in humidity ( I will be writing to the producers of theses very soon as they have no instructions on packets or usage guidelines and they are not cheap ) buyer be warned !!

Thankfully the icing was not ruined!!

But I do believe it was a blessing in disguise as the changes I had to make  of the final design resulted in a much admired cake.
 There were lots of little jobs to do as well there were  place name cards , fancy labels for sweetie jars ,labels for bags , filling glass jars full of sweets etc.
I spent the next couple of days doing the final major job which was the making of the buns ( cupcakes ) for the sweetie table .This was fun and my sister came to help me which was a fun and happy time as we were able to laugh about the cake disaster.
Friday evening myself  the bride and our mum as well as the other bridesmaids and flower girl all travelled to the Hotel in Leeds where the wedding was to take place . We spent a wonderful evening together my sisters nerves were starting to kick in and I was anxious about making the next day look beautiful and putting the cake together with no mishaps .

This is me 7am  Saturday morning constructing the cake  , phew !!that went extremely well and I was able to then eat breakfast .

 I did like the replacement of silver balls instead of the diamonds as I think it brought the twinkle out in the broach .

 .........cake in place and a flurry of activity going on around .

 The official photographer capturing everything!!

 My work here was done Cake assembled and in place , Sweetie table set up ready for the big day !

I checked on the wedding room .... Beautiful .
My sister in her dress taking a moment before our Father comes to escort her to the Groom .

Take your seats please , can I apologies now to any guest who is reading this if I spelt your name wrong , I even managed to spell my own name wrong , the stress must have been getting to me !!

Here comes the Bride ! not quite married yet ,with her Bling ! my beautiful sister with her bouquet she made herself ,she even put all her children's initials in it, what a mum . My sister and her husband have been together since they were teenagers like me and my husband and they've waited along time to do this , I wanted everything perfect for them  and it was !

 She looked amazing ( as always ).

Then they were married and when they walked into the wedding breakfast room they loved what I had done for them , phew big sigh of relief !! They though the cake was stunning and that the Sweetie table looked fantastic . 

I did slightly wince as they cut into the cake ,after all the hours spent making the cake and  having been through so much emotion with it . But it was worth it as they loved it and the Wedding guests admired it and then enjoyed eating it .

I was so happy for my sister and brother-inlaw and their four children who were amazing on this special day. The day was fantastic and we will be talking of it for years to come and will have wonderful long lasting memories to recount and enjoy for the rest of our lives .
Here is my youngest before the evening guests turned up sliding around on the dance floor !! boys will be boys!!
Their first dance as Husband and wife . It is a special thing to be loved and to love someone else especially when you want to spend the rest of your life with them .

So now I've touched base and am starting to get back into the swing of things  I'm down to the studio this evening to work and I'm sure Lucy will be there opening all the parcels full of the Fabulous bunting that is being created for the much anticipate Yarndale event. . Just a note for your Diaries I will be having an Open Studio event on the same Saturday as Yarndale for anyone who wants to pop in . Skipton will be a fun place the weekend of the 28th & 29th September as we have an annual Puppet Festival which is the same weekend .

So ta ta for now  and thanks for popping by  Tracy x


  1. What a beautiful wedding, you did create a lovely touch to it. You must be very proud of all the things you made/done!

  2. Hi Tracy, wow, what an account!
    Congratulations for all your endeavours, what an adventure!
    And congratulation for your sister's marriage, you all seem to be a very united and caring family.
    Thanks for posting again, I missed you.
    I love your blog.

  3. Wow, that was a wonderful & happy story. Everything looked tremendous, your work was excellent.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Karen Marshall xxx

  4. oH Tracy welcome back with such a lovely touching story ... very emotional reading it! Well done for all your hard work .. you are a genious which must run in the family because your sisters bouquet is stunning. Last weekend I managed to book travel, accommodation and tickets for Yarndale having thought I would not be able to make it. You have just made me even happier (cos I have been excited all week) by saying you are having an open Studio event on the Saturday so I will be there to say hi!! OOOOOOOOoohhhhhhhhhhh bursting :-) Love Joy xx

  5. You are a very clever lady <3

  6. I had a lump in my throat reading your adventures. What a lucky girl your sister is to have someone like you to put youre heart and love into her special day. OMG how you worked, but it paid of. All the things you made looked so yummy and the Cake, how elegant was that.
    thank you for sharing with us such a love filled BLOG.
    Now I am going to read it all again.

  7. My goodness you have been busy! The wedding looks beautiful- I love the colour of the bridesmaids dresses- so pretty. Your stall looks wonderful. I can almost smell the scent of lavender

  8. Wow Tracy, it all looks so lovely. So many beautiful things that must have taken so much time and energy but definitely looks worth it for your family to have such lovely memories. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a picture of you flopping on the dancefloor! The pillars on one tier of my wedding cake started to collapse mid-way through the speeches because the waiters moved it to a wonky table in the middle of the room ready for the cutting. Luckily my cousin who is a trained chef was able to save it from a disaster and I wasn't told until later in the day but he did miss all the speeches and the cake does look a bit daft in the cutting photos! x

  9. WOW Tracy - it was absolutely beautiful and stunning. Loved your pictures of your summer stall and the lavender bags are fab. So very creative I wish my brain worked like ur's x x x Not sure whether anything planned that weekend but if not we might nip over and have a peep at you.

  10. How proud your sister must be of you Tracy, you have worked so hard and created the most amazing things for her wedding. That will certainly be a day to remember and the cake will be forever (now) smiled over..I can just imagine your terror when the diamonds melted ;0) Time to take a breath and relax a bit too. Good to see you back x

  11. Tracy your are so clever...and patient! The stall was amazing in itself but then all the work that you have put into your sister's wedding was stunning! The cake details certainly matched the dress. Good luck with your open studio day, if I lived closer I would definitely pay you a visit. xx

  12. Beautiful creations, Tracy! Thanks for sharing some of their stories, and including the photo of your son decorating the floor :) Wishing you success in your business ventures,
    Gracie xx

  13. You are an amazing sister! Altering, baking, decorating...That table was so beautiful. I'm so in awe that you did all that!

  14. Hi There,You really can add wedding planner to your list of credits you know!!!Beautiful!!!!Well done!!!Love your handmade goodies!!!Have a great weekend!!!

  15. Que boda más bonita, todos los detalles son preciosos

  16. Two words: Simply stunning.

  17. So beautiful ,clever you.

  18. Wow so much hard work and love, but it paid off and everything looked completely stunning!

  19. I think I stopped breathing with all the gorgeousness of it all! You are SO talented it blows me away! That was THE most beautiful wedding, cake, dresses, sweets....all of it just stunning! Congrats to all involved! Oh, loved all your items for the fair too and you've got me wanting to order some lavender now! LOL!