Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A peculiar day !!

 Life is peculiar some days and today is one of them .

I've been working on producing my Felt Christmas decoration kits  , all the photography is done . That task was completed this  morning and now I an very excited about producing the instruction pamphlet .
 I've also made a sample of each for downstairs in Coppers cafe-bar to drum up a bit of interest locally .

 But I'm  full of melancholy today as well , two odd combinations of feelings to have going on at the same time and it has quite put me out of kilter . It is the 3rd year anniversary of my cousins death today , a Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment . He died from a bomb blast whilst leading his men on patrol in Helmand Province in Afghanistan . So today my hearts is sad and my thoughts and love are with his family  , His memory is forever in our hearts .
I am not a big church goer , but today at lunchtime I went to our Church to light a candle in his memory and have a moment of reflection .
Life goes on and we get on with our daily routine but occasionally it is good to have a moment of reflection and try and make sense of it all . When people have past it is good we have our memories to keep them alive in our hearts .

If someone was to ask me today "how's your day been ?" I think I would respond  " peculiar "  . How can you put into words the juxtaposition of the Jolly highs of Christmas to the lows of loss ??

But it's nearly time to pick my youngest up from school  , then there will be a meal to plan & cook and life will just keep rolling on into the next experience and emotion .

Sorry if you pop by and find this an odd post , lets just call it therapy .
Love Tracy x


  1. My thoughts are with you on this peculiar day. Remember to take care of yourself too. xx

  2. A lovely post reflecting how life can be. What a sad loss for your family, but they must all be overwhelmingly proud of him. I have the utmost gratitude for those who serve. And yet as you say, life also goes on, albeit with an empty space and sadness. I'm glad you had a moment to stop and think about him.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAwwwww Tracy - peculiar is fine .... sending you lots of love and a special hug xx Joy xx

  4. It's good that you made time out of your busy day to reflect on your sad loss, and that your cousin is not forgotten. But as you say, life does go on, and his memory will always be with you. As you say, a 'peculiar feelings' day indeed. x Your felt Christmas decorations are lovely, by the way :)

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  6. A peculiar day but one that has allowed you to reflect. I always light a candle on 'certain' days, both in a church as it is quiet and people leave you alone, and at home usually with a photo of the person I want to remember. Just those moments allow you time to remember and celebrate the life they had. Lots of hugs from Lincolnshire. xx

  7. Sorry you had this loss in your family. What a brave man and bless his soul. It's okay to miss him and feel melancholy. You honored him today with this post and with lighting a candle at church.
    Your felt kits on the other hand are so fun and cute.

  8. Thanks for sharing your peculiar day with us, Tracy. I am sorry for the loss you and your family and his friends feel while still going about your days and can relate to it because of the loss of my loved ones. As I remember those I miss I find myself appreciating my time with them and just how precious their life was and life and creativity are in this moment.

  9. I think you captured it right when you say 'peculiar'. Life can be a mixture of highs and lows and I think it's lovely that you took a moment to remember your cousin. Take care x

  10. Just had to write and say that I must be the Southern version of you. Your blog is so inspirational, just wish there was more time in the day to bake and sew and knit etc....Love your blog - thank you for sharing what you do. I will certainly be following you every stitch of the way.

  11. What a brave young man, we own a debt of gratitude to those who serve their country and pay the ultimate price. This post is a fitting tribute to him. I'm loving your Christmas decoration kits, it would be hard to choose a favourite amongst them.

  12. My week has been peculiar. On Sunday my youngest, Jasper was involved in a nasty car crash. His own fult. He had been out drinking with his mates the nit before but got up at 5 am and drove home. Ten minutes into his journey he rolled his car approx five times. An off duty police man came across his car about an hour later. He was going on holiday with his Dad. I Had a text from his Dad asking where he was. So I kept ringing and ringing him. Cross as this holiday was his 18th Birthday present. Only to have the phone answered by a policeman at the scene. So her I am three days later with a rugby playing weight training son with a fractured neck and three fractured vertebra in his upper neck. I know I am so lucky. So lucky to still have my baby, so lucky that he didn't have his friends with him and so lucky that it was early in the morning that there was no one else on the road. So I can understand you 'peculiar' post. I too am not religious but something was looking after my boy that morning. I'm sorry about your cousin. War is such a waste our loved ones lives. Take care Tracey.

  13. Dear Poppy Cottage , My thoughts are with you and I seriously hope he makes a full recovery . This will be a difficult and stressful time for your son ,you and your family and I know your love for one another will help you all pull through the challenging times ahead . Life truly sends things to test us and this is one of those times , I'm sending you all my love and as a mum I can imaging the emotional roller coaster you have been through .Be strong and try and remain positive .
    I'm thinking of you and sending you a big virtual supportive hug .
    All my love Tracy x

  14. So sorry about your cousin. I can so relate to the horrors of war as I lost my brother in Viet Nam nearly 50 years ago. Never a day goes by that I don't think of him. He had just turned 22 yrs old and on his birthday and his death day, I always wonder -- what if? You are certainly allowed a perculiar day to voice your grief and sadness.
    I read your blog faithfully and love to see what you create. Keep up the good work.