Sunday, 6 October 2013

By heck !!

Well flipping heck ,( as we'd say around here ) what a couple of weeks !! Firstly the build up to Yarndale and then the Yarndale & Open Studio weekend and then the mental and physical come down from it all . Wow what a time it's been . 

My Yarndale experience started with our Friday morning Creative Copper's group which a few Yarndale ladies came to  as they had travelled up early for the weekends events . It was so nice to meet them and what a great way to start the weekend . It's amazing how a common interest in things can bring total strangers together and people just gel instantly. We had a lovely morning .

That afternoon I got The Studio ready for the Open Event and as I had a low budget for flowers I went with what nature could offer me for free !!

The leaves looked quite lovely as the afternoon light caught them adding a real Autumnal feel to the room .

I used orange tones in the other room upstairs to make a modest but pretty arrangement to cheer up the table for any visitors that weekend .

I arranged my stock that Friday evening along with the other two Designer/Makers that we were helping to showcase their work .

When the door opened at 9 am we had a flurry of people who were popping in before heading up to the Yarndale event . Mr fox was one of my first items to be sold which I was very happy about as I have quite fallen in love with him and am eager to make more . I do owe my youngest one as he never got the one he requested for his birthday ( boy do I feel a bad mum !) .
It was also great to have other bloggers pop in and say hi , we had visits from : bunny mummy , Jilly Harris , The house of Jones , Victoiria makes .

 Fiona A.K.A The Beady Bird ( Fiona has a Facebook page called The Beady Bird ) she went down a storm with her handmade knitting and crochet place marker sets , as well as her yarn/sewing themed jewelry . She was so overwhelmed by every ones positive remarks and their enthusiasm for her makes . She went home Saturday evening and made more  to replenish her much depleted stock , Fiona hadn't anticipated the response she would have to her beaded loveliness. Fiona and I are old colleagues as well as friends and it is so great to see Fiona's makes received so well , she is a talented lady and it is nice to help give someone a platform to show their creativity .

Also exhibiting was our Graphic Designer Friend from Bludaisy ( she can be found on facebook as well ) . Bludaisy already exhibits her work  in Coopers but we thought it would be nice for her  to meet people and talk about her work . Although a little shy she sold one of her lovely big pictures , a surprise for a lady who visited with her family from Liverpool , the lady had been following Bludaisy via her Facebook page and when she left her husband made a secret purchase , what a lucky lady .

We were actually overwhelmed on Saturday by the fantastic support the open studio event had , It's always a little nerve racking when planning an event like this and as the main attraction was Yarndale you always worry people won't come . But I needn't have worried we were full to the rafters all day long from the moment the door opened at 9am to me trying to leave at 3pm for my sons birthady ( actually 3.35pm when I left ,  ). Can I also say what a pleasure it was to meet you all , what a fantastic crowd you were and a big shout out to the ladies from Ireland staying in the attic room No 25 ,  girls your fab !!

Sunday was a busy day as I had to open The Studio at 12 o'clock  but I managed a visist to Yarndale before it's doors opened , what a beautiful morning it was too . I saw Lucy and gave her a quick tap to say hi but she was already busy . So I pootled about soaked up the atmosphere and had a right good nosey at the stalls . The only purchase I made was 5 skeins of linen thread from ' namolio ' which I'm waiting to be inspired by but I'm happy to sit and look at for the time being .
 The walk back to The Studio was such fun with all the colourful Yarn dombing , all the joyous colours all helped by the glorious sunshine . So many people have contributed and worked so hard to produce all these Yarn delights for so many people to enjoy and help enrich their visual experience . These people should feel proud of their efforts and I would personally like to thank those that helped my experience of Yarndale be a creatively inspired one .

We had a fabulous time on the Sunday at the  Open studio  so can I just say a very very very BIG THANK YOU to all those people who came to visit over the weekend  and support what we are trying to do and create .

 I was so inspired by Yarndale that on my first day off in over a month I decided it was time to finish my eldest blanket .It's been a long road with this blanket but I've done it , it's finished !!!!  I took it out on Monday evening to our crochet group , this week at the pub.  Their were a few amongst us that need a celebratory drink , a toast was had to a successful weekend and then it was down to the business of sewing all  those ends in .
 Then Tuesday morning , boys off school and eldest still asleep I sat in my p.j's until it was done . The blanket was finished and waiting for him when he woke from his slumber . I am rather pleased with it , my first big blanket and I didn't follow a pattern , I just let it evolve .

 He really likes it !! he should do he picked the colours  , at times I've struggled with the colours but made it out of sheer love . He even wanted me to photograph him laid under it .

 Well Wednesday I was back to it in The Studio , I'm trying to get my Felt Christmas decoration kits produced  I would like them to be ready to buy in the next two weeks , so watch this space .

 But as the week has progressed so has my tiredness and my need to reconnect with my Hubby , boys and our home . All of which have not had the attention they should have had over the last month or so . Friday tea time I went to bed as I physically could not function and Mr P. jumped into the breach as he has repeatedly done  recently .  I got lots of sleep and boy did I feel better for it , my brain could function again .  I was so determined to have a weekend of cosy hominess and more importantly NO WORK .

This is a little treat I gave myself from my favourite local antiques shop ' Wash House Antiques ' a vintage pudding basin with a seal able lid , I thought the  £8 I payed for it was a good price  and then I spotted a basket full of old Scottish and Irish linen cloths in beautiful condition , I could only stretch to buying two . But I instantly pictured them re-made into little dresses for the Christmas Angel Mice ( definitely got my Christmas head on now ). I think my purchase reflected my yearning for domestic happiness .

I loved being at home this weekend I've even made some Damson Gin , well two batches actually . I'd bought a kilo of Damsons from our local market with jam in mind , but a mum at school told me about Damson gin and I thought I'd give it a whirl as I like Sloe Gin .

 Then in my endeavour to reach domestic  Nirvana I made an extra effort this morning at breakfast time to make welsh cakes , to have hot with butter and homemade jam and a pot of tea . Me and Mr P . sat , ate and chatted over a comforting breakfast enjoying one anothers company and in no real rush to do anything , that's what Sunday mornings are all about .
 When you work hard you do sometimes have to make an effort to reclaim the simple pleasures in life and we certainly did that today !!


Oooww look I've dug my sock out and started it again , I'm down the the heel and turning . I am a little bit excited . I WILL make a pair of socks before the year is out !!

My Yarndale experience has certainly got me inspired and given me new vigour for long overdue and forgotten projects .

I hope you've had chance to enjoy some simple pleasures this weekend . If not try slip some into this week somewhere .
Thanks for popping by and ta ta for now . Tracy x


  1. your damson gin almost looks as good as my sloe gin!!! You inspire me and I love reading your blog. Well done on your open studio year I'm giong to make it!

  2. hope you've recuperated! the pics are lovely-such a talented bunch. well done :)

  3. I have so enjoyed your lovely post Tracy, and want to thank you so much for making the time to cover all the 'goings on' in your busy life so that 'we' can share snippets of the excitement! Congrats on finishing your beautiful blanket and I love Mr Fox.
    Thank you,
    Joy x

  4. Oh my gravy… what a lovely post! I'm so happy for you that you have a group hanging out at the studio and making wonderful things with yarn. It was so exciting to read about the studio's stream of visitors during Yarndale. What eye candy it was to see your awesome arrangement of handmade goods.
    Your son's blanket is great. I love how his room has color. And the gins looked so interesting. I don't know much about gin.

  5. I feel I have been with you these last few days, just because of all those wonderful pictures!
    Thank you for sharing!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  6. You've bought Yarndale alive for me. Thank you. So wanted to come but was unable due to a change in my circumstances. Perhaps next year ! Jacqui

  7. Wow, you've been busy. I am so impressed with all that you have achieved. The studio looked wonderful for the open weekend. Well done indeed!

  8. HI Tracy
    Lovely post, a weekend like that just cannot be beaten can it ?
    It was so lovely to pop in to your studio before heading on to Yarndale - its an absolute delight. I am SO happy with my beautiful Hare as well, (I just spotted her in one of your photo's, before I bought her ! ) - it.was the grey spotty legs that totally won me over ! She safely made the train journey home to Bath with me and has pride of place at home.Theres a photo of her on my blog looking very happy in my kitchen.
    Have a good week,

  9. Yarndale was a superb day out. Congratulations.

  10. What a lovely newsy post. I would have loved to have come to the open studio event and Yarndale, I'll definitely be there next year if it's on again. How generous to allow other designers to showcase and sell their work at the studio event, I've noticed that crafters are only too eager to help others and share with others. Your son must be so pleased with his blanket, it's beautiful. Finished just in the nick of time for the cooler weather, I'm sure it will get plenty of use.

  11. I forgot to say earlier - your blanket is soooo beautiful. Your work is so neat.

  12. Hi Tracey, I'm so happy that Yarndale was a success for you. Your work is beautiful. (Mum stashed her goodies away before I could take a sneaky peek!). It was lovely to see you and the studio. Thanks again, Amanda x

  13. It was so lovely to meet you and Fiona, Tracey - especially as I was the one who squirrelled Mr Fox back to good ol' Whitley Bay!! How lucky am I?? Poor, long-suffering husband has put him away as part of my Christmas present, so only78 or so sleeps until Foxy will grace my workroom mantelpiece. We did eventually get to Yarndale, in spite of the traffic gridlock, but I never did get a word to Lucy as the lovely lot from Ireland arrived just before me - they were hilarious and Lucy looked happy but shattered. Wish I'd taken photos of your lovely studio, but I was a tad overwhelmed, you may remember, but maybe next year. Am already saving...
    Much love

  14. Hi Tracy, thaks so much for updating your blog, your posts always make me smile. I like them because they are so positively feminine and crafty: you sort a little of everything: meetings, crafts, food, family. It encourages me so much that you can organize and make it happening these meetings. Lovely pictures!! I hope your son can get one of the Mr. Foxes in the future!

  15. I don't know how it has taken me so long, but I have only just found your blog. It is wonderful and I will be following you now! So looking forward to lots more lovly things. Also wanted to say that your leaves instead of flowers were beautiful, your actual flowers were lovely too, but I preferred the leaves!

  16. What a lovely post. Lots of loveliness to see and I just love how those autumnal coloured leaves look displayed that way.

  17. Hey you ... I'm on your blog (the fantastic morning I spent in Coopers knitting and chatting and as you say total strangers all with the common interest and how everyone gelled together - it was great)! Glad you got to go to Yarndale and enjoyed it .. it was fabulous and here am I over a week later still chatting to everyone about it. I loved the yarn you got and I am going to Knit and Stitch Show on Thursday and hoping to pick some up there. I also love the look of your welsh cakes and have looked up the recipe to do some. Well done on finishing the blanket - it was lovely to meet you Tracy - Lots of love Joy xx :-) xx

  18. Mr Fox is very handsome and I'm sure he (and all of his brothers) will be suitably adored in their new homes! It sounds like you've still had an incredibly busy week after Yarndale but hopefully you're starting to wind down now and remember what life was like before x

  19. Well done, Tracy! Thanks for a great post and for ALL the wonderful creativity and hard work it reflects...beautiful and inspirational! I appreciate your efforts and pray for blessing for you and yours.
    Gracie xx

  20. Hello Tracy!

    It's been lovely popping in and catching up on your news! You've done a terrific amount of work and I have enjoyed reading about Yarndale and your beautiful creations! I think your foxes are very stylish gentlemen. I can imagine how tired you must have been at the end of it all and how lucky we are to have our families to fall back on when the bubble bursts a little!

    See you soon,


  21. Wow Tracy you have been busy. Love everything in this post from the fabulous Mr Fox (he instantly caught my eye), to the glimpses of Yarndale (jealous I couldn't be there), to the crafting in the pub (really jealous I couldn't be there!). Most of all though I loved the fact that you got to stop and and make some Welshcakes. As a Welshie living in Australia, I sometimes make a batch of Welshcakes on the bbq and it instantly makes me feel all homely.

  22. Hi Tracy, Just got over the shock of seeing myself at the knit and natter, which was such a warm experience as you all made us visitors so very welcome. I did finish the hat started with you and understood what you meant about the shape but it will make a gift for someone.
    I want to add thanks for taking us wee band of visitors to peek in your wonderful Studio. I never made it back over the weekend with Yarndale then sightseeing but I will, another visit!
    Loved your work, your studio, Yarndale and Skipton plus the many lovely people I kept meeting. I think two of them have responded on here! Hello. Your blanket is lovely....I guess your son will spend many comfy hours beneath it. Thanks again. I always enjoy your posts. Gailx