Monday, 17 February 2014

Well I think  I'm getting my creative mojo back .
The past week has been a week of planing and creating.
Friday saw me start planning a new crochet blanket , I really want to make a squishy aran ripple blanket for our bed . So I've made a little purchase to get me started , some very soft and very squishy Rico merino aran , I've started my chain and am very excited about getting the blanket started but feel it may be a long term project as it is to go on a King size bed ( Ooooo I think I may also need to take out a small mortgage to fund the project too !! lol ) . 

 I am very much in love with these four colours 

 I've also had a real  fun time in the kitchen over the past week , I sooooooo love being in my kitchen and am never happier than when I'm making something for others .

First of all  my youngest niece had her birthday to celebrate and Auntie Tracy never turns up without baked goods . So I had a little play !

  A very good friend had her  birthday yesterday and she was having a house party to celebrate . Well it would have been rude not to turn up with celebratory cup cakes ( buns ) . Our friend absolutely adores Joules clothing so with that in mind that was the colour theme I chose for her birthday buns . Oh what fun I had creating these buns and one evening a very dear friend helped too , there was a quick demo on flower making and there may have also been a little Damson gin consumed as well (  and what a very good friend she is too to put up with my sometimes very bossy nature ! thanks Sam x) .

 So after two evenings of forming fondant flower it was time to start decorating .

 I love this part !

 It was wonderful to see her face when she saw her buns , 30 special buns for a fabulous lady .

I must confess or as you may have gathered by now with all the baking that goes on in my house , I have a very sweet tooth . But I am trying to make a real effort to watch what I eat , as are a lot of my family and friends . I am also trying out some new recipes  on the family and this next one has been a great success . If you are trying to cut down on your fat intake this is a great way to cook tasty spicy chicken .

You will need  : chicken thighs and or chicken drum stick I use a mix of both , 6 x thighs & 4 drum sticks ,                                which feed our family of four .
                       : 2 tbsp Cajun spices
                       : The juice of 1 Lime
                       : 250 g Fat free natural yogurt

 In a dish mix together the yogurt the Cajun spices and the Lime juice .
Then remove all the skin from the chicken pieces and score the meat .

 Next coat all the chicken pieces with the yogurt mix .
You can either cook straight away or cover in a dish and leave to marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours .
 Next  spread out the chicken pieces on  baking trays , You don't really need to cook with any oil as lots of natural juices come out of the chicken which you can then use to occasionally baste the meat . If you don't have non stick trays to bake with put about a teaspoon of cooking oil in the tray and using a pastry brush liberally brush the tray to create a non stick surface . Place the trays of chicken ( I usually have two ) in a hot oven , mine is usually at 200 degrees for about 30 to 40 mins , but all ovens vary so yours may take a longer or shorter time than in my oven . Remove chicken from oven when it is cooked and juices run clear , enjoy the spicy juicy chicken with  the happy thought that it really healthy too .

I've also had lots of creative planing going on in The Studio this week as Lucy and I get a programme of workshops started . So I've been working with Rachel from Bewitched by stitch to work out the next 4 Rag rug related workshops especially as the ones before Christmas were so very popular . We thought our first one would be an Easter Rag Rug Wreath day workshop . Which takes place on the Saturday the 1st of March from 10 am to 4 pm in The Studio and this a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested to have a gentle introduction to the art of prodded rag rugging . Below is just an example of what could be achieved in this day workshop . Imaging being able to make and add something like this to a lovely Easter display in your own home .

  If you would like to attend please visit and go to the workshop page for course information and visit the contacts page to contact me . Alternatively you could message me on my Facebook page , Handmade Over Yonder  to arrange securing a place and places have already started to go .
Now I'm looking forward to spending a week at home and  being out and about with Mr P and our boys . 
Thanks for popping by and ta ta for now .
Tracy xx


  1. Sugar craft and rag rug projects are two types of crafting my mom was good at, but I have never tried. I am impressed by your efforts, Tracy! And thanks for sharing the yummy looking chicken recipe,
    too :) I hope your workshops are a great success and that you have a lovely week with your family!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are an artist - so wonderful cakes for the little girl!
    The wool is good, you will feel very comfortable in your bad. I like the colours (exept the red).


  3. Wow you are just amazing in the kitchen. I already knew I loved your work but I'm now amazed at your baking skills. Just gorgeous.

  4. Oh those cakes look absolutely divine!!! you clever, clever lady!!! I hope you enjoy your half term with your lovely little family! x

  5. The little cakes are works of art and your chicken looks delicious!

  6. Wow! All those cakes look absolutely wonderful ~ almost too pretty to eat! Love the sound of the spicy chicken ~ it seems really easy and definitely one that I will try :O)x

  7. A lovely blogpost - a feast for the eyes! I'll definitely try your spicy chicken recipe as my husband has problems with high cholesterol - it sounds delicious. Enjoy your family time this week. Liz xx

  8. What lovely colours, you've chosen for your blanket.
    Jacqui x

  9. Your little cakes are works of art, and look so yummy.Your chicken dish looks so nice, I could devour a plate full now!Your workshop looks interesting, if I lived in the vicinity I would have booked a place for sure.Have a good weei x

  10. What beautiful cakes, clever you. Glad your mojo is back!

  11. Yum! Love those cakes, and the chicken recipe is defo one to try. Wish I still lived in Yorkshire so that I could come along to one of the workshops you and Lucy run. Maybe one day when I'm over visiting I'll pop in to say Hi, x

  12. Wow you have been busy! I love the gorgeous colours of your wool, it looks sooooo soft, what a lovely long term project to get stuck into! Fab cakes too. My daughter has inherited my Mother-in-laws love of cake decorating. Mam even decorated our wedding cake, unfortunately she died before she could pass on her expertise. Your chicken looks scrumptious and so juicy. I make tandoori chicken in the same way but fancy changing the spices for a different flavour now, yum!

  13. So glad your mojo is returning - I always think it must be akin to writers block with nothing quite motivating you enough to actually DO something. Looks like your creative spirit has found it's way into your kitchen - how fab are those cakes? Plus I think you've solved what I'm cooking for tea with that lovely chicken dish. I'd really love to come to one of the workshops but sadly just a little too far away over here in Staffordshire. Enjoy the half term x Jane

  14. Oh and what I meant to say (!) is good luck with the king size blanket - mine is about two thirds of the way through and two years old. I certainly lost my mojo with that one - one day ... Jane x

  15. Amazing Tracey, you are so creative, those buns look gorgeous. I enjoy the baking part but have neverreally got into the decorating. Have a lovely week, lets hope the weather isn't too bad. L Anne xx

  16. All of your cakes look beautiful!!! Good luck with the workshop, I hope that it goes really well for you. xx

  17. Absolutely stunning blog Tracy ..... you are SO, SO, SO talented in everything your turn your hand to .... awesome ... enjoy your week off with Mr P and the boys and rest up ... happy hooking of the new ripple xx <3 :-) lots of love Joy xx

  18. My gosh you are amazing! Those fondant flowers are lovely. You went all out. The chicken looks tasty.

  19. What beautiful cakes! Perhaps you need to branch out into the cake business too! PS. My birthday's in January if you need anyone else to bake for! :-) xx

  20. Absolutely gorgeous colour combination for that yarn - hmmmm I can feel another quilt joining my 'to-do' queue

  21. Hi Tracy, Your cup cakes are absolutely sensational. No wonder there are big smiles when you walk in the door with a platter of your cakes!! And I love your wool colours : -)