Saturday, 15 March 2014


Well it's been nearly a month and since I last popped by and what a roller coaster of a month . As some of you who pop by my Handmade Over Yonder page on facebook  will know my life was plunged into turmoil when my mum had a serious accident nearly a month ago .

It was the middle of the school holidays when I received a telephone call at 8.20 am from  my frantic sister in a taxi trying to get back home to my very injured mum and my sisters two youngest children ( aged 5 and 10 ) . All we knew was my mum had taken a tumble and was not in a good way ( I will leave out the gruesome details )and the ambulance was on it's way . All I can say is that it has at times  been traumatic , emotional and exhausting . Our lives have been chaotic for the last few weeks while we coped with and juggled everything . The medical teams have been truly impressed by my mums courage and determination to get through this ordeal . She suffered a major head trauma , 3 spinal fractures and broke both wrists and looked like she had been hit by a bus not fallen off four steps .

She in now on the road to recovery , it will be a long journey possibly 3 months but she is extremely motivated and very positive and is receiving excellent care . She is now back at the Hospital in Bradford after a stint in Leeds and is now on a ward right next door to the one where my little sister is a Sister on  . I have spent a lot of time travelling and juggling my home life with visiting and doing jobs for my mum and taking care of my boys but family always comes first and we must care for those who are vulnerable and  need our help . So I have had to switch myself off to the less important aspects of my life and put various things on hold .

So my little business has had to be neglected for a few weeks but this last week I felt it was time to get back  in The Studio and get down to some work . Even my mum commented on Thursday after I'd had  3 days in The Studio that I didn't look as stressed as I  had .That is the affect of a bit of sewing and creating has on me  .

For three days I had been surrounded by sunlight , colour and texture . My hands were busy creating and my mind buzzing with lots of ideas .

But something special has happened in The Studio ...............LOVE !

                                                            MR & MRS MILL MOUSE

It has been a joy to work on this lovely couple this week . I particularly love her skirt made from a piece of old textiles I  bought from a local Antique shop and I adore the little flowers I made from cotton tape that has a tape measure printed on it  . I am now eager to work on the rest of my Mill mice that are laid out on my work table waiting to come to life  . The happy couple will be heading to my Etsy shop ( link button @ the top right hand side of this page ) as soon as my packaging arrives and I have given the presentation box a little design tweak .
My life has demands on it at present that are important and cannot be ignored and my loved ones will always be my priority and any thing else I manage to achieve is a bonus . If you have contacted me recently please bare with me I will reply to you and I will announce on my Facebook page ( Handmade over Yonder ) when my Yorkshire Mill Mice  are available and heading to my etsy shop . I will try and pop by here as often as I can too .
Take care of yourselves and those around you and enjoy the rest of your weekend , thanks for popping by and ta ta for now .
                                    TRACY xx