Friday, 30 May 2014

Hello x

Well hello lovely folks , I unbelievably have an evening free so I thought I would pop by and say hello . 

Where to start it's been sooooo long ( 5 weeks by my reckoning )  but it feels nice to be here . 

Lets start with a mum update , as you will realise from my previous posts my life took a drastic change of direction when she had her accident . But I am pleased to say her health , her mobility and independence improves rapidly, she is now back home and had her Halo (a metal frame attached to the skull to help neck fractures heal ) removed a week ago . I went with her for the procedure as I didn't want her to go through it on her own . She is now and for the foreseeable future living in a neck brace , she unfortunately got the news that her neck fracture hasn't healed as the vertebrae  has fractured in 2 places and could take up 8 months to heal or maybe never !!  Her response to this news was 
"oh well , even if I have to live in a neck brace for the rest of my life at least I'm still here ! " 
my mum is truly an inspiration to me . Her out look on life is amazing , she battles on through with a cup half full never half empty and believe me she's had a life that she has had to battle on through , she is one tough little Yorkshire woman . She moves to a new level access flat next week ( she has organised this all herself ) and  I'm going help her out next week with some parts of the move . She is very excited about not having to deal with any more stairs , she is still understandably very nervous of stairs . She has to have another operation  in the future but for now she is healing  and her life has improved drastically and she is glad to be home and we are unbelievably happy to have her on the mend and at home . 

This improvement in my mum has also had a knock on effect in the last few weeks as I'm now getting back to a normal pace of life and I now have room in my head to think . I am able to devote more time to the creative aspects of my life and my little business Handmade Over Yonder is starting to pick up pace . I was able to put some of my handmade creations in my Etsy shop last week , which felt sooooo good . 

Whilst I am making some of my crochet pin cushions I am attempting to write the pattern so I can offer it in kit form at a future date . 

 I've also created a little work space at home for those times when I can't get into The Studio . I have now started my next batch of Linen Hares . I love this starting point where I put the collection together . This has really made me feel like life is getting back to normal .

 I've also had time to play and experiment !! Oooooo the start of a crochet fabric rug , I love giving old fabric a new life . 

I have also been pootling away at two ongoing crochet projects , firstly my shawl .......

.......................and my youngest son Giant granny blanket.

I feel life is ticking over nicely at the moment and I am definitely getting my mojo back .

 I would like to thank every one who pops by here and on my Facebook page for Handmade Over Yonder  and leaves me comments of support and encouragement  , it has really kept me going the last few months when life has felt unbelievably hard . 
Thank you to all my wonderful customers who support my little business ' Handmade Over Yonder ' and show a great deal of patience in waiting for things to be made and offered for sale . 
I really do appreciate you all and thanks for popping by .
Have a lovely weekend and 
Ta ta for now
 Tracy xx