Monday, 6 October 2014

A season of change

Hello lovely folks , how are we all ?
Since I called by on the 23rd of September so much has happened !!
First of all was the wonderful weekend of The Open Studio which coincided with Yarndale , which unfortunately passed me by !
On the Friday before Yarndale I welcomed people to our creative coopers group who had travelled to Skipton ahead of the Yarndale event . We had a fun morning meeting new people and we thoroughly indulged in sharing our love for yarn .

I also opened the door to The Studio on the Friday for people to visit and take a peek and if they so wished they were able to buy some of my handmade textile pieces . It was a fantastic start to a wonderful weekend so many familiar faces popped by and new faces too. I would like to say a big heart felt thank you to all those who visited and made the open studio such a special event.

However the following week was a whirlwind of decision making and action as well as dealing with the uncertainty and worry of life as a parent  and having  unforeseen things get thrown into the melting pop of our family life .
When I first decided to start a business it was so I could make a small living working around my children and our family life and not work being more important than everything else . I've been there and done that and got the T-shirt ! and I said never again!! But over the last year there has been a steady creep of my work life and family life balance get out of kilter which culminated over the last 5/6week of me finding my self very stressed and emotionally strung out as well as being unbelievably unhappy with life .
So enough was enough I sat down and I  had to face up to some very hard business decision . As I write this post  I do it from my new Studio space at home as this is  where I now run my little business ' Handmade Over Yonder ' from . Last Thursday I  decided to move out of The Studio , in truth I had not actually worked in that space for over two and half months . So having sat my self down I started looking at the way I work and the fact that my stock , equipment and all that entails was split between two separate places making my production process very disjointed , as well as lots of time wasted packing and unpacking to transport my work between home and the studio( which also included me on a daily basis carrying a few bags full of stock and equipment to and from home to the studio and back again . ) . I have also had to look at the financial implications of having a studio and for the hours I spent there was it financially cost effective as well as viable?  I also had to consider the impact of me working and the way it was affecting my family life and I was particularly unhappy with this part of things . I like to have a clean orderly house and provide my family with wholesome home cooked food , as well as striving to be as self sufficient as our current circumstances allow but all this was slipping too .  I needed to redress the balance as I felt very disjointed and things were falling apart and  the most important work I will ever do is in these for walls of our home .
So with sad heart on Thursday  I moved out of the studio , I have had a wonder full time in the studio with my studio buddy Lucy ( she did jokingly say she might make a replica of me made out of wool to stand in the corner where my desk was ) and it has been a fabulous experience but the cold hard truth was it was no longer working for me . So with positive steps I have moved my working life in a different direction and I am enjoying my first official day at home working and I'm especially excited as I'm managing to blog in the daytime too !!
 But I have not cut all ties to Coopers Cafe-bar as I will still be attending the creative coopers groups on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning as I love these creative groups and the wonderful people who attend and I wouldn't be without my fix of yarntastic fun with friends ( as well as the great coffee and scrummy cakes ) .

So here's a little peek of my new studio spaces , its bijou but perfect ! ( sorry about the fuzzy pics the light levels are very poor today !)

Thursday was a bit of a double whammy sort of day , as well as moving out of the studio we also got medical results back for my eldest son and without going into detail he is being urgently referred to the pediatricians at our local hospital , this is a very tense and worrying time for me and Mr P . So at least now with working from home I can concentrate my energies when and where they are needed most and my family will always come first . But I do also need to make my business work where ever I am as we have finally decided after over a year of deliberation that we are going to start looking for a new home in a more rural location . We are wanting to become more self sufficient so we have decided life's too short and we need to follow are dreams and try and live a good and full life , I do so wish to have veg patches and some fruit trees and some chickens as well  .
Sorry for  waffling on I just wanted everyone to know where I was and why , but you can still find me in the same places on line as before . I will also be stocking my etsy shop very soon ( link button to shop at the top right hand side of this page ) . I will also be about in blog land  a lot more as I now have access to my computer in the day time , which is great .
Thank you for letting me share my journey of the last couple of weeks with you and thanks for popping by and ta ta for now . Tracy xx