Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcoming 2015 with open arms

Happy New Year Everyone 
 may your 2015 be blessed with good health and  happiness .
I hope you've had a cracking good Christmas too !

I wanted to swing by and say hello to 2015 with you and also apologise to you for being the most erratic and lapsed blogger of 2014
. I am truly glad to say goodbye to 2014  and I am unbelievably great full to have my mum still with us after her horrendous accident at the start of 2014 and it was a pleasure to care for her when she needed it over the following months  . She is an inspiration to me and  her steadfast and tenacious character see's her battle through life's difficulties and trauma's( believe me she's had more than her fair share !) . She does this with an unshakable determination to make the most of life .She is a small  gritty , feisty Yorkshire women and I am proud to be her daughter  . My mum has taught me many things over the years and I have learnt  lots of life lessons  through observing her and watching the way she deals with life . This is what I am going to draw on this year as I take myself and my family forward through  2015 , I will try to live a good life and no matter what comes my way I need to just crack on and look for the best most positive outcome as possible and if I do take a stumble at some stage I need to remember to pull my socks up and get on  with it !
I will have some challenges ( but hopefully small ones ) to come early in this year as I am not 100% health wise at the moment and haven't been for a while now , but I am now in the capable hands of the specialists and they have made a plan of what needs to be done and I will deal with that when the time comes .
Creatively I have  had an exhausting  but exciting time making on the lead up to Christmas .
I would like to share with you the truly pleasurable experience of making that has been the last 6 weeks .
I love making my Angels big and small , and it fills me with joy that people get pleasure from having one of my Angels in their lives and I do believe its good to have an Angel watching over you .


I introduced a new lady a few weeks ago , a companion for Mr Fox , it was a wonderful playful time making her as I not only got to fashion her a dress from vintage embroidered linen and trim it with reclaimed lace but I also did a spot of needle felting which I hadn't done in such a long time . I absolutely fell in love with her and can't wait to make some more this year .

My making table has been so busy since I last popped by and I am thoroughly enjoying working from home , I am finding it such a productive and creative process . In fact it is shear bliss , I couldn't be happier with where I work .

A batch of Mr Foxes were all wrapped up in their woolie scarfs and set off out on journeys to their new homes .

There were a lot of very late nights working lots of tiny stitches , but I love it !!

On the days when it has been too dark to work at my making table , I  got myself all cosy in my chair by the window in our living room and happily sat sewing with a roaring fire for company .
 Then the Angel mice and Santa's helper mice all started to come to life and as I do a limited batch of these which are slightly different each year I never get bored of making them and they  really gets me in the mood for Christmas .
They are such little characters !!


Then once all my making was done I got our home ready to welcome Christmas .
We only have a simple twig tree ( as well as other decorations ) , but I like it when it goes up , Christmas has arrived .
I have taken this winding down time to work on a couple of projects , some weeks ago I started a pair of ' Nola's Knitted slippers' for those who haven't heard of it , it is an American pattern available on the ' The Seamen's Church Institute' web page
It is such a quick and easy pattern and it is exactly the sort of project I need in my life .
Lovely warm cosy toes , result !!
I've dug out a crochet project to work on over Christmas  some of you will recognise , it has been a long time languishing in my basket so I thought I needed got crack on with it  . I do like how it's coming together which is spurring me on .
I've been taking it easy over Christmas recharging my very empty batteries and over the last couple of days I have been slowly getting back into my work . I have been working on my Mr& Mrs Mill Mice ready for being back too it on Monday once the boys return to school. But today I have slept as I have no energy and I am not feeling great  and at the moment I'm having to work around these sort of days . So as we go into the new year I will have to pace myself and listen to my body but I am very excited about making over the coming months.
Lets see what I can create this year !!
So thank you so much for popping by and ta ta for now .
Tracy xx