Friday, 17 July 2015

......and the winner is ??

Well as promised this morning one of  our yarnaholic ladies that attends our Creative Coopers group pulled  the winning name  out of the basket to win Mr Fox . Shall we have a peek at who's name  the lovely Cath pulled out of the basket !

I am sooooooo  happy to announce that Campfire has won Mr Fox and he  is now going by the name of Rufus and Campfire has plans to make some extra attire for Rufus out of her scraps of Harris tweed . I think Rufus is going to seriously like his new home and is going to be one spoilt gent .
Thank you to everyone who took part .
Campfire I will be in touch .
Anyway I must go dash in the middle of making our evening meal .
Thanks for popping by and ta ta for now
Tracy xx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mr Fox giveaway

Well hello's been a while , in fact I feel like a stranger to these parts !!
To be quite honest after my last post in March when I hadn't been too well and I was recuperating after a little op and I continued to be quite under the weather and I had a couple more investigations /visits to hospital  as well as another procedure as a day patient . To be totally honest I just needed a break from things .
 I needed time and space to deal with my health issues as well as trying to continue with family life . I  also needed to give  my very full mind the space and the time it needed to deal with everything that was going on .I just needed to prioritise the demands on my grey matter to move my thought processes forward to help begin improving my health again and gently get myself  firing on all cylinders  .
Thank fully the procedure's worked well , investigations were successful and I had diagnosis to problems and the thing I am truly greatful  for is that 2 weeks ago my biopsy's came back clear .
Whilst my health issues continued I had a good hard look at my health in general and 10 weeks ago I decided to do some thing about my ever increasing weight . Last year was a very stressful year for me and I ate my way through the stress , those cupboard & fridge doors were open for business feeding the emotions inside I was constantly trying to control  and subdue .
So 10 weeks on I am 1 stone 3 & a half pounds lighter and continuing this journey . I went back to sliming world  which I had  successfully achieved weight lose before  a  few years before. In addition to  this new healthy eating life style I have also started doing 2 to 3 power walks a week and I love and look forward to the exercise and the health benefits it is bringing . 
 Now I have given myself the space I needed to sort myself out I am back in control of my weight and I am back to being physically well and healthy and
I feel it is the right time to come back to my blog and share my life here in the Yorkshire dales with you . 
I really have missed this and you , here in blog land  !!!
So to celebrate coming back to my blog I think we are due for a little giveaway.....what do you think ??
 I'm sure you would love a giveaway wouldn't you !!
Well who would like to win and  receive one of my Mr Foxes ?
This is the Mr Fox that is up for grabs !

Mr Fox is a soft textile sculpture ( he is not a toy )
and he comes with a couple of needle felted toadstools and he is also worth £50.
I will send him any where in the world and all you have to do to enter  is to leave your name and the name you would give Mr Fox in a comment below on this post .
I will close this giveaway on midnight Thursday the 16th of July 2015 and the winner will be drawn out of a hat or a basket ( depending on how many enter)  by one of the lovely yarnaholic ladies on Friday morning the 17th July 2015  at our Creative Coopers group .
I will announce the winner straight away that morning on my Facebook business page for Handmade Over Yonder and as soon as I get home from Coopers cafĂ©-bar and have access to my computer I will announce here on my blog on Friday the 17th July 2015 .
Well I think on that note it's time for me to go and leave you lovely folks to pop your names down in the comments section and lets see on Friday 17th July who is going to be lucky enough to have their name picked out and win him .
So thanks for popping by and ta ta for now Tracy xx