Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothering Sunday.

Hello how are we all , I've enjoyed a blissfully  quite and a spoilt Mothers Day at home with Mr P and my boys today  . 
I've been unbelievably luck today and received a book I've been coveting for a while ,  a much appreciated gift from my hubby and the boys . So this morning  I spent my time  reading up on things and started to plan seeds to buy and plants to grow this year to help with my journey into natural dying . I  did dying as part of my textile degree along time ago but it was very chemically based dying and printing of fabric. Now  I'm wanting to dye my own yarn naturally,  so this is a very good starting point for me . I am having a good read up on the in's and out's of the process . 
This is a beautiful inspirational book and very informative. I will let you know how I get on with things as I start experimenting. 

Today I also started a bit of knitting ,  my eldest is going to Iceland in 9 days with his Geography class ,  this is my 14 year old son first time abroad and he is very excited.  I however and starting to feel a little anxious about him going away with school , but it will be the experience of a lifetime !! 
So to indulge my mothering erges I decided he needed a new hat to keep him warm ,  in fact I'm going to try make two different ones , so he has one as a back up as he is quite prone to misplacing things . I'm using a Drops extra fine merino in a pewter colour and I'm using a sublime pattern that I  think will suit him .

Today I have also spent a few hours working , editing photos of stock because at 8 pm UK time 9 Small Vintage Embroidered Angels will be fluttering into my etsy  shop ( shop link button at the top right hand side of this post ) . 
Although the weekend is never long enough today has been a lovely way to end the week and I hope you had a lovely day today too . 
 P.s it's been fab being able to pop by again ,  ta ta for now Tracy xx

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Well hello again .......I am here experimenting .
 Ive just down loaded an app to my phone to see if its possible to blog from it . Well lets see how this looks once its published ?
If it works it may help me pop by more often !! 
Just a few details of some Vintage linen Angels heading to my shop this weekend .

Mice in the house !!

Well hello ............................
Today has been a good day , all day on my sewing machine and a new batch of Mill mice are underway !!! wahay !!

I hope you don't mind but at the moment I'm keeping it short and sweet , this is with the hope I can get myself back here with you guys sharing once again on a regular basis  !!
P.S I hope no one has fainted at the site of me making an appearance .
So ta ta for now Tracy xx