Thursday, 2 March 2017

Well Hello folks , how we all doing ? Cripes it's been 4 days just short of a year since I last blogged !! and blumin heck what a year it has been , a year that I never want a repeat of ,ever again .

I think I should start by filling you in particularly if you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may be wondering what happened and why I disappeared from here ? 
A week or so after I last blogged I started feeling unwell , my usual problem of a cold turning into me fighting off an ear infection and sinus problems . I tried for five or six weeks to fight of the bugs but to no avail . On the first Friday in May I became very ill , that evening I started with a very painful ear ache and I knew what was coming ( well only part of it as it turns out !) , I knew I was building up to a burst ear drum ( which I've suffered from since childhood ). Yep 1.30 am on the Saturday it went and I've never felt pain like it , my husband who was laid awake next to me even heard it pop . So we rang the emergency doc as is our usual routine , to be seen and get antibiotics . She saw me at 10 am that morning confirmed what I already knew and handed me the prescription. But in the short time of me coming out of the docs and getting my med and going home which must have only been about 15 mins I started suffering from the most incredible pains in my head , in fact I felt like my brain was trying to burst through my scull and I could barely stand up right . This should have been ringing alarm bells but I put it down to the ear infection . Yes,  it was down to the ear infection but something far more serious was going on . Me being me wanted to be left alone and sleep , so I took my self off to bed. So thankfully my husband had taken the day off as he didn't feel well either and I was in no fit state to look after our boys . Oh my that was a blessing in disguise !
I went to bed in excruciating pain and after that I don't remember much, a vague memory of violently vomiting everywhere , then the ambulance people getting me off the bed and being stood at the top of our attic stairs and my wonderful friend saying "don't worry I will look after the boys" ( in my head I'm thinking why is Sam here and why is she saying that , then nothing !) , apparently 2 ambulances came and thank god they ignored the advice of the first one as she wanted to wait a few hours and for me  to be seen by an out of hours doctor ( by this point I had been non responsive for a while !! ) . I have no memory of being in an ambulance or of A & E  or my C.T scan , I become conscious of my surrounding in the early hours of  the Sunday morning surrounded by a medical team and my hubby in hospital . It was all very hazy at first and a Nurse repeatedly saying " Tracy do you know where you are ? " to which I replied " Hospital ?" after working it out from the uniforms and equipment around me . 
All I can say is that I  think my brain was trying to protect me from what was happening to my brain and my body , I had no hearing and no sight and  no consciousness but I was in a calm peaceful state of mind and all I remember is the colour white and If they hadn't of been able to save me  I think I would of gone quite peacefully , no matter what everyone else was seeing  me do on the outside .
It turns out I had Bacterial meningitis , the infection from my ear and Sinuses had burst through my mastoid bone (a honeycomb part of the skull ) and gone straight into my brain !! They pumped me with I.V antibiotics through the night and day for 12 days and saved my butt , I had the Bacterial Specialist  come to see me on a few occasions after my lumber punch and after he'd analysed the fluid from my spine ,he came to check on my progress and told me I'd been very lucky indeed as most people he sees with my illness were in comas . 
Cripes !!
 I won't bore you any more with medical stuff you really don't need to know all the ins and outs of my treatment and 13 day stay in hospital . 
Lets just say I feel incredibly luck to have survived this , it was scary , not only me but my husband who realized I was non responsive and got medical help for me but for my two boys too who saw me taken away in an ambulance and then visited me every day in hospital, ( I think it has a lasting affect with my youngest as when I had a bit of  bug the other week and was in bed unwell he felt the need to keep coming to check on me throughout the day to see that I was ok , bless him what a caring little guy  ). I have had months of getting my self well again , especially back to my normal brain function . It did affect me in lots of strange ways , but I suppose that what happens when the brain has had an infection  .
I do now feel back to my normal self ( not that I would wish to be described as normal !!Lol )
It has taken until the end of December /January time for me to feel good but now I feel ready for so much more !!
I thought it would be nice with this catch up post to visually go over my last year , yes I was ill but I got over and it didn't stop me being creative and trying to keep Handmade Over Yonder ticking over either.
So I thought a nice little visual reminisce of my creative year would be a nice place to start .
The first thing I picked up in hospital was my sock knitting , granted it was into the second week but this felt so good , I was able to perform a simple focusssed tasks slowly and the colour was so stimulating especialy when all I had to look at from my bed was  the four white wall of my room .
These were the ones I started in hospital .

My sock knitting journey has continued throughout the last year culminating in me dying my own sock yarn to knit , I've loved using my own hand painted yarns and plan to do some more.

 I've had a go at dying Gradient yarn too , great fun !

 I'm Enjoying turning my own hand dyed yarns into things for me to wear .

I'm also in love with spinning yarn on a spindle 

 My family all chipped in for my birthday and Christmas and bought me a spinning wheel , so I am slowly leaning how to spin my own yarn too ! 

So as well as enjoying all things yarn related I've had to try keep working , I was very slow at first as I was tired and low on energy and my brain couldn't cope with too much information at once , but I never lacked enthusiasm or creative ideas . I even fell asleep sat up in the middle of crocheting and  knitting some pieces on a few occasions ! But I continued to make my signature makes... 

As well as my usual makes there was a little something new , what I'm calling my 'Foxidermy' 3D pictures. Oh I loved developing this idea and I even kept my first one for myself which is quite unusual for me . It is a mixed media pieces which is very textural with sewing , stitch work, knitting and needle felting all rolled into one piece . They are  labor intensive to make but they are a joy to make too !!

So there we have it  a quick look at my creative side of life over the last year but I feel its a good place to start from . There is so much I've missed out which I hope to share with you over the coming weeks and months particularly all my cooking , preserve making and baking as well as other things that I've been doing over the last year , but that's for another time . Right now I just sort of hope I've brought you up to speed and shown you where I'm at present . I have lots of plans for this little blog of mine which I hope to start sharing with you soon .

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my family and friends , all you folks that pop by my Facebook page for Handmade over Yonder and my Instagram page and follow what I'm up to and to all my customers ......THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUOUS  SUPPORT , it really has kept me going through some tough times this year and I really appreciate you all being there for me  !!

So for now , ta ta Tracy xx