Friday, 27 October 2017

Everyone meet Sid !

Well hello again , I just to pop by to share with you a bit of creative happiness and it comes in the shape of a snail . Yep that's right a snail and as a gardener I've always
had a bit of a bad feeling towards these plant devouring little menaces . However Sid is quite harmless and very cute !! So here he is .

I fell for him or should I say the pattern yesterday when I was searching for knitted pumkin patterns on pintrest  after the lovely Lucy at attic24 got me all excited with her crochet pumpkin patterns. She's assured me she will give me some advice in the crochet pumpkin department on Tuesday at our Creative Coopers afternoon group , yay so looking forward to getting those pumpkins underway !
I digress slightly ,  Sid the snail is made from a pattern I found an image of on pintrest , it is by Aisha Green , she can be found on Ravelry too with this pattern information and  it's link straight through
to the pattern where it is free on Hobbycraft's website , so I printed off the pattern and searched through my stash and this ladies & gents is why we have a stash !! for wool emergencies like this .
As I went through my vast array of snail appropriate yarns I was struggling to find something for the shell . Then I remembered about two sample yarns I did several months ago when I had a dabble into rust dyeing . 
Water vinegar and rusty metal objects (all textile related ) bound up in wet and soaked wool the affects were subtle and beautiful .

  I thought the mottled speckle nature of the dye affects on the yarn would knit up beautifully for a snails shell and I wasn't disappointed as it ended up with a bit of a stripy pattern which was a wonderful surprise and perfect for the snail shell surface pattern .

I'm so pleased with how this rust dyed yarn has knitted up and I'm so very happy with Sid , our house snail .
He may take a bit of house training !!

If you feel like you need a warm wooly friendly snail in your life why not give Aisha Green's pattern ago.

Hope to see you again soon 
ta ta for now Tracy xx

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Where does time go !!

Well hello there, how are you doing  ? Yep I'm here and I've come to have a long over due natter ( I'm sat in my chair with a big cup of coffee for a creative catchup with you ! ) . It's been several months since I last swung  by and there's oh so many reasons I could list for my absence but I  wouldn't want to bore you .
One thing that still dominates is my health , one good thing is that it is constantly improving and my brain function is improving and I am really pushing myself to help challenge my sometimes very slow brain , I still struggling with multitasking as I can get quite confused or just go blank and can't remember what I was doing or saying  . But I've noticed an improvement over the last couple of months which is fantastic . I do still have to watch I don't get too tired as that's when I'm at my worst but I'm learning to manage that . But none of this stops me in my creative endeavours and I have a lovely new space for my worktable as a couple of months back we did a family bedroom switch . As a family we all have different needs and requirements the boys are growing and they are needing more privacy and their spaces work differently for their daily routines now.  So my 16 year old went into the attic where we were , we moved into the large bedroom at the front of the house which was little man's room ( it used to be two bedrooms along time ago ).  My youngest has moved into his big brother's old room .
Everyone's happy, particularly me as I now have a window right next to my table !!
This is essential for sewing on those low light days over Autumn and Winter .

 I've been working on lots of things over the last few months and another change has been that I've moved my on line shop too !! I used to be with Etsy but now I'm with Folksy and I'm loving it . There is a shop link to the right hand side of this post if you fancy having a look at the pieces that are for sale .
I've had a batch of Foxes come and go ! and I did some lady ones this time as a little tweak , I absolutely loved creating them and will be sure to make some more next year .

I've recently created a batch of 18 Angels some from Vintage embroidered cloth and some Christmas Angels using a mix of Vintage textiles and lace/crocheted trims , they are always a pleasure to make .

I'm now presently on with kit development and am eager to have my crochet pin cushion pattern available in kit form with the yarn ....I've finally found the perfect yarn that comes in 109 colours and now comes in 25 g and 10 g balls which are perfect for this make . So over the past few weeks I have been sampling up colour ways and I am inching closer to making this kit available . I ordered packaging yesterday and need to spend a couple of evenings going over the pattern print out I produced a couple of years back and edit and tweak ! Then get it tested to iron out any mistakes or problems I haven't spotted then I should be good to launch it . So here's a little nosey at the yarn , Catona by Scheepjes a 100% mercerized cotton and I just blumin love it !!

 Here are some of the colours I've been sampling up , this golden yellow and greys is my favourite and will definitely be one of the first colour combos to go in the kits .

So I'm keeping everything crossed I can offer this for sale vey soon !!
But its not all been work in the creativity department , I have had time to play and mostly with yarn . 

Just after Yarndale I dyed up another batch of naked yarn I had purchased at Yarndale as I had done the previous year . Think an annual ritual might be developing here ! So here's a peek as what I created ....

  Called this one Unicorn Kisses and Its a lace weight alpaca and wool mix and I'm still looking for a shawl pattern I'd like to use it on .

I've called this yarn , A walk in the park .Mr P liked it so much when I had dyed it he requested a hat !!! O.M.G he who does not do knit wear has actually asked for a hand knitted hat !! well it jumped straight onto my needles while the going is good . 

Its been a pleasure popping by and having a little catch up with you folks and lets hope we can do it again soon . 
So ta ta for now .
Tracy xx