Friday, 27 October 2017

Everyone meet Sid !

Well hello again , I just to pop by to share with you a bit of creative happiness and it comes in the shape of a snail . Yep that's right a snail and as a gardener I've always
had a bit of a bad feeling towards these plant devouring little menaces . However Sid is quite harmless and very cute !! So here he is .

I fell for him or should I say the pattern yesterday when I was searching for knitted pumkin patterns on pintrest  after the lovely Lucy at attic24 got me all excited with her crochet pumpkin patterns. She's assured me she will give me some advice in the crochet pumpkin department on Tuesday at our Creative Coopers afternoon group , yay so looking forward to getting those pumpkins underway !
I digress slightly ,  Sid the snail is made from a pattern I found an image of on pintrest , it is by Aisha Green , she can be found on Ravelry too with this pattern information and  it's link straight through
to the pattern where it is free on Hobbycraft's website , so I printed off the pattern and searched through my stash and this ladies & gents is why we have a stash !! for wool emergencies like this .
As I went through my vast array of snail appropriate yarns I was struggling to find something for the shell . Then I remembered about two sample yarns I did several months ago when I had a dabble into rust dyeing . 
Water vinegar and rusty metal objects (all textile related ) bound up in wet and soaked wool the affects were subtle and beautiful .

  I thought the mottled speckle nature of the dye affects on the yarn would knit up beautifully for a snails shell and I wasn't disappointed as it ended up with a bit of a stripy pattern which was a wonderful surprise and perfect for the snail shell surface pattern .

I'm so pleased with how this rust dyed yarn has knitted up and I'm so very happy with Sid , our house snail .
He may take a bit of house training !!

If you feel like you need a warm wooly friendly snail in your life why not give Aisha Green's pattern ago.

Hope to see you again soon 
ta ta for now Tracy xx


  1. Tracy, It is so good to see that you are healthy and well! Congratulations for Sid, he is lovely!!

  2. I love sid especially the colour of his shell, it looks like that yarn was meant for him!

  3. Sid is great Tracy - as are your Foxes and Pincushions - and your variegated dyed wool - wonderful stuff. And it's great to see you back on your blog once more. I try to leave messages/comments on Facebook, but I think I am doing something wrong! xx

  4. I adore Sid he is Supa Cute.I could never kill a snail,I love them and always put them out of harms way if I see one on the path lol.Hope your health is improving all the time.good to see you posting and making.xx