Tuesday, 21 November 2017

keeping busy

Hello Folks , how we all doing ? I'm a tad busy at the moment and have been over the last few weeks , as a designer makers it becomes a bit bonkers ( in a good way ) time of year ! and I'm having  to contend with trying to pace myself ( which I'm not very good at ! ) and not get too exhausted ( ooops failed there ! ) but then that's life and we have to put one foot in front of the other regardless  (well that's my approach anyway ) .
Oh but I can't deny that where me and yarn are concerned we've been having an absolute ball over the last couple of weeks ! 
It all started with a visit to my Favourite Yarn shop in Harrogate ,Yarn etc...and visiting my lovely friend Fiona who owns and is the creative force behind this amazing shop ! She had something for me , a box of Scheepjies Catona 109 x 10g balls in a colour pack , which I wanted to help me sample colour combinations in this Yarn for my Crochet Pin cushion Kit ( which will be coming soon , fingers crossed ) . I absolutely adore this yarn and with this many colours to play with what's not to like !! 
Here have a look , who wouldn't want to play ??

So I will be playing with this over Christmas, when life has slowed down a little bit ! 
Then 4 days later another wooly indulgence came to an end as I finished my husbands hat in my hand dyed yarn that I called , a walk in the park (  I mentioned this in my Where does time go ? post )
He is so pleased with his hat which in turn makes me extremely happy .

 Another hat I've finished in the last few days and one I've had on my needles for quite some time is a gift. Its the second one that I've completed in this yarn & pattern but in a different colourway and each time they have turned out beautifully .
This is a Christmas gift for a special lady in my life , the yarn is by Grundle called  Hot socks ( a sock yarn ) and it has Cashmere in it , very soft and beautiful to knit with. (another purchase from Yarn etc...in Harrogate the shop stocks a wonderful range of yarns and its hard not to be tempted by something ! )
The pattern if from an issue(18) of Pompom Quarterly and the pattern is called Asklov by the designer Nicolina Lindsten .
Here it is all finished, washed , blocked and dried and ready to wrap up to go under the Christmas Tree.

 As this hat was finished at the end of last week I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get another colour work hat on my needles and I had the free pattern from Shetland wool week ,  the Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston in my que of things to make . It has been sat there patiently waiting with the wool for me and I thought as an easy start to my  Saturday morning it would be the ideal time to start it . I woke very early ( as I always do ) so I quietly went down stairs and made a coffee grabbed the radio and got my knitting without waking anyone . It was one of the best early morning Saturdays I've had in ages . ! I cant wait to see how the colours I've picked turn out , I will be sure to pop by and show you how I'm getting on . 
My last yarntastic bit of fun I had this weekend was to dye some yarn I purchased back in September at Yarndale . I'd quiet exhausted my self by Friday with all my work and needed a little project to Zen out with .This gentle bit of dyeing was perfect (I'm so restless and a fidgety sort of person  when I am still and I can't cope with it, so a gentle bit of pootling when I'm fatigued is good for me )
So I set too with preparing the yarn and getting it ready to dye , it is a 2 ply
#Wenslydale Yarn From Gam Farm Rare Breeds and is a 100% wool reared, sheared & spun in Yorkshire , which make me so very happy to use it ! 
So here it is , no longer naked but the fibres have been adorned with beautiful sea inspired colours and I've called the yarn , With a splash of a mermaids tail. 

So I'm thinking maybe a crochet shawlette with a shell pattern may be the way to go with this one and If you have any suggestions please do comment and let me know if there are any patterns that fit that description that you have enjoyed making .

My creating hasn't stopped at just enjoying yarn though , I've got lots of makes on the go ready for my shop I have my Christmas mice on the go and some Vintage Embroidered Angels and this afternoon I'm popping some felt decoration kits in my shop . These are a fab little kit to hand sew some felt decorations . There is a Gingerbread Man Kit that makes 2  & a felt Christmas Tree Kit that makes 3 trees and a Christmas Pudding Felt Decoration kit that makes 3 too .
I've designed the kits so everything is done other than the threading of a needle and sewing the decoration . You only need to gather a few sewing notions: a pair of scissors , a sewing needle and some sewing pins and flip open the kit and your away . It comes with fully illustrated instructions , so if you fancy a little project to get you in the festive mood that is easy with no fuss , this may be the thing for you . It is an excellent project if you want to sit with the children in your life making some Christmas decorations or maybe your part of a secret Santa and have a college that is or would like to be crafty , then this might be the thing for you too . Here they are for you to have a peek ...
My youngest helping demonstrate the size of the Gingerbread Man as you can see they are a good size !

 ......and these are a couple of pictures I suddenly remembered I had from a few years ago showing a customers finished decorations from these kits , Liz did a wonderful job and I think it is always nice to see what others have created 

The lovely Liz's makes again !

 Just a few more shots of the finished items from the kits to get you in the mood for the festive season which is approaching fast , particularly if you're a maker !

So enjoy the rest of your week  folks and I hope to catch up with you soon ,
ta ta for now, Tracy xx


  1. The yarn you dyed is just gorgeous. I love the colors.

  2. I love the blue and green shades in your dyed wool.

  3. Hello.Talk about Yarn Heaven.I just Love all those yummy colours.I particularly Love your Hand Dyed Yarn in the A Splash of a Mermaids Tail,so Beautiful some of my favourite colours too.Loving the Christmas Kits,my you have been Supa busy phew.Those hats are fantastic,didn't know you could make hats with sock yarn,that's just me being my precise self ha ha,fab colours.Do hope 2018 brings you a very "Healthy" Year as well as a Happy one.xx